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  June 26, 2018   Reviewed by Bill B.
Incredible job
Incredible job! I just found 4 (unimportant) words to correct, out of a dialogue heavy 99 minute movie. A couple background music spots were missed... but the main music appeared perfectly with artist and lyrics listed (even though I did not give them any info about that). I'm really amazed how simple and fast this was.

  June 26, 2018   Reviewed by Sandra B.
Excellent job!
The transcription job was done very quickly and accurately. I was very pleased with the work and will definitely use again.

  June 26, 2018   Reviewed by Antonia
Very helpful
Very helpful! Fast and good quality transcriptions. Thanks

  June 24, 2018   Reviewed by Joseph M.
Quick, precise and great value!!

  June 22, 2018   Reviewed by Pam
Amazing and timely transcriptions…
Amazing and timely transcriptions completed!

  June 22, 2018   Reviewed by Mark T.
Folks at Rev = ACES!
Folks at Rev are very accurate, very timely and provide a great service for an extremely affordable price. If you're taking the 'free' route and allowing FB or YouTube transcribe your videos, waste of time. For $1 per minute, go with Rev!

  June 21, 2018   Reviewed by Jeff G.
Best transcription service I’ve found
Best transcription service I’ve found. Quality, u/i, turn around time, cost...all top notch!

  June 21, 2018   Reviewed by Ian H.
Outstanding service
Outstanding service! Very fast turnaround time. Very accurate. Highly recommended.

  June 20, 2018   Reviewed by Kathryn R.
We love the speed and efficiency....and…
We love the speed and efficiency....and your accuracy has been solid to date. We do recommend!

  June 19, 2018   Reviewed by Keziban
LIFE SAVER! I don't know what I would have done without this fast, efficient and convenient service!

  June 19, 2018   Reviewed by geraldine m.
great service
great service, a little pricey, but good

  June 17, 2018   Reviewed by Niki W.
Rev is amazing
Rev is amazing. A total lifesaver on many occasions and as well as fast turnaround, the quality is always brilliant. Top marks to Jason and team!

  June 16, 2018   Reviewed by Michael S.
Great Service!
Great service! Fast and accurate!

  June 16, 2018   Reviewed by Mark A.
Fantastic service
Fantastic service. Wish I found them earlier.

  June 16, 2018   Reviewed by Vonda
I was very pleased and I'd recommend them to others!

  June 15, 2018   Reviewed by Claire
Saved me potentially days of work
While the transcription wasn't perfect it was pretty darn close! Rev saved me hours, maybe even days of work. The price and turn-around are incredible! Thanks so much for making this project easier.

  June 14, 2018   Reviewed by Tom E.
Amazing job
Amazing job! There wasn’t one thing I had to correct or edit. 100% accurate!

  June 14, 2018   Reviewed by daniel a.
Amazing ease of use
Amazing ease of use, and very quick.

  June 14, 2018   Reviewed by Leon de W.
good job
difficult text, but transcripted with high accuracy, including the names, pretty fast. well done!

  June 13, 2018   Reviewed by Katie G.
great! super fast.