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  June 24, 2014  
When playing back my recording & comparing It to the transcription, there were a significant amount of Data missing. Not worth paying $26 for cut out transcriptions.
  June 20, 2014  
a lot of misspelling from Russian to English was not translated correct I had to do it with someone else other company paid $ 25.00
  June 19, 2014  
Speed was there but not so much for quality. There were a couple of inadequately translated words and formatting issues. This was for a 2 page Japanese family registry (charged as 3 pages) which should have been relatively easy to handle. I am having the translated document translated again to Korean. The Korean translator asked me to review (which the other translator didn't even bother) and I ended up fixing a fair amount of the work only to find out the initial job was not thoroughly executed to begin with....
  June 17, 2014  
As I am going through the text carefully and comparing it with audio file I see that there are some sentences here and there - sometime whole paragraphs - are missing.
  June 16, 2014  
Sally's A.
I'm a doctoral student and needed some transcription done for a project. I'm on a limited budget, so a colleague recommended They were very fast. I sent a 45 minute interview last week and it was completed and sent to me on the weekend. I just did one transcript to try it out and am going through the audio file and transcription now for errors and there are a few. Its definitely saving me time, but not as much as I'd hoped because I still have to go back and fix things.
  June 13, 2014  
Generally I'm very happy with the service provided. That said, I paid extra for the time annotations and found that the time annotations made were not done in a consistent fashion and therefore were not useful. Also, the time annotations were done using the wrong timescale. Finally, there were some mistakes in the expertise due to lack of domain expertise. I suppose it's too much to expect that the person doing the transcription be an expert in big data technologies but due to these mistakes I had to review the transcription very carefully and fix it.
  June 7, 2014  
Got data in 3 hours instead of the advertised 48. Good grammar. Got my content, along with someone else's. Then along came a very confusing email telling me my requested edits were made, but I didn't request any. When I asked what was going on, they said they corrected my content because I had someone else's, but the edited copy contained it yet again. When I informed them of this, they sent it a 3rd time with just my content. IDK, whatever. It worked, and I'll use the service again. I don't think I'd use the service for anything sensitive though, and I doubt someone "double checks" the work as advertised.
  June 5, 2014  
Good turn around time BUT would have waited longer IF it meant me not doing so many time consuming corrections.
  June 1, 2014  
Having been referred to the site from my friend who mentioned a very fast turnaround time, I decided to give it a shot being that I had a deadline to meet relatively soon. The turnaround time was fairly quick at under 48 hours unfortunately it was not my transcription!!! Anxiety took a hold of me as my deadline was quickly approaching. I quickly messaged them and then also called them on the phone. First call was dropped. 2nd call was answered where I relayed my dilemma. She was able to confirm the situation that the audio submitted was indeed not the same as the transcript I had received(duh) but was not able to tell me much else like perhaps if the wrong transcript was uploaded in lieu of mine. She stated she would resubmit the audio for transcription. I.E. start over. Eventually I received an email stating what had been conveyed by the phone operator to which i replied with the same question, hopeing that it was just a wrong upload by the transcriber and that my transcription was finished and out there somewhere. Nope. Starting from scratch. They said they'd put a rush on it but could not guarantee anything earlier than another 48 hour window. A new transcription arrived a day after the problem was brought to light. Pros -Well transcribed Cons - Could have communicated the situation better - one day after expected delivery time
  May 28, 2014  
interaction r.
I was impressed when I received the transcription later the same day. I have been less impressed as I've gone through the transcription because of the inconsistent quality: things like "then" as "than" are annoying but not a deal breaker, but there were some sections where words/phrases were wrong ("tutor" instead of "teacher") or simply omitted. This definitely saved me some time, but I'm having to spend several hours to review and correct. I feel like this is an acceptable rough draft of a transcript, but I'd like something more polished. I will be looking at another transcription in future; I may pay more up front, but hopefully I will have less work cleaning up on the back end. Some context: recording was 53 minute interview between two males, American-English speakers, good quality audio
  May 17, 2014  
This service is better than most. The last time i used it, it was called Fox Transcribe. Then, I found the transcription to be amazingly accurate. This time there were a large number of inaccuracies. Some of which made no sense. Had the transcript been proof-read, a human reader would have caught the errors. So, I am a bit disappointed. But, for the price, i cannot be too disappointed i guess.
  May 16, 2014  
Luis M.
please check at the end of trad3front
  May 14, 2014  
Quick, fair transcription service
  May 6, 2014  
I used service for a standard Thai - English birth certificate translation. Overall I think the customer service staff is very polite, fast and responsive (although could improve on attention to detail). The translation quality itself is a bit of a worry. I had spelled out all names of people and location to avoid any errors and delays - but then I received a translation that had overly obvious mistakes on it (such as Birth notification date being BEFORE my actual birthdate, translating Thai number incorrectly, too many 'illegible' although the copy is very legible, and so on). I think has a good set-up, but definitely can use a more qualified Thai translator. If the translator was not an issue I would have been able to use the first version of the translation I received. That came within hours of original document submission - which was very impressive.
  May 2, 2014  
The translation process was very easy and streamlined. I wanted a contract translated from French to English, and although every word was translated, the actual meanings of each sentence was often very hard or impossible to decipher. I probably should have used a service that focuses specifically on translating contract law, but then again that is exactly what I was looking for when I found Rev. I'll have to end up using another service to translate the contract again, so I'm out the money I spent here.
  May 1, 2014  
I received a very fast completion from them. I thought that maybe it had been transcribed by a robot ... there was some inaccuracy in places.
  April 29, 2014  
Hi, Thanks for providing such a fast service. My client was most impressed. She did ask me to let you know that she noticed the different styles of the 3 transcribers involved. One was brilliant, one was ok and one was appalling (her words). In this case it didn't matter too much as my client knew the content well and was able to fix it up but she did comment that English cannot have been the first language of the third transcriber. So while I would definitely use you for fast turnaround jobs like this one, I would hesitate before sending work for a fussier client.
  April 26, 2014  
They wanted to charge me for 3 pages instead of 2 because the word count was too high. But one of the pages was the Turkish translated into about 10 languages. And English was one of the translations on the page. I ended up not having them translate that page since it wasn't really the marriage certificate. The translation came back in only 4 hours. It did have a minor error. I contacted them and they say they will send corrected translation. So the service and communication is good and the price was certainly good. I just hope that the Immigration Agency accepts it.
  April 21, 2014  
I am grateful for the fast and efficient work that has done. I received most of my transcriptions within 24 to 48 hours of submission and some mistakes. It has made my research process go a lot smoother. Three out of the four transcripts were done well. However, the fourth one wasn't done as well. The sound quality wasn't good because of the participants southern accent and he also had allergies which made it hard to understand some of his words. I wasn't upset to see areas where the typist put [inaudible] what I'm upset about is portions of the conversation were missing and there wasn't any notation as to difficulty with sound. I spent a lot of time editing the transcript. The final copy is drastically different than what was submitted to me. I still would use them but if I have an audio recording that has sound quality issues I mind as well transcribe it myself because of all the time it took me to correct the errors on the fourth transcript. Also I could hear a lot of the words just fine most of the ones labeled inaudible. So I'm not sure what was going on with understanding him.
  April 19, 2014  
Quick turn around is great. This was the 3rd time using them that I found a mistake with the translation. All mistakes were dates. Make sure you proof read the returned product.