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  May 10, 2019  
dan t.
Turnaround on transcriptions is good. Pricing is pretty much in line with most other services. But accuracy is all over the map. Seems pretty clear they use non native english speakers for a lot of these jobs. I've downgraded transcripts at least a dozen times. And the phone recording app is now unusable. Call quality is randomly awful (and it is the recording line that's causing it -- quality immediately dives when I merge calls), and the app is randomly just cutting out during the middle of a conversation. I am looking for transcription alternatives.
  April 28, 2019  
Lauralee A.
I like the concept, however I had to do a lot of corrections. It’s not worth the price.
  April 17, 2019  
Chester B.
A lot of the timings are off by half a second or so and I have to go through and change a lot of them. Other than that though the site is quite good.
  April 12, 2019  
Nicki L.
While I have used Rev in the past and have had my expectations surpassed, for this latest transcription I was left a little disappointed and had to have a friend listen and re-transcribe. One of the speakers has something of a unique accent, but it's not that difficult to understand. In addition to a lot of spelling errors, there was also an abundance of grammatical and punctuation errors as well. I will give Rev another chance in the future as I have had two previous outstanding experiences with them. On this go around, however, I do not believe there was 99% accuracy as is promised.
  April 2, 2019  
Busra S.
I have given 3 audio recordings to Rev so far and all three have come back with inaccurate transcriptions. The purpose of sending my audio recordings to Rev was to save myself time. Not to listen to entire recording and fix up the errors on the transcripts.
  March 20, 2019  
Being new to setting up captions for videos, I mistakenly ordered transcriptions for my first order with Rev. While the customer service agent was very patient with my frustration, I got to be charged over 1/3 of my original order as a "foolishness tax" after all she could provide was a partial refund. Pretty quick way to make what was a positive experience a feel bad moment. The transcriptions I got were fast and accurate except for industry terms, which were easy enough to fix with a few minutes of editing. Sadly, they aren't usable for what I needed them for.
  February 24, 2019  
Henry S.
The service was ok, it was not bad. I personally found that the accuracy rate was not as high as advertised.
  February 22, 2019  
Seth M.
A lot of missed words ("spread" instead of "sprint," "marketize" instead of "democratize" to name a few) that lost the key point of several sentences to the point where I had to go back and listen to my recording anyway.
  February 15, 2019  
Tony Q.
My interview was not transcribed Word for Word which is what I paid for. The transcriber had various errors and missed certain words in the transcription.
  February 12, 2019  
John Greaves I.
Good value compared to paying a dedicated transcription service. Not as easy to use as other apps like Tape A Call Pro. Difficult to distinguish between Rev Call Recorder and Rev Recorder. Transcription services are good but sometimes have trouble with speakers who have pronounced accents. Definitely take the time to include unusual words or acronyms in your transcription order!
  January 31, 2019  
Quick turnaround, a variety of options, and pretty inexpensive. Because so many individual transcribers are working for them, quality and even format can vary quite a bit. Overall, quality is generally acceptable, but not exemplary (a little bit of "you get what you pay for"). I wish they would have a standard format everyone uses, and I wish so many of their transcribers wouldn't always type in gonna, wanna, and oughta instead of going to, want to, and ought to. I'm not trying to capture colloquialisms or accents in the transcripts - just the English people are speaking.
  November 29, 2018  
Sebastian S.
I had to do multiple corrections to the text.
  November 15, 2018  
Lindsay F.
Quick service, and nice staff. Annoying to get a second pass on a transcript without being told, especially if you are doing a large number of transcripts simultaneously.
  November 3, 2018  
Some missed words. More than just the inaudible stuff.
  October 25, 2018  
M. B.
As a professional journalist, I use Rev frequently. It’s reliably fast, but the quality is uneven, and the customer service can be terrible. If there’s a problem with your transcript, there’s no way to get it fixed that doesn’t involve waiting months and sending multiple emails.
  September 26, 2018  
Arne R. J. B.
Needs a bit of improvement.
  September 18, 2018  
Decent. I split it up meaning different translators did different sections so I could get a faster turn around time. One of the translators used a lots of "inaudible" on parts of the transcription that weren't that hard to understand. The other two translators did a decent job and only had one or two "inaudible". It really depends who ends up transcribing your audio how good your quality will be.
  September 15, 2018  
The turnaround time was fast, but the document has too many mistakes. I've had to spend a lot of time going through it and editing. I would have preferred a longer turnaround time for a better outcome.
  August 31, 2018  
Eric B.
Make sure you verify their work - the turn around can be a bit slower than what they promise and the quality can vary significantly. They will offer a small discount for the next time but it doesn't mean they will always verify the quality of their work. Still not sure if I will use them again.
  August 21, 2018  
For the most part, Rev did a good job and captured most of the recorded information. I was a little disappointed, however, because there seemed to be a lot of careless mistakes. I reviewed all of the transcripts and noticed that a lot of things that were written as "inaudible" were hard to hear but definitely something that could have been figured out with a few close listens. Other times "crosstalk" was written but most of the time you could very clearly write out were they were saying. I feel like the transcribers missed some important information by carelessness in writing "inaudible" or "crosstalk" so they could finish the transcript. There were also times when the transcriber wrote the incorrect transcription of the audio recording. It took me a very long time to review the transcripts as a result of these mistakes and, at times, like I was doing the transcription all over again.