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  • Smart and Scalable Solutions

    Rev's dedicated academic transcription team partners with renowned universities and academic institutions by providing the best transcription and voice-recording platform to students, professors, and other experts. With Rev, researchers can comfortably collect large field samples of voice data. Rev's responsive team will tackle transcription projects normally considered insurmountable due to time and cost constraints.

    Rev does not limit your academic research voice recordings to a single transcriptionist. A solo can hinder the speed and efficiency of a large project, resulting in outdated findings. When you submit raw audio files to Rev, we deliver results quickly by engaging a full team of academic research transcriptionists who are trained to adhere to the highest standards of accuracy and consistency.

  • Affordability Aligned to Academic Budgets

    Rev is an affordable and scalable way to quickly transcribe research interviews, focus groups, social interactions, and anthropological audio files commonly used by researchers and students engaged in research projects, thesis creation and doctoral dissertations.

    Rev's simple pricing model, with no extra charges for additional participants and voices, allows academic researchers to create accurate project budgets. In addition to our flat rate, we charge a very affordable fee (25 cents per audio minute) for upgrading to a fully verbatim transcription, capturing linguistic nuances not normally reported on standard transcriptions. Mindful of the bureaucratic challenges associated with research expenditures, Rev offers two simple billing paths, allowing our customers (1) to pay online on a per-project basis or (2) be enrolled in a monthly billing program for larger-scale projects.

  • Accuracy and Access

    Our professional transcriptionists understand the unique needs of academia and the challenges of field research. From accent variations to linguistic nuances to background noise pollution, our transcriptionists can handle it all with a 99% accuracy rate.

    Accurate research transcriptions support important studies by natural and physical science experts and social scientists who seek to capture and analyze qualitative data such as group behaviors, cultural trends, consumer responses, demand cycles, folklore, and oral histories. You can rely on Rev's team of professional transcriptionists to deliver data in repository-friendly and analysis-friendly formats.

Media Industry Transcriptions

As a media professional, you know that access to information is essential for effective pre- and post-production engagements. As an all-encompassing field, the media industry utilizes a variety of formats to deliver news, education, and entertainment—from podcasts to videos to recorded interviews. As a professional transcription service, Rev can provide you with quality transcripts for all your media needs. Rev understands the importance of immediacy and how quickly new news becomes old news. By converting voice to text, we equip media professionals with the tools needed to effectively assess their final product. In addition to providing a work tool for media professionals, transcriptions to text are indispensable in an industry where accessibility demonstrates a heart for inclusiveness.

Traditional and New Media Transcribed

Rev understands that no two jobs in the media industry are the same, which is why we maintain a skilled transcription team that has ample experience in the following areas:

  • Interview transcriptions
  • Post-production transcriptions
  • Reality TV transcriptions
  • Podcast transcriptions
  • Closed captioning transcriptions
  • TV/Film/Video transcriptionss
  • News transcriptions
  • Script transcriptions

"Rev works for me - fast turnaround on interviews, no hidden costs, usually a high level of accuracy. I've provided a lot of referrals."

Polly Dement,
Author, Santa Fe, NM
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Privacy Promise

With your privacy needs in mind, Rev has stringent non-disclosure agreements written to meet the highest industry standards. Your academic research and field findings will be treated with the highest levels of confidentiality and sensitivity to the privacy of interviewed participants.


What type of files will Rev transcribe?
We understand that the media industry uses a variety of file types, which is why we can accommodate hundreds of different file formats, including WAV, MP3, MP4, MOV, AVI, etc.
How many speakers am I limited to on my audio file?
The media industry deals with many different people, and we understand that's part of the job. With Rev, we do not limit the number of speakers you can have on a file we transcribe. One person, two people or one hundred people, we will transcribe it all. Plus, we'll even denote different speakers, so you can have an accurate account of the individual speakers in your recording.
How long of a file can I have transcribed?
There's no limit to the length of audio we will transcribe for you, so you don't have to worry about us turning down a project or sending over your audio in multiple files.
How many projects can I have transcribed?
Media changes quickly, and you're always working on a new project. Rev understands this, which is why there is no limit to the amount of projects we will transcribe for you or your business.
How are your transcriptionists experienced in the media industry?
At Rev, we select only the top transcriptionists to work with our company. All of our transcriptionists are assigned tasks based on their prior experience, aptitude, and professional preferences. We have a core team dedicated to serving the media industry. In short, allowing our professionals to work on projects they feel are the best match for their ability results in superior outcomes for speed and accuracy.
How do I get started?
If you want Rev to transcribe your media files, simply visit our website at and submit your files. We'll take care of the rest.