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  November 29, 2018  
Sebastian S.
I had to do multiple corrections to the text.
  November 15, 2018  
Lindsay F.
Quick service, and nice staff. Annoying to get a second pass on a transcript without being told, especially if you are doing a large number of transcripts simultaneously.
  November 3, 2018  
Some missed words. More than just the inaudible stuff.
  October 25, 2018  
M. B.
As a professional journalist, I use Rev frequently. It’s reliably fast, but the quality is uneven, and the customer service can be terrible. If there’s a problem with your transcript, there’s no way to get it fixed that doesn’t involve waiting months and sending multiple emails.
  September 26, 2018  
Arne R. J. B.
Needs a bit of improvement.
  September 18, 2018  
Decent. I split it up meaning different translators did different sections so I could get a faster turn around time. One of the translators used a lots of "inaudible" on parts of the transcription that weren't that hard to understand. The other two translators did a decent job and only had one or two "inaudible". It really depends who ends up transcribing your audio how good your quality will be.
  September 15, 2018  
The turnaround time was fast, but the document has too many mistakes. I've had to spend a lot of time going through it and editing. I would have preferred a longer turnaround time for a better outcome.
  August 31, 2018  
Eric B.
Make sure you verify their work - the turn around can be a bit slower than what they promise and the quality can vary significantly. They will offer a small discount for the next time but it doesn't mean they will always verify the quality of their work. Still not sure if I will use them again.
  August 21, 2018  
For the most part, Rev did a good job and captured most of the recorded information. I was a little disappointed, however, because there seemed to be a lot of careless mistakes. I reviewed all of the transcripts and noticed that a lot of things that were written as "inaudible" were hard to hear but definitely something that could have been figured out with a few close listens. Other times "crosstalk" was written but most of the time you could very clearly write out were they were saying. I feel like the transcribers missed some important information by carelessness in writing "inaudible" or "crosstalk" so they could finish the transcript. There were also times when the transcriber wrote the incorrect transcription of the audio recording. It took me a very long time to review the transcripts as a result of these mistakes and, at times, like I was doing the transcription all over again.
  August 17, 2018  
Frank P.
Very quick turnaround; somewhat weird formatting once transcripts are made into PDFs or docx. files; seemingly incapable of deciphering scientific terms of any complexity
  August 10, 2018  
Alexandra V.
The transcription of the submitted audio files was very fast - as promised. However, the quality of the transcription is not satisfing. For example, in one of the audio files one person talked about maps and globes - the transcription uses the term glove - which doesn't make any sense in the given context.
  July 21, 2018  
dj S.
Took three full days to get uploaded then it was done quickly and very good results but it’s been more than a week and I can open all you did but ...when I download and save as ...they will not open or print for me... so I’ve paid money for something I need desperately to have printed so I can tweak and write an ebook and cannot open or print your files Very Frustrating - so I cannot finish a job that would’ve and should’ve taken several hours still not done after several WEEKS.
  June 7, 2018  
Jean M.
If I was grading the work on this transcription, I'd give it a "C". It met my minimum expectations. It would have gotten an "A" if there won't so many parts of the recording left out in the transcription through comments such as "crosstalk" and "inaudible." If these parts of the conversation (more than a few minutes) is not going to be transcribed, I should not have to pay for it!
  June 6, 2018  
Bowen C.
Many small words were misheard, so there was a lot of extra work that had to be done to get the transcript to match with the audio
  May 14, 2018  
Deborah Janz (.
Great Concept We love the service and the concept is great. The challenge is that the iPhone app is glitchy and will start pushing errors in the middle of an interview. This has caused a great loss of data and interruption while we reset the app. We also end up with 2 and sometimes up to 5 small recordings instead of one causing administrative headaches. Having said that, I recommend this service to friends and colleagues and I'm hopeful it will continue to improve!
  April 18, 2018  
There were a few times where the lecture is marked inaudible, but I was personally able to hear the words and transcribe that part myself. Overall decent transcribing but I did have to go back and re listen to my entire video because there were multiple errors in transcribing and I had to fix the writing myself.
  April 11, 2018  
I have had mostly good experience with Rev when the transcription is totally 100% straightforward. I gave them an important interview and instead of slowing down the recording to get all the words, the transcriber just labelled it as 'crosstalk' missing out some key bits that I needed in the transcript. For a service that is competing with transcription software, this is probably the Unique Selling Point- a human can make this extra effort. Especially at a dollar a minute. I asked customer service to look at it, and have been told they would, but it was not dealt with same day. They advertise a 24 hour service, but when something went wrong the delay was indefinite. I wish I had a 5* to share because I liked this company a lot before this experience.
  March 27, 2018  
Suzanne B.
Although my customer service experience was great, I’m disappointed that the captions were 2 minutes behind on Facebook. I emailed Facebook and never got a response. FB was the whole reason I paid for this service. I was really hoping the platforms were compatible but the person in your office said this was a FB problem and not on your end. I’m disappointed and I wished I had not paid $46-ish to do this. I wasted my money. Again, the employee in customer service was polite and friendly. I just am not pleased this service didn’t work for what it was bought to do.
  March 21, 2018  
Gary F.
Even though most words came through correctly, I still had to listen to the original and make corrections in almost every paragraph - a great idea, but vocal recognition still needs improvement.
  March 13, 2018  
Melvin S.
Good price and turnaround time, but the quality of the transcription was just okay.