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  March 23, 2019  
Douglas B.
Excellent service!
  March 23, 2019  
Alex C.
I love thank you for everything!!
  March 22, 2019  
Kevin Wendell J.
I been trying to create closed caption on my own and kept failing wit the distributor. I contacted and sent my file and within 6 hrs i had my file to upload and everything went through the first time with the distributors. From now on I'll send all my films to them.
  March 22, 2019  
Catherine S.
Very fast and efficient
  March 21, 2019  
Liza B.
Quick and at least 95 percent accurate with focus group transcription. Thank you.
  March 20, 2019  
Great attention to detail. The set up on Rev makes it easy to edit the final transcript - worth the $60 for one hour of recording. Only thing I can think of today that I would like to do and haven't figured out is how to upload a recording longer than 60 minutes and have only the first 60 minutes transcribed.
  March 20, 2019  
Quality and accurate; speed of delivery also perfect
  March 19, 2019  
Denise G.
The captions for my video were 100% accurate and they had it back to me in about 5 hours.
  March 19, 2019  
Fantastic service, quick turnaround, and a very reasonable price. Highly recommend Rev1
  March 19, 2019  
Nadia S.
The turnaround is pretty quick. The prices are decent. Plus, you can preview the transcripts and download them in a format that suits you best.
  March 18, 2019  
Don W.
They did a great job, quickly done with high quality
  March 16, 2019  
Fast turnaround, competitively priced and good accuracy (about 95% accurate with my order) was previously using Fiverr for transcription but after finding Rev and seeing how professional it is I won’t use any other company. Very happy.
  March 15, 2019  
Peter G.
I was impressed by the speed - and accuracy - of the transcript provided. Many transcribers tend to misspell various technical and business terms, but my transcriber was on the nose!
  March 14, 2019  
James L.
Easy to use and high quality outcome. Thanks!
  March 13, 2019  
Charles R.
Service was great. Transcription was accurate. Turnaround was fast.
  March 13, 2019  
John S.
Rev is my go-to transcription service.
  March 13, 2019  
Sue W.
Such a great service and a huge time saver for me! The transcription was fast and accurate. So happy to have on my team!!!
  March 13, 2019  
Rev had a quick turnaround with a nearly perfect transcription. I was very pleased with the results.
  March 12, 2019  
Jimmy B.
Rev is all you need for captions and subtitles. The service, quality and turnaround time are outstanding.
  March 12, 2019  
Robert B.
I have used to transcribe interviews as part of my doctoral research. It is by far the most accurate and offers by far the fastest turnaround. 100% recommended