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  May 18, 2019  
Rob W.
A couple of names were spelled wrong, even though I had sent the correct spelling. Still, easy to fix with a text editor.
  May 13, 2019  
Lisa P.
There were some inaudible pieces, which when I listened to my recording I was able to understand and edit my transcript. There were two words, strong curse words, that were transcribed that were not in the recording and I had to fix after listening to the recordings...but for the most part all was pretty good and saved me a ton of time.
  May 13, 2019  
Caroline H.
They were prompt and the transcripts were generally good, some changes where it didn't make sense but largely good
  May 8, 2019  
Fast, reliable, good service. Not perfect transcriptions and some were unable to transcribe due to audio quality. A very good user interface for ordering, editing, and viewing.
  May 4, 2019  
Mark K.
overall very good
  April 24, 2019  
Luke D.
Good stuff. Would be good if had a web based recording app or desktop recording app in addition to the phone version
  April 23, 2019  
Esther A.
I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly I received the transcription back and how accurate it was. I did compare it to someone else's transcript of the same conversation through REV and it seems that my person was able to hear and decipher better than the other person.
  April 23, 2019  
Great turn around of below par Audio! A few things were incorrect, but I was impressed with how much you were able to salvage from it. Thanks!
  April 22, 2019  
Navdeep P.
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  April 18, 2019  
Easy service, super quick. Minor inaccuracies but very pleased with the service.
  April 8, 2019  
Dodger B.
Easy to use, accurate, fairly priced.
  April 5, 2019  
Alan A.
Consistently very quick turnarounds. Some issues with who is speaking but that sometimes is a GIGO (garbage in, garbage out) issue. REV could improve this by allowing better descriptions of speakers, the order of speakers, etc. But the transcriptions are always useable and timely.
  April 1, 2019  
Tara D.
Did a great job with the transcription I need quickly.
  March 18, 2019  
Noah G.
The Subtitles were not 100% accurate. Some contextual errors. "Inc. Magazine" was spelled INK. With that said, there was an extremely fast turnaround, within a few hours for 17 short videos. Also, the format that is supposedly designed to be edited in Adobe Premiere was able to be imported but not editable.
  March 17, 2019  
sue r.
super fast turnaround. however, the transcript had spelling flaws. a better effort could have been made to proof.
  March 13, 2019  
Gijs L.
English subtitels from English spoken text was not flawless. I suspect automated proces and no reading if the work is done correct.
  March 4, 2019  
Patty H.
affordable, easy to use and quick turn around.
  February 26, 2019  
Dave M.
Fast, reasonably accurate and cost effective.
  February 23, 2019  
T. P.
Fast return time and easy to edit, use and access. Very helpful!
  February 8, 2019  
Wayne E.
Extremely fast and a great value, but I wish there was way to get better consistency (I use the split approach where each transcriber gets 15 minutes). The quality suffers when the topic is technical or specific and I can't share discussion guides or test materials that would assist the transcribers.