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  April 13, 2018   Reviewed by A M.
Very disappointed
Very disappointed. I had to go back and add so much. Will never use again, money wasted!

  December 28, 2017   Reviewed by Visual Education S.
Not worth the time or money
Pros: Rev admitted their transcriptionists were not producing quality work and made multiple attempts to improve. Cons: Three transcriptionists worked on my file over four days. None of them used the glossary I provided and the transcript was full of errors and omissions. Additionally, there were so many [inaudible]s that the transcript was unreadable. I was unable to use the transcript, so hired one of Rev's competitors, who had no problems delivering an accurate transcript in 12 hours with only four [inaudible]s. Note - Audio was a 45-minute lecture on a medication's side effects.

  December 27, 2017   Reviewed by Jose F.
Rev fb
For me it wasn't about speed, was about quality. I ended up spending a lot of time reviewing the transcription, a significant amount of words do not match the audio file. On top of that, the need for verbatim was ignored. To note that verbatim request was only made after the order was placed.

  November 1, 2017   Reviewed by A. B. M.
I had an uneven experience
I had an uneven experience. I wanted three parts of the same interview transcribed. The first two parts were done quickly and accurately. But the last part of the same interview with exactly the same sound quality was refused and my money was refunded. Why? They offered a cover-all explanation, but there's no transparency, no appeal. Final verdict: Rev is unreliable. I have moved on to other services.

  October 16, 2017   Reviewed by Brent B.
Did not deliver on time
In the past Rev has delivered our French Subtitles fast, but this last project took over a week and they did not keep in touch and update us. This kind of unprofessionalism and inconsistency will have us look elsewhere in the future. I would have given one star if not for timely first projects they did.

  October 15, 2017   Reviewed by Chris
Transcription good. Price, not so much.
The transcription was quite good, but not when you compare to the Temi transcription which was 1/10 the cost.

  October 9, 2017   Reviewed by Jacqueline H.
I ordered several transcriptions on a …
I ordered several transcriptions on a Friday afternoon. They advertise that they have a 12 hour turnaround for files under an hour, but mine were not completed in a 24 hour period. And most of my orders had not even begun after said 24 hour period. Customer service was eventually prompt and helpful but my order was not completed, and I ended up having to cancel it. I have used them several times in the past, and usually, they are okay. I have had them cancel orders on me before. While I was a loyal customer previously, I would no longer use their services again in the future.

  September 28, 2017   Reviewed by Josh
Cheap and fast transcription service but transcribers did not use list of terms and place names that was provided. Lots of errors and inaccuracies. Disappointing overall. Will pay more for a higher quality service in the future.

  July 27, 2017   Reviewed by Jonathan P.
Transcript has several gaps and is …
Transcript has several gaps and is missing parts of the recording. It also has some of the quotes mis-attributed. I am now having to go back through and try to piece together the gaps myself.

  July 21, 2017   Reviewed by Nicholas G.
Give me a call and I'll let you know...
Give me a call and I'll let you know...

  May 27, 2017   Reviewed by My S.
Incorrect translations
Incorrect translations, after reaching out to support it took too long for them to offer to change. I had to go elsewhere to fix 2 out of the 3 translations. Seems like quantity is their focus, not quality.

  February 11, 2017   Reviewed by Thomas
I ran into an unexpected problem with Rev- They are very political. If you are conservative, or if you dare to impugn liberal dogma, they will refuse to caption your file. will find out two or three days later, when deadlines are in your face. I have a weekly TV show, and have a very tight schedule. I lost three shows due to this, so I had to stop using them. They should disclose this heavy bias. I had to use re-runs, and advertisers bailed or asked for refunds. This cost me over $20,000. Never again.

  January 6, 2017   Reviewed by Brian
Expensive, medium-to-low quality.
Honestly, I expected better for $1 a word. I got my transcript back with tons of [inaudible] stamps that I was able to correct almost immediately, and was filled with spelling errors like 'iderate', which is not a word, when the speaker said 'iterate', which is. I was very surprised, as the service had come recommended. Deeply conflicted over whether to try again.

  October 14, 2016   Reviewed by Vince
Transcription review
Needs more accuracy on the transcription.

  September 15, 2016   Reviewed by Customer
Website unclear as to who will accept their translation. NOT "100% Guaranteed Acceptance" by all.
I needed a marriage certificate translated in order to get a driver's license in a new state. After searching many online sites, I found and because of their advertised 100% guaranteed acceptance, I used their service. The turnaround time was quick and I thought all went well. Until I tried to use the certified, translated copy at the BMV in Indiana to get my license. The BMV requires that the certification letter state that the translation was not done by a friend or relative. (This is not the fault of, obviously.) So, I called their 800 number and spoke to a very nice woman to ask if they could add that verbiage to their letter for me. I was informed that they could not and that their translations are not typically accepted by DMV offices. She said if I had indicated on my request that that is what I was using it for they would have advised me against using their service. I asked for a refund since I could not use the translation they gave me and I felt that their website was misleading or at the very least unclear about who would accept their translations. Especially if this is something they are aware of. I was denied a refund. I am very unhappy with the fact that they, the translation experts, did not make it clear on their website that their services are not accepted by a very specific government office.

  August 30, 2016   Reviewed by Marc
I HAD TOO MUCH TO GO BACK AND CLEAN UP! I also don't like the fact of having to pay an additional payment of $7.00 for a recording that was only 59 minutes. Your assessment was 66 minutes. After checking several times i still don't find it to be as you assessed me.

  March 19, 2016   Reviewed by James
Poor transcriptions and translations
I've used both the translation and transcription services - about US$450 worth - and I've been very disappointed with the quality across the board. The translations had to be redone locally as people told me they looked like Google Translate, and the transcriptions were riddled with errors. I had to spend countless hours correcting all the errors. I should have just done them myself to begin with. Avoid at all costs if you're serious about quality and have ongoing work.

  March 14, 2016   Reviewed by Chris
Really want to like Rev, but too unreliable to recommend
I've tried Rev now a couple times in the past few months on half a dozen files. Of those, two files were delayed beyond promised delivery dates, which is a serious problem for us. (The most recent delay is a 1.5 hour file I submitted on March 7 that is still not complete on March 14.) Transcription quality is generally good when we do get the files, and Rev's customer support is excellent, but if I can't count on getting the files in time, I can't use the service.

  December 14, 2015   Reviewed by JR Transcription
When I submitted an audio file for 24 hour transcription, the price seemed competitive - especially for the turn around time. When I later read the fine print that 'poor audio' or files longer than 1 hour were not covered by the 24 hour policy, I toyed with canceling. But, I figured, how much longer could 20 additional minutes take? Figuring 48 hours still fit my needs, I let it go. When I rechecked my account, the time was updated to FOUR days. I called to find out why and was only told that several people had started and bailed on my file. No reason given for the extreme delay. The service reps were friendly but ultimately offered little sympathy or any alternative workarounds. I doubt I would use the service again.

  November 9, 2014   Reviewed by notorious
plenty of mistakes
too expensive for this many mistakes and missing words. I tried asking customer service and they think it is perfect. I need to get red marker out and really go through it, then will have to do a word count and see if they failed to meet their 98% mark like they promise.