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  January 15, 2014  
REV provides a great service if you want a transcript. If you want a letter or other document typed, find another service product. I would liked to have sent a lot of business Rev's way but they don't offer the kind of service I require.
  January 13, 2014  
The translation took four days, not everything was translated, and some words I double checked in Spanish were not words in Spanish or English--perhaps typos, but I do not know the language to know what the word was originally supposed to be. The representative with whom I spoke suggested I use Google Translate for remaining untranslated items---which is not why we paid for a document. We have used rev. com in the past and been happy with how translators have gone above and beyond, this time is felt like the complete opposite experience and we will not be using again in the future as a result of a poor publication.
  January 1, 2014  
There were many areas throught the dictation that were clearly audible that we're not transcribed accurately at all.
  November 19, 2013  
Paid for 7 Transcriptions Got 6 Until I Brought It Up to Them
  November 12, 2013  
Jean S.
Hi, I accepted to pay around 200 $ so I can have a professional translation, not a google English French translation. I am not asking for any reimbursement but simply send me a professional translation. Please check it yourself and get back to me. Thanks, Jean Sahyouni
  November 11, 2013  
I asked the translation of 3 documents on the service. Two of them came with errors and needed to request two times minor corrections on the documents... all mistakes were clearly by lack of attention on the review.
  November 11, 2013  
I'm pretty disappointed with right now. I expected a high degree of accuracy, yet there are misspellings (common words, not technical jargon) and numerous "inaudible" notations when the recording is clearly audible. Additionally, some of my transcript is just wrong! I'm having to listen to all of my audio and fix the mistakes myself, which I really don't have time for right now. If I wanted to do this much work, I would've transcribed my recording myself. Very disappointed.
  November 6, 2013  
Glad I proof read before I sent. I listened to the recording as I read the document provided to me and there were some mistakes that would have been really embarrassing. The person I was conversing with did have an accent, but very easy to understand. There were some parts marked as "inaudible" which seemed pretty clear to me. Overall, very fast turn around, but I would have preferred it taking a little more time and being done right!
  October 18, 2013  
The documents I asked to be translated we translated quickly, but did not come back looking very professional. The fonts were different, they did not place the headers or format the documents in the same manner in which the originals were presented. They just lacked the detail of the originals that I sent. I expected to see the same document - formats - symbols - headers - type face - everything the original had, but translated into Spanish. Instead I got a document that looked like my 11 year old did it and it was just translated. All the spaces and headers jumbled up. I don't know if I would use this group again. Way too expensive for what you get.
  October 14, 2013  
Quintina L.
I sent and paid for 3 audios to be transcribed but the longest one only has 14 out of 34 pages completed. My deadline is today. I have sent 2 emails called 3 times and left 2 voice messages. I am about to be let on my submission deadline for school. Please have somone contact me asap regarding this issue 678-787-7243
  October 13, 2013  
Order TC0344269602 (Focus Group Interview) I sent my focus group on Oct. 4 for transcription and I indicated that there where five speakers. However, on Oct. 6, I sent a message indicating that there were actually six speakers. On the same date I received a message from Breetel Graves, Support Manager, replied, "I have passed your message along to our transcription team.' When I received my transcription/document on Oct. 9, it indicated five speakers. I do not know what to do now because the transcription may not be used because of that/confusion.
  October 12, 2013  
The service is cheap (about half the price of the transcriber I have used for the past 5 years) and the quality reflects the pricing. Your files will all be sent to different transcribers - some are fantastic, others are unacceptable in quality. I had one interview returned with 20% transcribed as [inaudible]. On listening, the volume was fine, the accent was minimal and the words were very clear. The company re-did the transcription and it was somewhat improved, other files I simply re-did myself when I checked them. Transcription is not verbatim, and sometimes the transcriber changes the meaning of the text so careful checking is required (such that I I could have transcribed it myself). In one interview, the transcriber wrote the wrong word every single time it was (clearly) spoken, despite that word being obviously in the job title. The company did try to correct interviews when I complained, but the quality is so variable and requires so much checking, I decided not to continue with my large project through this transcribing service - too much wasted time checking the accuracy of the work.
  September 20, 2013  
Larry B.
I had to take two hours to clean up the transcript, especially to clean up the multitude of sections that the transcriber simply identified and unintelligible. I would have rather paid twice the amount, just to have a proper professional value completeness and accuracy over speed. I've need for another transcription, but I MUST have better quality.
  September 15, 2013  
Nate advertises a 98 percent accuracy rate, but in this case it was more like 48 percent. About half of the transcript I received is gibberish: the sentences often don't make grammatical sense. The site, to its credit, was very convenient, fast, and reasonably priced. But in a transcript, accuracy (or at least near-accuracy) seems most important of all. It's not a service I'm likely to use again.
  September 12, 2013  
fair to poor transcription with numerous proofreading errors. won't use again
  August 27, 2013  
Not sure if it will be accepted by Russian embassy---since were mistakes I have to correct
  August 15, 2013  
I had the strong impression that the translation was actually an internet translation. In other words, it seemed to be a computer-generated translation. I had to edit the translations multiple times and when a misspelled city was addressed several time, it still wasn't corrected after 3 times. After 3 times I just gave up. I just find it outrageous that I have to go through the translation and make sure it is right before printing it. Lucky thing that I also speak the other language fluently, but somebody who has no clue about the language would get a totally erroneous translation. It is unacceptable. The documents I requested to be translated are for immigration purposes, therefore they need to be 100% accurate. The same problem happened in three different cases. Had I not asked for corrections, I would have had incorrect translations, which defeats the purpose of paying a company to do a translation for you.
  August 12, 2013  
british j.
Great price - and the transcription you completed was excellent. You returned two saying that they weren't good enough quality. but one of the two was *significantly* better quality than the one that you successfully transcribed. When I raised this by phone I was promised you would refresh your efforts to get it done. Then I got an email saying that because you had already cancelled my order - without consulting me - I would have to start the process again. At that point I gave up. This caused me significant difficulties so I was very disappointed. You should make crystal clear on your site that 'accents' includes perfectly ordinary comprehensible British English. Many of your visitors will be from the UK and will assume that the presence of Simon Cowell and Piers Morgan stateside mean that you will have mastered our funny intonation by now...
  August 8, 2013  
Accuracy very patchy, wouldn't recommend unless you don't mind proofreading, in which case it could be good value
  July 29, 2013  
A lot of the transcription is listed as "inaudible" but really it just takes a couple minutes to slow down and listen to it carefully. I'll have to go back and listen to much of the recording myself ... seems to defeat the purpose of paying someone else to do it.