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  May 14, 2014   Reviewed by jewel
Quick, fair transcription service

  May 6, 2014   Reviewed by KateQ
Speedy turnaround - too many easy errors
I used service for a standard Thai - English birth certificate translation. Overall I think the customer service staff is very polite, fast and responsive (although could improve on attention to detail). The translation quality itself is a bit of a worry. I had spelled out all names of people and location to avoid any errors and delays - but then I received a translation that had overly obvious mistakes on it (such as Birth notification date being BEFORE my actual birthdate, translating Thai number incorrectly, too many 'illegible' although the copy is very legible, and so on). I think has a good set-up, but definitely can use a more qualified Thai translator. If the translator was not an issue I would have been able to use the first version of the translation I received. That came within hours of original document submission - which was very impressive.

  May 2, 2014   Reviewed by Nick
Good turnaround times, translation not so great.
The translation process was very easy and streamlined. I wanted a contract translated from French to English, and although every word was translated, the actual meanings of each sentence was often very hard or impossible to decipher. I probably should have used a service that focuses specifically on translating contract law, but then again that is exactly what I was looking for when I found Rev. I'll have to end up using another service to translate the contract again, so I'm out the money I spent here.

  May 1, 2014   Reviewed by Benjamin
Fast turnaround, not as accurate as I hoped
I received a very fast completion from them. I thought that maybe it had been transcribed by a robot ... there was some inaccuracy in places.

  April 29, 2014   Reviewed by Justine
Fast which was brilliant, english as first language?
Hi, Thanks for providing such a fast service. My client was most impressed. She did ask me to let you know that she noticed the different styles of the 3 transcribers involved. One was brilliant, one was ok and one was appalling (her words). In this case it didn't matter too much as my client knew the content well and was able to fix it up but she did comment that English cannot have been the first language of the third transcriber. So while I would definitely use you for fast turnaround jobs like this one, I would hesitate before sending work for a fussier client.

  April 26, 2014   Reviewed by Lauren
Price was right and it was easy to use.
They wanted to charge me for 3 pages instead of 2 because the word count was too high. But one of the pages was the Turkish translated into about 10 languages. And English was one of the translations on the page. I ended up not having them translate that page since it wasn't really the marriage certificate. The translation came back in only 4 hours. It did have a minor error. I contacted them and they say they will send corrected translation. So the service and communication is good and the price was certainly good. I just hope that the Immigration Agency accepts it.

  April 21, 2014   Reviewed by Jamie
Moving Forward
I am grateful for the fast and efficient work that has done. I received most of my transcriptions within 24 to 48 hours of submission and some mistakes. It has made my research process go a lot smoother. Three out of the four transcripts were done well. However, the fourth one wasn't done as well. The sound quality wasn't good because of the participants southern accent and he also had allergies which made it hard to understand some of his words. I wasn't upset to see areas where the typist put [inaudible] what I'm upset about is portions of the conversation were missing and there wasn't any notation as to difficulty with sound. I spent a lot of time editing the transcript. The final copy is drastically different than what was submitted to me. I still would use them but if I have an audio recording that has sound quality issues I mind as well transcribe it myself because of all the time it took me to correct the errors on the fourth transcript. Also I could hear a lot of the words just fine most of the ones labeled inaudible. So I'm not sure what was going on with understanding him.

  April 19, 2014   Reviewed by daniel
Make sure you proof read translation
Quick turn around is great. This was the 3rd time using them that I found a mistake with the translation. All mistakes were dates. Make sure you proof read the returned product.

  April 16, 2014   Reviewed by Jeremy
Very fast delivery....but looks like 85% or so accurate
I was impressed with the fast delivery, but it wasn't as accurate of a transcription as we needed.

  April 1, 2014   Reviewed by Georgi
FAST. accuracy can be better.
I had educational transcripts translated (Bulgarian to English). I am sure the translation is good enough for immigration purposes, but I don't need it for that. some subjects are not translated correctly. pass/fail grades translated as "acceptable" ?!?! its OK I guess, but if you have to use this to continue your education, you might have some problems. On the other hand - its really fast and convenient.

  March 29, 2014   Reviewed by Kyle
The transcription and price for the product were average.
While the company had a great reputation online, I found that I had to do a lot of clean up work after the fact. I was excited that there was even a quality control put into place, but in my opinion, they left a lot to be desired. You get what you pay for.

  March 29, 2014   Reviewed by antony
Expensive !!!
Good job! But too much $ ...

  March 27, 2014   Reviewed by MeiYu
Communication skill needs to be improved (order#TR05737288​73)
Your company was referred by our loan officer with high regards. I submitted my order and paid accordingly. Later that day, I was informed the cost needed to be higher due to the word count limit (which I didn't see when I submitted the order). I paid that night. And next day, I checked the status, it showed that you were stilling trying to find someone to translate. I sent an email from your website hoping to find out what the actual status was, and got a feedback from Christina Simple saying the documents were blurry and illegal to use. I replied saying the documents are readable to me, but if it's a problem for you to translate, please let me know right away so I can give the job to someone who accepts it since it's a very urgent matter to me. I received no reply for several hours and I had to send another email from your website to get attention. Someone (Brianna) else replied saying it's in process of finding a translator. I replied with the whole story and was told that my documents were put on high priority and would be translated quickly. Next day, I received the translation through an email and was able to download the files. What I want to say is, the translation was done professionally which I appreciate very much. However, your customer service communication is not quite in place which caused some hairs lost and sweats shed. I will refer your company to my friends, but I would really hope to see you improve your communication. Thanks!

  March 17, 2014   Reviewed by Anonymous
Quality of Transcription is Poor
Conversation was recorded in HD quality and I seem to have more "inaudible" listings in places where the words can be clearly made out. On top of this the transcription even came with misspellings, I mean come on that is even worse. So to sum up my disappointment (i) Missing Words, and (ii) Spelling Errors.

  March 11, 2014   Reviewed by Hany
I needed help with translate Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates the Service was great and really fast the names all was right as I wanted it to be the only issue was on the foreigners Birth Certificates that I wanted to translate the person name come on the Certificate separate in 2 lines the above line is the person name and the lower is the family name so they didn't write the first name which is really important but I fixed it and I hope it's work out. Other than that everything was great.. Good Job guys

  February 27, 2014   Reviewed by Mohamed
Fast but Hasty
You're very fast even when I sent back so that you can correct the mistake. You even returned my call back within an hour. But come on you attached someone else's translation initially. I hope you didn't attach mine to his. You know because of privacy and whatnot. Besides that the prices are cool

  February 24, 2014   Reviewed by Torri
Not bad, but you missed a few things.
I was very happy with the quick service. My main concern was that quite a few words in the transcription were really off. If I were not so closely involved with the meeting, I would not have understood the transcription. I would like to use this service again for my dissertation, but I will explore other options if the next transcription is this poorly done.

  February 16, 2014   Reviewed by B. P.
Iffy. Sometimes great and sometimes incredibly inaccurate.
The speed of turnaround is great. The first transcript was excellent but the most recent one is full of mistakes. The designated speaker is wrong and this is from a VIDEO so you can see who is speaking. Many of the word are really wrong and I've had to go back and watche the video and correct the whole thing.

  February 15, 2014   Reviewed by Elyse
Not a complete transcript.
I have previously worked as a transcriber for government agencies so I know how important accuracy is. I am 1 minute into the video and I have already had to fill in many gaps in the transcript. I think that those transcribing could have taken a little more time working on this and reviewing the end product. I think overall this is an okay service and I'm hoping that it is better when there is one speaker at a time. This video had groups and was a little loud so it was more difficult to understand.

  February 14, 2014   Reviewed by Roberto L.
I'm glad I know both languages of the translation, or else I would be in trouble.
There were two translation mistakes. The title was wrongly translated as Certificate of Marriage when it should be Certificate of Birth and the time I was born was translated as 6:25 and not 4:25 (16:25). REV did correct the problem promptly, though, but I wonder what could have happened if I didn't speak English!