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  November 3, 2016   Reviewed by Evan
Great price and quick turnaround
I found Rev to be very fairly priced and their turnaround to be extremely quick. The transcription itself wasn't perfect, but pretty good considering the person transcribing probably wasn't familiar with the industry contained in the audio.

  October 31, 2016   Reviewed by mt
Tremendous help processing recorded research data has been a lifesaver in terms of processing my research data. The only slight drawback -- and I say "slight" because they have done their best even with recordings that contain a lot of crosstalk -- is that they have some trouble transcribing multi-party speech events. For ethnographic researchers, naturally occurring speech is our bread-and-butter, and while I understand it is challenging and more time consuming than one-on-one interviews, it would be great if developed this part of their service through specially trained transcriptionists. (That said, I don't know how many recordings like this they get; maybe it's not cost-effective for them.) I want to reiterate that they've done a great job with the transcriptions I've requested, but this also required some special communication with them ahead of time asking to please not reject my recordings due to overlapping, multi-party speech. If the comment box for submitting transcripts were more visible and accessible, this might also help in guiding transcriptionists and, for example, reassuring them that they need not worry about stretches of the recording where many people are talking at once. Finally, I would love it if transcribed Spanish language data, but this service is not available! Thanks for all the good work you're doing.

  October 25, 2016   Reviewed by Lisa
Review transcript Voice message message
Review transcript Vocie message good job I woukd use it again the only thing was in audible the child was screaming and crying I wish they put that in .but otherwise great job

  October 23, 2016   Reviewed by TA
I never do this but I am so impressed by the turn around service and accuracy and the price is so reasonable. I was at deadline with so many other things to take care of. They help me out tremendously and I will always use them for now on.

  October 22, 2016   Reviewed by Bruce
Fast & efficient
First-time user. Very happy overall. Rev really has it down to a science. Their website is extremely user-friendly. Not perfect, but the best I've seen. A few tweaks and I would be even happier.

  October 19, 2016   Reviewed by Bob
Fast solid work with minor problems
Incomplete transcript problem was resolved within 12 hours after complaint. Majority of work was completed quickly and accurately

  October 11, 2016   Reviewed by John
Many statements not completed

  October 7, 2016   Reviewed by ahill
Would Recommend
I put the order in and expected to receive the file 24hrs later, but got it same day! I was able to delivery early to my own client. That was great. Support was very informative but in my initial call I did ask about xml format and was told your company could create this for closed captioning. But it turned out xml was not an option and I had to use a different format. Besides that one detail everything else I was told was spot on.

  October 3, 2016   Reviewed by JM
Emergency transcript
Got my document transcripted within less than 12 hours. Amazing and 99percent Accurate. Was pleasantly surprised!

  September 28, 2016   Reviewed by Mallory
Great service. Saves me a ton of time!

  September 21, 2016   Reviewed by Peter
Turn-around time
The document turn-around time was amazing. Only small errors but understandable if there are audio issues in the track.

  September 16, 2016   Reviewed by Michelle
I'd use Rev again
The turn-around time was great and impressive. The transcription wasn't 100% accurate, but it wasn't horrible. There were only a couple words missed but it wasn't that big of a deal to me. I still would use this company for transcription services again if I needed it.

  September 16, 2016   Reviewed by Lawrence M.
Awesome and expeditiously on time. is the best place to make sure that you can get a good service.i have a good experience with them.

  September 12, 2016   Reviewed by EM
Very good job overall
I was very impressed with how fast the work was done and the general quality. Just a few small glitches -- a couple of words left out and a few minor misspellings.

  September 6, 2016   Reviewed by Christopher
Great job
The job was excuted flawless. The only issue I had was the price. Had it been cheaper I would have recommended these services to the company I work at. We would use these services on a daily basis.

  September 1, 2016   Reviewed by Mark
Transcript order
Very smooth and completed on time. No problems and very little effort required on my end.

  August 29, 2016   Reviewed by Debby
Quck turn around.
I was pleasantly surprised when I received my transcription back within 24 hours. The estimate was 3-4 days. I knew I would have to proofread and fix the spelling of difficult names and locations, but overall I am happy with the service.

  August 27, 2016   Reviewed by Sarah
Good job. Very accurate and quick

  August 26, 2016   Reviewed by Patrick
Good job
First time I've used them for a transcription job. Overall I was pretty satisfied. There was one spot where they said it was unintelligible and another spot where I wasn't quite sure they got what she said but overall I think it was pretty dang good.

  August 25, 2016   Reviewed by Deanne
Would recommend - super quick and good quality!
Such a good service for interview transcription! It was so fast and very well done that I would highly recommend to everyone! Not necessarily flawless, but I was super happy!