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  September 15, 2013   Reviewed by Nate
Very low accuracy; transcript largely gibberish. advertises a 98 percent accuracy rate, but in this case it was more like 48 percent. About half of the transcript I received is gibberish: the sentences often don't make grammatical sense. The site, to its credit, was very convenient, fast, and reasonably priced. But in a transcript, accuracy (or at least near-accuracy) seems most important of all. It's not a service I'm likely to use again.

  September 12, 2013   Reviewed by Steve
fair to poor transcription with numerous proofreading errors
fair to poor transcription with numerous proofreading errors. won't use again

  August 27, 2013   Reviewed by Victoria
Would not recomend it because translators made mistakes
Not sure if it will be accepted by Russian embassy---since were mistakes I have to correct

  August 15, 2013   Reviewed by Benedict
Incorrect translations and multiple corrections required
I had the strong impression that the translation was actually an internet translation. In other words, it seemed to be a computer-generated translation. I had to edit the translations multiple times and when a misspelled city was addressed several time, it still wasn't corrected after 3 times. After 3 times I just gave up. I just find it outrageous that I have to go through the translation and make sure it is right before printing it. Lucky thing that I also speak the other language fluently, but somebody who has no clue about the language would get a totally erroneous translation. It is unacceptable. The documents I requested to be translated are for immigration purposes, therefore they need to be 100% accurate. The same problem happened in three different cases. Had I not asked for corrections, I would have had incorrect translations, which defeats the purpose of paying a company to do a translation for you.

  August 12, 2013   Reviewed by british j.
disappointed by failure to solve problem
Great price - and the transcription you completed was excellent. You returned two saying that they weren't good enough quality. but one of the two was *significantly* better quality than the one that you successfully transcribed. When I raised this by phone I was promised you would refresh your efforts to get it done. Then I got an email saying that because you had already cancelled my order - without consulting me - I would have to start the process again. At that point I gave up. This caused me significant difficulties so I was very disappointed. You should make crystal clear on your site that 'accents' includes perfectly ordinary comprehensible British English. Many of your visitors will be from the UK and will assume that the presence of Simon Cowell and Piers Morgan stateside mean that you will have mastered our funny intonation by now...

  August 8, 2013   Reviewed by Paul
Accuracy not great
Accuracy very patchy, wouldn't recommend unless you don't mind proofreading, in which case it could be good value

  July 29, 2013   Reviewed by Mary
Not sure it's worth the money
A lot of the transcription is listed as "inaudible" but really it just takes a couple minutes to slow down and listen to it carefully. I'll have to go back and listen to much of the recording myself ... seems to defeat the purpose of paying someone else to do it.