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  March 13, 2018   Reviewed by Mark W.
Good transcription but...
Some parts of my transcription were duplicated but otherwise it was very accurate. Wish they would have timestamped it according to the timecode burn on the footage because that's the only reason I put it there. I wish there were more options like "don't transcribe questions" because I think that would save time for the transcriber and save money for the customer. I'd probably use this service again if I needed more scripts pumped out. Good work overall.

  March 9, 2018   Reviewed by Angela
Speedy service.
Very fast turnaround. Some discrepancies but the service definitely saves a lot of time.

  March 5, 2018   Reviewed by Eric D.
Some punctuation and spelling errors…
Some punctuation and spelling errors (by-weekly?), however, everything was accurate with the words.

  February 23, 2018   Reviewed by Satisfied B.
Precisely what I was looking for in a…
Precisely what I was looking for in a quick, efficient online transcription service. Nothing more, nothing less--refreshing;y positive.

  February 22, 2018   Reviewed by Molly H.
Great service
Great service. I wish the text field for speaker's names were longer, it cutoff one the name for one of my video guests. Overall, great service and fast turnaround.

  February 22, 2018   Reviewed by Al N.
There were a couple errors
There were a couple errors, but nothing to get in a twist over. Really fast and overall, good efficiency!!

  February 20, 2018   Reviewed by Michele K.
They did a great job in transcribing our board meeting conversation
They did a great job in transcribing our board meeting discussion. On only a few occasions did they type the wrong person who made a statement in the conversation (pretty impressive, with around 15 people talking).

  February 19, 2018   Reviewed by Jennifer St J.
Always great service
Always great service, so quick and affordable. I won't use any other transcription service.

  February 15, 2018   Reviewed by -gh
Speed was awesome (20 hours)
Speed was awesome (20 hours). Well done.

  February 15, 2018   Reviewed by Wilma Z.
It’s difficult for a transcriber to…
It’s difficult for a transcriber to spell names they are unfamiliar with and there where times two people were talking at the same time. Overall did a good job.

  February 2, 2018   Reviewed by Janelle F.
Good support
Good support. Decent product. Will use again.

  February 1, 2018   Reviewed by John
Good so far
Good so far. Need to read though more.

  January 28, 2018   Reviewed by Jason W.
Good experience
Good experience

  January 25, 2018   Reviewed by Cheryl T.
Good experience will use them again!
Good experience will use them again!

  January 19, 2018   Reviewed by Theresa S.
Great transcription- quick turn-around
Great transcription- quick turn-around

  January 19, 2018   Reviewed by Howard N.
Good job
Good job, quick turnaround. There were some errors but probably reached the 99 percent acuracy that was promised. Good rates. I would use again and recommend to others.

  January 13, 2018   Reviewed by Sarah R.
the only thing is Australians do not …
the only thing is Australians do not talk and spell like America such as we say Mum, not Mon there are a few differences, I am very happy with what you have done after I got over the shock that you quoted in American dollars not aus dollars

  January 5, 2018   Reviewed by BC W.
The transcription was great, but the overuse of commas was problematic
The transcription was great. My only complaint was that the transcriber places a comma after every “and” and “or,” which took me a lot of time to remove during editing. I will definitely use Rev again, but next time I will specify to leave the commas out after the words “and” and “or.”

  December 21, 2017   Reviewed by Sarah P.
Transcripts are good quality and the …
Transcripts are good quality and the turnaround is really fast. You still need to review and edit.

  December 10, 2017   Reviewed by David
Money Well Spent!!!!!!!!
Overall, did a terrific job. Some transcribers had more trouble with an accent (Irish) than others. This company saved me tremendous time and heartache. Money well spent.