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  September 11, 2013   Reviewed by Jim H.
A variable experience
Verbatim - 'In exactly the same words as were used originally' Or, if you are placing a transcription order with and paying for the additional verbatim option, the definition magically becomes 'Conveying the general meaning, or 'gist', in one's own words, depending on the transcriptionist. $300 down the drain, and I am going to be fixing this nightmare for the next 3 days.

  September 9, 2013   Reviewed by Kristin
Seems to be accurate, but not accepted by everyone
The translation of my marriage certificate from Spanish to English seems to be accurate, as I have given it to multiple references in attempt to change my last name and it was submitted successfully. However, I met great resistance not only with the Texas DPS, but also with the Social Security Administration office for it's acceptance. The DPS insisted that we use a "reputable" company that was not "online." The social security office said they wouldn't accept it either, and luckily had a Spanish speaking staff member to translate when we arrived. Not sure if I should recommend this company to anyone I know , especially in Texas, since I had such a difficult time getting what I needed.

  September 7, 2013   Reviewed by Hwang
The service was quick. But I sent the translated article to a friend who teaches in a University in Seoul and she said there were some nuances that were missed between my article and the one that was translated. I'll probably use the service again, but only when I time is of the essence.

  August 31, 2013   Reviewed by Joe B.
Good turnaround, but the formatting could be much better.
I do appreciate's quick turnaround, and their prices are OK, but they need to realize that magazines and websites don't need them to insert tabs into the copy. Unformatting the tabs can be troublesome and even impossible.

  August 28, 2013   Reviewed by Flavia
Not the best for non-American accents
Hi, a friend suggested me the company as he uses their services a lot. I had an audio material for a documentary filmed in Scotland. They were really fast on the translation, what was good, but perhaps this is a "catch 22". There were several misunderstood that even I, a non-English native speaker, could have done correctly. Some phrases that didn't make sense, so I needed to re-write them myself. I guess the accent didn't help the transcription, so I'd still recommend their services.

  August 20, 2013   Reviewed by Paul
This is a translation company that gives products with misspellings
Hey buddy, you will have to ensure this company gives you a good product. The product I ordered was rather shoddy and had multiple misspellings within the document. This is a translation company that has problems spelling and checking their own work.

  August 19, 2013   Reviewed by Katherine
I have used the service for three certified translations and there has been a problem every time.
Service is fast and translation is pretty good but it seems that no one reviews the pdf prior to sending out. On two occasions I have received pdfs that included blank pages. This was corrected immediately upon my request. I am still awaiting resolution of the issues on my third document. There is a part that is illegible because it is overlapped by the footer text. I requested that this be resolved and they sent it back to me without fixing it. I replied to that mail requesting again that the issue be fixed, and so far I have not gotten a response.

  August 19, 2013   Reviewed by Robin
Time saver; some issues with transcription
Overall, Rev really saved us time on our interview research, and the recording quality was excellent. The only difference between 4 and 3 stars for me was the transcription quality. We did end up needing to add back 4-6 hours of time filling in sections labeled inaudible or crosstalk, and there were some errors that completely changed the meaning of what was said. Had we not taken the time to do this, our analysis would have been inaccurate. There seemed to be inconsistencies between the transcriptions as well. Some were great with very little errors; some were full of missed sections and errors. Seems like they need to tighten up their model. If they do that, we could rely on this service repeatedly!

  August 16, 2013   Reviewed by Dr. A.
Usually very happy with service - not so this time, just semi-happy
Several things in this transcript had to edit, Not true to audio (Some words not even in the or on the recording)... Will use again - I like the service you offer

  August 6, 2013   Reviewed by Jackson
Great Translation - Poor Delivery was a very simple and effective method for getting my documents translated but I may not use them again because the translated document that they sent back to me had their logo all over it. It came back to me in PDF format so I had to waste alot of time doing to old cut and paste routine. I am trying one more time using a Word format which may make it easier to cut the logo out. If not, I will find another translation service.

  August 5, 2013   Reviewed by Teach
Quick but imprecise
Overall, the experience was good - not great - but good. Turnaround time was great, and but there were several inaccuracies in the transcribed audio-recording.

  August 1, 2013   Reviewed by Business u.
Efficient, reasonably priced and very easy to use -- but transcription quality could be better
My company has used to transcribe a series of interviews containing business content. The turnaround time, ease of use and pricing are excellent. However the transcripts contain a lot of mistakes. Had I not heard what had been said, it would have been hard to use some of these transcriptions. The mistakes did not only involve industry-specific names and terms. Simple everyday words were omitted and misspelled. That said, some of the transcripts are better than others. Seems like the quality has dropped some in the summer. Are the good transcribers on vacation? I like's exceptionally customer-friendly service and ease of use. But unfortunately I have to be honest.

  August 1, 2013   Reviewed by Thiago
expensive and buggy
They got my name wrong -- it's "Thiago" (and that's how it appears on all originals), but somehow on the translations my name was changed to "Tiago". Also, the originals contained multiple instances of "res.", which is an abbreviation for "research", and on the translations "res." sometimes got translated (to "pes.", which is an abbreviation of "Pesquisa" - "research" in Portuguese) but sometimes not, which is really odd. I also found the price a bit steep - $33 per 250 words, which in my case added up to over $300. If it were bug-free I wouldn't be complaining, but at that price I expected the work to be flawless (which it wasn't, unfortunately). On the plus side, I received both the quote and the translations pretty quick.

  July 28, 2013   Reviewed by Investigator: M.
I use this sevice for fast turnaround
I use this service for there fast transcription turn around time . Most of the time with in 24 hrs. The only part that is disappointing is they translate some words completely wrong were they already used the correct word early on in the transcription. But the whole transcription completes the facts as needed in most cases. If i need word for word, I send to another company but that cost are much higher.

  July 28, 2013   Reviewed by Marcela
Poor Costumer Service
Translation was done well and timely, but there was one mistake. I wrote back asking for correction and, surprisingly, Costumer Service told me that they couldn't make the correction because they had to keep a "true translation". (Of course whoever wrote me back did NOT check the original document). Anyways, I had to call to explain and to complain so I could finally have my document revised: 12hs later! I had chosen Rev. among others because it seemed very professional and I didn't want to go cheap. Oh well...

  July 26, 2013   Reviewed by Rodney
No Bad!
Quick service which is pretty good.

  July 23, 2013   Reviewed by SamW
Service is good and accurate, but they don't accept non-US credit cards
Service is good and accurate, but they don't accept non-US credit cards which is quite short sighted for something which is a) an easy fix and b) something they could have communicated on their website.

  May 15, 2013   Reviewed by Jamelle E. does not honor verbatim service or quality work
Of three transcription services that I have worked with, has the lowest price but the worst quality of transcription. Transcriptionist fabricate whole sentences and paraphrase, even when you pay for verbatim service. Even after I sent transcriptions back to be reviewed again, I spent 2 hours for many of the 80 or so transcriptions correcting errors and deleting words or comments that were not in the audio tape. There were about 5 of the interviews that had a dialect that was a little more difficult to understand. On those transcripts, its as if the transcriptionist gave up...but, they still charged me the same price. I have other interviews to transcribe. I will pay more and save myself the time and hassle.