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  December 13, 2018  
Emma M.
Very quick turnaround. Good transcription of a focus group.
  December 11, 2018  
Erik F.
I have had a few transcripts done They vary from quite good to excellent Ie from 3.5 to 5 Turnaround is extraordinary Overall very happy
  December 6, 2018  
Marvette L.
Thank you for a quick turnaround and great quality transcript. There were a few things marked inaudible which I think there were just due to cultural differences. Best service I've ever used!
  November 29, 2018  
Lara M.
2/3 of transcripts I submitted were great! The third wasn't so good, but I complained and they are redoing it for free. Great customer service and would use their transcription service again!
  November 22, 2018  
I have always found a reliable service which offers a quick turnaround. It has made my work as a journalist much easier
  November 21, 2018  
Tammy H.
I used to transcribe two focus groups. I was very happy with the turnaround time and quality of the transcription. Using saved me days of work.
  November 11, 2018  
Seedy service although a few key words and phrases were missing from the transcript
  November 1, 2018  
Noah K.
Good efficient service that I will use again.
  October 18, 2018  
Eddie from N.
The transcribers that work for are very professional and fast. Turn around is faster than anything you can do on your own. Rev even offers additional services like time stamping for a modest fee. Love how you can play your video and what the transcript highlight the word spoken, and that you can download your transcript as a document. I do not give them five stars only because I believe they should pay their transcribers a higher hourly rate or percentage of profit. 60% Rev / 40% transcriber.
  September 29, 2018  
Geoff B.
Good quality transcripts, accurate, good spelling. Necessary corrections were few and to be expected. Thanks
  September 27, 2018  
Great first experience. Will use again!
  September 27, 2018  
Sarah L.
Timely and great quality product. A few minor corrections needed but would definitely recommend the service to others.
  September 22, 2018  
Christopher S.
Easy to use and a quick turn around. Wasn't clear that I would be billed in USD. However, a great service and I would use it again.
  September 15, 2018  
Elaine H.
Fast and simple - even for a complete novice like me! Inexpensive too 👍
  September 11, 2018  
Donna M.
Love this service
  September 4, 2018  
Shannon W.
Super fast. Transcript wasn't perfect but pretty close.
  September 4, 2018  
very good work
  August 29, 2018  
Ryan C.
Word formatting was really off...
  August 24, 2018  
Sean P.
I would give you guys a 98% accuracy rating. You do make our job a whole lot easier. My son still has to make about 2% corrections on each video. We will continue to use you guys. You are doing good work.
  August 18, 2018  
Good: Very fast, accurate and high-quality transcript Bad: Associating with the British accent, some of the words aren't right.