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  June 19, 2018   Reviewed by Vince L.
Lots of mistakes in the work
Lots of mistakes in the work. We had to go back and make so many checks and corrections it cost more than the transcription fee. Quality with Rev is very hit and miss.

  June 13, 2018   Reviewed by Jim W.
There were a few points throughout the…
There were a few points throughout the transcript that did not match what I heard on the tape. More gaps in the transcript than I would expect for a paid service.

  June 13, 2018   Reviewed by AM
Inconsistent Quality, Lazy Employees, Racist and Culturally Incompetent
Quality is very inconsistent, depending on who transcribes your audio files. Some files are done very well, and you can tell the employee put time into it. The majority, however, were done very poorly--employees were not putting any effort, and they marked well-articulated and clear words and sentences as [inaudible]. It was so frustrating to have to redo the transcripts myself. Another issue that really frustrated me--most ethnic names were marked as [inaudible]. Rev really has to train its staff on cultural sensitivities and increase the diversity of their employees. This was a very frustrating and microaggressive (not to mention costly!) transaction I've ever done.

  June 13, 2018   Reviewed by Steve W.
to Rev
to Rev Hi there. Thanks for the reply. While I appreciate your response, it is woefully inadequate. The reality is the person at our end responsible for taking the transcriptions and formatting them into a report has has to go back through each recording in our last two jobs and cross reference the inaudible's with the audio to determine what was said. In almost every case they have successfully managed to do so which demonstrates your transcribers have simple shown a lack of care and pride in their work. This has created a huge amount of waste and additional cost for us. We used Rev over a year ago and then trialled some of your competitors. The quality of translation from them by way of comparison is far better. What you have in your favour is a user interface which streamlines the administration process. This is what prompted me to use you again. After this experience we won't be using you again. I don't have the luxury of wasting this amount of time seeking support, only to get this sort of response and the reality is we have already invested time remedying the problem while you took days to come back to us. What the Rev exec team need to understand is that your business needs to closely inspect what is going on with the quality of your transcriptions and the level of customer service or you will continue to lose customers. At the minimum we should be offered some sort of rebate but clearly this is not something Rev feel is necessary and that shows in the feel of your response. Culturally you are missing the care for customers that will set you apart in the market. This should be a red flag for everyone who works in your organisation.

  June 6, 2018   Reviewed by Steven P.
Took too long
Took too long No visibility on specific timing. Took too long to be returned. No ability to edit or understand job once submitted.

  May 22, 2018   Reviewed by Justine N.
I was very disappointed with the Rev…
I was very disappointed with the Rev transcription, it was littered with errors and I had to listen to the audio file to make sense of it - not at all the point of why I paid to get the transcription done.

  April 13, 2018   Reviewed by A M.
Very disappointed
Very disappointed. I had to go back and add so much. Will never use again, money wasted!

  December 28, 2017   Reviewed by Visual Education S.
Not worth the time or money
Pros: Rev admitted their transcriptionists were not producing quality work and made multiple attempts to improve. Cons: Three transcriptionists worked on my file over four days. None of them used the glossary I provided and the transcript was full of errors and omissions. Additionally, there were so many [inaudible]s that the transcript was unreadable. I was unable to use the transcript, so hired one of Rev's competitors, who had no problems delivering an accurate transcript in 12 hours with only four [inaudible]s. Note - Audio was a 45-minute lecture on a medication's side effects.

  December 27, 2017   Reviewed by Jose F.
Rev fb
For me it wasn't about speed, was about quality. I ended up spending a lot of time reviewing the transcription, a significant amount of words do not match the audio file. On top of that, the need for verbatim was ignored. To note that verbatim request was only made after the order was placed.

  November 1, 2017   Reviewed by A. B. M.
I had an uneven experience
I had an uneven experience. I wanted three parts of the same interview transcribed. The first two parts were done quickly and accurately. But the last part of the same interview with exactly the same sound quality was refused and my money was refunded. Why? They offered a cover-all explanation, but there's no transparency, no appeal. Final verdict: Rev is unreliable. I have moved on to other services.

  October 16, 2017   Reviewed by Brent B.
Did not deliver on time
In the past Rev has delivered our French Subtitles fast, but this last project took over a week and they did not keep in touch and update us. This kind of unprofessionalism and inconsistency will have us look elsewhere in the future. I would have given one star if not for timely first projects they did.

  October 15, 2017   Reviewed by Chris
Transcription good. Price, not so much.
The transcription was quite good, but not when you compare to the Temi transcription which was 1/10 the cost.

  October 9, 2017   Reviewed by Jacqueline H.
I ordered several transcriptions on a …
I ordered several transcriptions on a Friday afternoon. They advertise that they have a 12 hour turnaround for files under an hour, but mine were not completed in a 24 hour period. And most of my orders had not even begun after said 24 hour period. Customer service was eventually prompt and helpful but my order was not completed, and I ended up having to cancel it. I have used them several times in the past, and usually, they are okay. I have had them cancel orders on me before. While I was a loyal customer previously, I would no longer use their services again in the future.

  September 28, 2017   Reviewed by Josh
Cheap and fast transcription service but transcribers did not use list of terms and place names that was provided. Lots of errors and inaccuracies. Disappointing overall. Will pay more for a higher quality service in the future.

  July 27, 2017   Reviewed by Jonathan P.
Transcript has several gaps and is …
Transcript has several gaps and is missing parts of the recording. It also has some of the quotes mis-attributed. I am now having to go back through and try to piece together the gaps myself.

  July 21, 2017   Reviewed by Nicholas G.
Give me a call and I'll let you know...
Give me a call and I'll let you know...

  May 27, 2017   Reviewed by My S.
Incorrect translations
Incorrect translations, after reaching out to support it took too long for them to offer to change. I had to go elsewhere to fix 2 out of the 3 translations. Seems like quantity is their focus, not quality.

  February 11, 2017   Reviewed by Thomas
I ran into an unexpected problem with Rev- They are very political. If you are conservative, or if you dare to impugn liberal dogma, they will refuse to caption your file. will find out two or three days later, when deadlines are in your face. I have a weekly TV show, and have a very tight schedule. I lost three shows due to this, so I had to stop using them. They should disclose this heavy bias. I had to use re-runs, and advertisers bailed or asked for refunds. This cost me over $20,000. Never again.

  January 6, 2017   Reviewed by Brian
Expensive, medium-to-low quality.
Honestly, I expected better for $1 a word. I got my transcript back with tons of [inaudible] stamps that I was able to correct almost immediately, and was filled with spelling errors like 'iderate', which is not a word, when the speaker said 'iterate', which is. I was very surprised, as the service had come recommended. Deeply conflicted over whether to try again.

  October 14, 2016   Reviewed by Vince
Transcription review
Needs more accuracy on the transcription.