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  July 5, 2018   Reviewed by U W.
I ordered 4 jobs
I ordered 4 jobs, and got them back in less than 24 hours!! I've already recommended this service.

  July 5, 2018   Reviewed by Allison
Very speedy and very accurate!
Very speedy and very accurate!

  July 5, 2018   Reviewed by Suzanne C N.
Quick turnaround
Quick turnaround. Great job!

  July 4, 2018   Reviewed by Lee H.
Top Notch Service
Transcript of court hearing in an alimony case. The transcript was 99.9 % accurate, done well within 12 hours, and the application used for presentation (see speaker, text, audio and video all a the same time is superb. If you find a better service buy their stock immediately.

  July 4, 2018   Reviewed by Karl P.
Very fast turn around with high…
Very fast turn around with high quality. I will use it again.

  July 3, 2018   Reviewed by BBirt
Wow! Great service!
Wow! Fast and accurate transcription service! Thank you!

  July 3, 2018   Reviewed by Matthew K.
Great experience!
Great experience. Fast. Accurate. Excellent price.

  July 3, 2018   Reviewed by Adrienne G.
Look no further
Look no further, this company provides faultless work. They are my first option.

  July 2, 2018   Reviewed by trisha s.
rev is quick fast pace and very…
rev is quick fast pace and very accurate.

  July 1, 2018   Reviewed by Chuck F.
Results exceeded expectations
Very pleasantly surprised at both the quality of transcripts and fast turnarounds, both vital in covering events/meetings in real time. Oh, and pricing? Modest for the services provided.

  June 30, 2018   Reviewed by Cliff H.
Your closed caption and transcription…
Your closed caption and transcription system is a crazy good idea ! Love it . Cliff Hahn HAHN Real Estate Austin, TX

  June 30, 2018   Reviewed by rick k.
Truly a REValation finding
Truly a REValation finding #nevergoback

  June 30, 2018   Reviewed by Drake R.
Fantastic work
Fantastic work. Little to no complaints.

  June 29, 2018   Reviewed by Jayne
Rev is the Real Thing
Easy, efficient, overnight turnaround, and reasonable rates for transcriptions from mp3 recordings of interviews. I'm a professional writer and interview a lot of people, often multiple people on one call. I record the calls to assist me in notetaking. Rev has been a lifesaver. I've used Rev for several years and I have purchased well over 100 transcriptions. The percentage of below average work is really low. Can't complain about that. Plus, if you do let them know it was sub-par work, they will reassign it to another person and give you a better transcription. After a while, you get used to them not being "perfect," but there is a solid level of quality you can expect and that's acceptable. In addition, I always feel like there are real people behind the online service. The company continually seeks your feedback and appears to be genuinely interested in your satisfaction. I've used local court reporters to transcribe work and the turnaround is brutally long. I've tried AI transcriptions, which were totally a joke. Rev is the real thing. I highly recommend.

  June 28, 2018   Reviewed by Name
Great transcript
Great transcript! Turned around quickly!

  June 28, 2018   Reviewed by Justin S.
Rev is great
Rev is great. They are fast, their transcriptions and subtitles are 95% accurate on first versions and they are happy to revise. I have used them for transcriptions and subtitling. I had one piece that contained a performance of very difficult text by an experimental authour who used unique spellings. The transcriptionist had clearly looked up the work and used it in the transcription. This was thoughtful work at any price. Ultimately the rates are reasonable for what they provide. It would be more expensive to do this work inhouse or with another provider.

  June 28, 2018   Reviewed by Jackie J.
Great job
Was very pleasantly surprised!

  June 28, 2018   Reviewed by JB
A vast improvement in speed, accuracy
A vast improvement in both speed and accuracy over previous transcription companies. Excellent online interface, as well, and superb pricing.

  June 28, 2018   Reviewed by Najia S.
Service was extremely fast and product…
Service was extremely fast and product was wonderful.

  June 27, 2018   Reviewed by Martin S.
out of this universe
out of this universe, fast, precise, I love it !!!