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  September 27, 2018  
Sarah L.
Timely and great quality product. A few minor corrections needed but would definitely recommend the service to others.
  September 22, 2018  
Christopher S.
Easy to use and a quick turn around. Wasn't clear that I would be billed in USD. However, a great service and I would use it again.
  September 15, 2018  
Elaine H.
Fast and simple - even for a complete novice like me! Inexpensive too 👍
  September 11, 2018  
Donna M.
Love this service
  September 4, 2018  
Shannon W.
Super fast. Transcript wasn't perfect but pretty close.
  September 4, 2018  
very good work
  August 29, 2018  
Ryan C.
Word formatting was really off...
  August 24, 2018  
Sean P.
I would give you guys a 98% accuracy rating. You do make our job a whole lot easier. My son still has to make about 2% corrections on each video. We will continue to use you guys. You are doing good work.
  August 18, 2018  
Good: Very fast, accurate and high-quality transcript Bad: Associating with the British accent, some of the words aren't right.
  August 16, 2018  
Solape A.
Great but there is room for more improvement
  August 16, 2018  
My very first video that was transcribed was very very poor. However, they came to the party, held up their promise and re-transcribed the video with 99% accuracy. It's not often that you come across a company that will fix their mistakes so easily. So hats off to them. I've since had 7 more videos transcribed with good results.
  August 11, 2018  
Randall B.
Great turnaround time; very easy process.
  August 7, 2018  
K L.
Great value for money and excellent quality beats AI systems hands down. We know because we used one as well and the results were not half as good. We are definately going to incorporate this service into how we do things. Only reason its not 5 stars is that there were a few errors or gaps but note highly technical and some very nad recordings with foruegn accents.
  August 5, 2018  
Sara N.
I am pleased with the service
  August 3, 2018  
There were 4 people on the phone, and the only real issue seemed to be a handful of misspellings and a few mixups on who was speaking, but meat of what was said was captured, and that was very important. The client said the transcript was fabulous, so three cheers!
  July 31, 2018  
Rebecca B.
Fast turnaround, good value. The transcribing was excellent - just some technical words and words that were inaudible, but these were easily fixed.
  July 20, 2018  
Mark N.
great service. saves so much time. highly recommended for the busy writer jugging too many projects and too many deadlines.
  July 3, 2018  
Excellent service and accurate transcription with quick turnaround. It’s not perfect of course, hence 4/5, but one day they probably will be.
  July 3, 2018  
Gasper P.
Great User Experience. Love the quick turnaround and the accuracy and neatness of the transcription format. For me, the only thing that would make it better is if the transcripts came back with page numbers and title in the header.
  June 28, 2018  
Bill Cavill J.
The transcript was finished and ready to go within only a couple of hours. It was a fast and efficient service. My only reservation is that there were a few small errors. These were easy to find and correct though. Overall, I was quite impressed.