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  October 3, 2015  
They only typed half of the audio. They have promised to complete it, but now I'm getting emails about widespread delays. We'll wait so see if they do the job.
  July 17, 2015  
Disappointed first time u.
I lodged my transcript on Thursday 16 July 2015. When i go to my order history it states: your order is in progress, we are finding a qualified transcriptionist for your order, expected delivery July 20!!!!!!!! Yet on the website it clearly states: Orders will be delivered within 24 hours as long as the order is placed prior to 2 PM Eastern and the recording is not greater than one hour in length or complex in nature." well that sums up my order! Not happy.
  June 9, 2015  
We have placed several orders with -- this is not based on minimal experience with their work. At one point, the transcriptions were up to par. However, lately the quality of work has been extremely subpar (we are talking no use of MS Word spell check, etc.). We generally order transcriptions -- around the 30 minute mark -- and they are recorded with high clarity via a Yeti microphone and edited with Adobe Audition. So, there's really no excuse. The recording quality is superior. From numerous spelling mistakes, to a lack of basic grammar skills -- the transcriptions we've paid for lately have been hideous (forcing us to re-edit independently). When you explain that the quality level is substandard they reply with a canned autoresponder that says it meets their "internal accuracy" standards and hence they do not remedy the situation. They prefer to send emails back and forth about why they couldn't perform a simple task a 5th grader could achieve. Had they owned up to their errors -- and lack of basic Microsoft Word spell check -- I could be somewhat forgiving. However, we've decided that is no longer worth the investment for the quality of work provided. If you have 5 minutes of audio, I'm sure they can handle that with some proficiency. However, if you have anything longer, that requires accuracy, take your business elsewhere. The only upside to is that the turnaround is quick, but I'm sure you can find the exact same offering with other online transcription services.
  March 14, 2015  
Cara H.
They advertise 24 turn around time but it has been over 24 hours and I still have not received my order. When I called them after I paid for my order, April guaranteed me 24 hours. I called today and Lisa told me they were backed up. That is not my problem. Do not advertise something you guys cannot deliver! This was my first order and my last. I am going to make sure to tell all my friends never to use this company.
  August 27, 2014  
Marshall Thompson, Video G.
After a video shoot I sent the several hours of the audio portion to for transcription. I selected" time stamping" the order. They responded with a document that timestamps every two minutes. This is USELESS for video editing as the timestamp spacing is far too infrequent to be at all usable for an editor or producer. After having my client freak out about the time needed to select soundbites with this useless document, I called them and politely responded that they don't DO the timecode transcription I need and there would be no further help - other than a referral to some other company I've never used or heard of - or refund. when I really needed them to stand up as a company, utterly failed me, in my opinion. They did keep the money, ha-ha on me. I warn all video producers that if you want audio transcription with usable time code than REV.COM IS NOT THE PLACE TO GO. UPDATE: In all fairness, immediately returned my payment via Paypal after I posted my negative review. . Imagine my surprise when I learned that Zencaptions (dot) com - the company you referred me to, in order to start over again on my order from scratch - is "powered by!" You are the same company! Here missed a classic opportunity to help a client in need. What I would REALLY have appreciated as a consumer would have been be for to speedily send my original audio data to, apply my payment to that order, and quickly turn around a satisfactory product that features the critical FREQUENT TIMECODES THAT MY CLIENT URGENTLY NEEDS. Instead, they simply refunded my money rather than taking the time to walk down the hall to
  August 23, 2014  
It took me a half hour just to correct the first 8 minutes of transcribed text before I just gave up. I could have paid the same amount of money to have a friend do it for me and it'd go to someone I could actually trust and communicate with better if they had questions on hard to hear words. I used this site based on a lot of stellar reviews, but I guess that's a lesson learned. Definitely doesn't endear me to ever using an online transcription service ever again. Obviously a lot of other people have had better experiences, but I'm not one of them.
  August 7, 2014  
Cristofer O.
My name is Cristofer Ogando i placed a order on Febuary 14 2014 order number TR0220016031 I paid 54 dollars to get two documents translated from Spanish to English, My divorse paper and my sons birth certificate, the documents were done correctly but the Certification of Translation Accuracy for my sons birth cirtificate has the wrong name on it, therefore the uscis would not accept it for the petition to bring my son here, i understand everyone makes mistakes, but it should have been reviewed before emailing it to me and corrected, now the process for my son to come here is being held up and i paid 54 dollars for nothing, i am very unhappy about this
  July 29, 2014  
The speed of their service was great. Their transcription had a few glitches -- but not many. This would be a 5 star review except for their new anti-security policy. All translations are sent via email with embedded links -- which is not secure. Since emails are basically like 'postcards in the mail', this is not satisfactory. REV could so easily change their policy, so that people who are concerned about security can log in to the Rev site and download their files...
  July 15, 2014  
Why are you asking me to review your service when you haven't sent me the transcripts.
  June 20, 2014  
Quite Inaccurate. Sorry, maybe it was the Indian accent...but you guys just couldn't get it right...
  June 13, 2014  
I will never use again. I paid to have 5 sets of voice mail recordings transcribed. I even paid extra for verbatum. Instead I got transcriptions that were completely innacurate. Phrases were transcribed that weren't even what was spoken. Words were mispelled all over the place, and many times the word (inaudible) was typed instead where clearly I went back to the VM recordings and I could hear every word. Many words were in fact left out. I had to go back over each file and spend over an hour fixing all the errors. These transcripts were to be provided to a lawyer for legal reasons so the transcripts had to be accurate. But accuracy is the last thing I think considered. I paid for verbatum transcripts and yet I received the opposite. It's almost as though they are using some software program to do the transcribing for them instead of a human being actually listening to the recordings and simply typing what they heard. Instead it was as though some software program was guessing what was being said. And if in fact a real human being was actually listening to these VM recordings, than I question whether or not the transcribers speak very good english. Lastly, I was sent non downloadable files that when I clicked on them, I got a message that stated could not be found. This happened with all but 1 of the files. So I had to contact personally so they could send me word docs via e mail. Also they state that I would have my transcriptions in 48 hours and yet that wasn't even true. I had to wait for my last file to come in beyond the timeline they promised. Why did I waste money paying someone else to transcribe what I myself had to go back in and fix myself. I should have kept my money and just typed it all up myself. I will NEVER use this company again.
  June 11, 2014  
I asked for a translation for immigration papers, which are really important. I received the translation with mistakes, misspelled words and obvious lack of precision in grammar. It looked like they didn't really care or read twice. Then I asked for my translation to be corrected and sent precise instructions. They told me it would be done in a couple of hours. Almost 24h later I didn't receive anything. I called and they say that they didn't receive any emails, while I can see in my email box that they received it... Absolutely not reliable. Especially for official papers.
  June 5, 2014  
Too many inaudible parts in transcripts. I am quite disappointed.
  May 31, 2014  
Please Mr. Jason Chicola the CEO call me because I have something to tell you or explain to you about my frustration Call me at 703-231-3144 Thanks you
  May 23, 2014  
My document is a very simple one but took the translator three times to complete it. He/She was unqualified with this job and I wouldn't recommend people to have your documents be translated by this company.
  April 20, 2014  
I found several mistakes even in basic words. You would expect that the person that is going to translate your grades is somebody who translate taking care of the context. It seems to be translated by Google not by a person. You don't seem to care or pay attention to the details. Even the grades in several cases were wrong. For example my grade was 4.4 and you wrote 4.3. I'm glad I understand English and can compare the original documents with the documents you translated. What would happen if somebody who doesn't speak english blindly trust in your services and send it without a previous revision?
  April 18, 2014  
I had a frustrating experience. The simple birth certificate had to be reviewed and corrected twice because the translator couldn't simply copy word for word the correct spelling of my mothers name correctly. It took a few exchanges to get it right but I will have to say the customer service was on top of it. It just seems like double checking your work should be a simple and standard procedure.
  April 1, 2014  
Although each communication I referred to a specific language, the document I received was in another language. I will assume some responsibility for this due to the fact I had not read an email sent to me stating the language my document was going to translated to. When I contacted Customer Service, I got the run-a-round. The company would not assume any of the responsibility, even though I had sent the correct spelling of the names to be used on the document in the language it was to be translated to. Also, when I received the document, all names were still in English, and I specifically noted that the names had to be in the foreign language I need the document translated to. Very poor service.
  March 31, 2014  
Here is the reply from the person we delivered the translation to: Thanks for your help! Could you please have a different person than the one who translates it double-check it? We want to make sure it’s letter perfect. I appreciate your help! ____________ We just received feedback from our client related to the Spanish translation that was done for us recently. They are not happy with the outcome. They said it did not make sense and that it looked like someone had just plugged the original document into Google Translator. Is this person who did the translation a native Spanish speaker? If not, can you please re-visit with someone who is and send us an updated document? We have a sizable bilingual client basis and many opportunities ahead of us together but this didn’t set a great foot forward with them for either of us.
  March 21, 2014  
Ted Y.
I provided my translation for reference. I paid $378. Was quoted extra because of word density. I asked support if my translation couldn't be taken into consideration, but was still quoted an extra $243. In the end, the translator just copied and pasted my translation. I don't mind paying $378 because the document has Rev's certification, but charging for word density when the translator didn't do anything extra is ridiculous. This requests a refund for the $243.