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  January 13, 2018   Reviewed by Sarah R.
the only thing is Australians do not …
the only thing is Australians do not talk and spell like America such as we say Mum, not Mon there are a few differences, I am very happy with what you have done after I got over the shock that you quoted in American dollars not aus dollars

  January 5, 2018   Reviewed by BC W.
The transcription was great, but the overuse of commas was problematic
The transcription was great. My only complaint was that the transcriber places a comma after every “and” and “or,” which took me a lot of time to remove during editing. I will definitely use Rev again, but next time I will specify to leave the commas out after the words “and” and “or.”

  December 21, 2017   Reviewed by Sarah P.
Transcripts are good quality and the …
Transcripts are good quality and the turnaround is really fast. You still need to review and edit.

  December 10, 2017   Reviewed by David
Money Well Spent!!!!!!!!
Overall, did a terrific job. Some transcribers had more trouble with an accent (Irish) than others. This company saved me tremendous time and heartache. Money well spent.

  December 9, 2017   Reviewed by Metal In The B.
Speed and service was very good
Speed and service was very good, a few very minor errors in transcription but definitely a massive time saver. Will definitely use again!

  December 5, 2017   Reviewed by Eli F.
Good, not amazing; needed double checking.
Overall, it was pretty solid, but there were a number of typos, and the punctuation/sentence splitting was inaccurate at times.

  December 4, 2017   Reviewed by Luke H.
Very good service.
Very good service.

  November 21, 2017   Reviewed by Peter L.
Fast Turnaround
Fast Turnaround. Thanks!

  November 16, 2017   Reviewed by Joe R.
1st Time User - Very Impressed!!!
There were a number of spots listed as inaudible. Other than that the content was both professional and clear. I am very Happy - Joe R

  November 15, 2017   Reviewed by Rebecca B.
Had a great experience
Had a great experience, just a few issues that were misunderstood, so I had to go back through and make sure to correct for these.

  November 15, 2017   Reviewed by Geoff from S.
They did a great job in a very short …
They did a great job in a very short space of time (about 4 hours!) and the video captions were excellent with only a couple of minor alterations required. I love the fact that I can go into the text and edit it as required. The only reason it wasn't a 5* was because it's not quite as easy as it appears to use the resulting video with captions. They are 2 separate files which need to be combined in a specific way depending on the media you're using them for. To the average skilled 'layman' on a computer, the uploading/using of the video was rather complicated in spite of their help and assistance. Rev did make every effort to help nevertheless.

  November 13, 2017   Reviewed by Brandon O.
Overall, very well done.
Overall, very well done. The copy was clean and the turnaround was extremely fast. No complaints about the service. There were a handful of typos I consider egregious--such as "in sink" instead of "in synch." These are easy enough for us to catch in a proofread, but they are evidence of maybe work done too quickly?

  November 10, 2017   Reviewed by Victor S.
Right on!
Right on! Good work.

  November 3, 2017   Reviewed by AraTheCoach
I love but it needs some work …
I love but it needs some work on the interface. The quality of the translation's varied so much, I'd like to be able to pick from previous transcribers. I'd like to easily find where to rate and give feedback. Some of them even put swear words where there weren't any.

  October 30, 2017   Reviewed by Jennifer H.
Easy to do
Easy to do - captions always work. Pricing is good.

  October 29, 2017   Reviewed by sameera A.
It is good in general
It is good in general

  October 28, 2017   Reviewed by Savannah B.
The turnaround was very fast
The turnaround was very fast. However, there were more errors than I expected. Also, given the amount of corrections I had to do, the price was probably a little steep. I paid the a higher price, because I didn't want to do a lot of corrections. Overall, though, it was a good experience.

  October 22, 2017   Reviewed by Kenny S.
Some misstakes but a very reliable company that I will recommend to anyone
Very fast, reliable and easy to use. Some parts of the captions were wrong but it´s easy to fix that by yourself with their software. I will definitely use again

  October 11, 2017   Reviewed by Darcey G. is super nifty and handy is super nifty and handy, and really helps in court litigation and doing transcripts for recorded audio at a relatively cheap price. My own critique is that some of the transcribers are way better than others. Some are very accurate and detailed and others are halfassed. I appreciate the rating system and the ability to mark as transcriber as someone you don't want to have do your transcriptions again.

  October 10, 2017   Reviewed by Tom H.
Great responsiveness; easy to use.
Great service, quick turn around. The quality of the transcribers will vary. They do allow you to prefer transcribers which is a good service. Very easy to do business with.