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  November 8, 2013  
Very fast, I will use again.
  November 8, 2013  
This website is very helpful and simple to use. Makes it easier for businesses that have to translate documents for customers to function.
  November 7, 2013  
Fast turnaround, no-hassle, easy to use platform. Overall very good experience. General accuracy could be improved a bit for non-verbatim transcripts.
  November 6, 2013  
I liked how there were notes by some of the names where spelling was unknown. I was very pleased with the accuracy of, however, there were a few minor misspellings.
  November 5, 2013  
Dan R.
I've used Rev (formerly Fox Translate) three times. Each time, I'm left thinking I will use them again. I would recommend them to another person for simple translations. For a more complex or "important" translation - I'd probably give them a shot using a sample, and see how they did. But they've done well enough to at least earn a shot at any of my future translation work, given their price, timeliness, and results. Specifics: * I had to get a health check translated and it looked a little bit tricky in terms of layout - lots of boxes and some images. Rev did a good job of reproducing the 'look' of the document. One minor issue - it went one page + 1 sentence on the next page. Would've been nice to have it all one one page, but I realize it's hard to translate from Korean to English and keep the length the same. * Near the end of the doc, there were a couple of sentences that were a little bit off: "Even of the physical result shows "normal" we recommend that you continue ... (Should be "Even if..") - simple typo. "If there is a physician's recommendation that requires a rest then you may use that as a medical treatment request in order to receive necessary test(s) from a higher level hospital." (Should be "requires rest" - no "a" / "higher level hospital" is a bit awkward - I don't know the best way to put it - larger? Not sure) The rest of the document looked good. Not sure if this nit-picky or I should expect more? In either case, I will use Rev again in the future.
  November 4, 2013  
Rev continues to deliver. Their iOS App is a killer. Easy to use. Seamless from recording through transcription order. And deliver they do!
  November 4, 2013  
Happy with the final result. The transcription was quite good even though many of the spekers had strong acents. However, when it was a clear speaker with no accent, it still was about 5-8% inaccurate (even on clear words). I understand this level on heavy accents, but on clear accents it seemed a little high.
  November 1, 2013  
The turnaround time for the transcription was less than 12 hours for about 40 minutes of audio. Only negative is that upload failed numerous times before successfully uploading the files. I would definitely use this service again.
  October 31, 2013  
I used recently to transcribe a telephone interview (I'm a journalist) and was delighted not only at the reasonable cost but at the incredibly quick turnaround (a matter of hours) for the job. Perhaps not surprisingly, the accuracy suffered somewhat with the speed, though it was better than other services I've used. My best results have been with services who use native English speakers (which I understand usually does) and which double-check completed transcriptions - my guess is that this second step did not occur, resulting in phonetic errors. This is certainly acceptable given the quick turnaround, but it would be nice to have the option, ie "is it more important to receive your transcription quickly or to have it be more accurate?" Still, though, great, inexpensive and fast service. And I appreciate the fact that they actively solicit this feedback.
  October 31, 2013  
Excellent turn around time (less than 12 hours for me)! Very well laid out output. Some errors that I corrected after re-listening to the tapes.
  October 31, 2013  
Hossine OULD A.
I needed to get my French diploma translated into English. The process was very simple and I am quite happy with the results.
  October 31, 2013  
I received my report as promised within 48 hours and the price was great for the 10 minute of audio that I needed transcribed. The only downfall was that it was less than 98% accurate as I did have another person transcribe it and they were much more accurate. I would say Rev transcribed it at 85% at the most. It was a difficult audio that had background noise though. Overall, I would use them again in the future for projects that didn't need a rush and could wait the 48 hour turn around. I would also suggest that Rev not take difficult files or suggests people to not submit files that have difficult audio so their expectation are not hanging around the 98% advertisement that Rev posts.
  October 29, 2013  
They have very fast turn around time, I submitted my documents on Friday and have them completed by early Monday morning (they do not work weekends). I downloaded my documents for a very easy quote. The only issue I had was, I had 2 documents to translate, both were half pages with 1 being double sided. I was charged as if there were 3 documents, they have a 250 word rule but, that document was only a few words overs and the 1st one didn't even have 250 words. All in all I am happy with the work they did and we needed the translation quickly.
  October 27, 2013  
When translated my wife's birth certificate into English from Spanish, they gave us the translation within 24 hours. However, in one line part of my wife's name was misspelled. When she noticed the error, I sent a note to and the next day we received the corrected version.
  October 24, 2013  
Good service I would use them again
  October 23, 2013  
REV was pretty awesome. They turned around our transcripts in 24-28 hours. The transcriptist made great notes on difficult parts of the audio and the format was easy to read.
  October 23, 2013  
I received my translated documents with 24 hours. Very impressive!
  October 21, 2013  
It is wonderful but has to be double checked for misunderstandings They are minimal compared to the accomplishment of bringing it all to paper
  October 14, 2013  
John B.
Good outcome just wish it could have been delivered sooner
  October 13, 2013  
Great service - very fast was amazed to see first hour transcription return within 24hrs and the rest followee within 12 hours after that. very accurate - i had an interview with accents so was expecting it to be difficult) Thanks guys - will be using you again soon.