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  March 14, 2018   Reviewed by Seliat A.
Unnacceptable experience
Unnacceptable experience. Transcription was wholly inaccurate with incorrect words inserted and some aspects not even transcribed when they were clearly audible. I had to redo these files myself which went against the point of paying for transcription. Granted, some of the transcribed files were much better than others, very pleasing in fact, but if I remember correctly I had to make edits to every single file transcribed by Rev, which isn't reflective of the 99% accuracy they guarantee. Their money back guarantee isn't as they state- they refuse to refund your money, they say they will get things transcribed again, which defeats the purpose when trust is lost. They also state that a review of below three stars results in the Quality Assurance team getting in touch in an attempt to improve the transcription. Unfortunately, that didn't occur when I reviewed one of my files, I had to personally get in contact with the organisation to raise awareness of the situation. Nevertheless, they did reply to this.

  March 6, 2018   Reviewed by Melissa A.
Classic Buyer Beware
They are obviously using a speech-to-text conversion tool for transcription - so, some of the proofreaders pick up the conversion errors, and some don't - they don't read sentences for context, so a lot of things get missed. I had to pretty much go back through all 4 hours of my audio, and re-transcribe it myself. I also had to spend a lot of time arguing with their customer service department, who basically told me I shouldn't have used their service because they can't meet my needs (my audio files were "too complex" because there were multiple speakers). After all was said and done, working with cost me at least 10-15 hours in additional time to redo their poor quality work. I question the legitimacy of the positive ratings on this service. Super shady if you ask me. Never would use them again or recommend them to anyone. In response to rev's suggestion below that I email their support team - been there, done that. All it did was cost me additional time wasted explaining why this is unacceptable. There's no way these files are being done by human transcriptionists. I had to redo the file myself, and the audio was fine. They just weren't willing to take the time needed to produce quality results.

  December 22, 2017   Reviewed by Kathy B.
Typist unable to correctly spell
Typist unable to correctly spell: its/it's, whose/who's, your/you're, lets/let's, their/they're. Since transcriptionists are professional spellers, they should be able to spell correctly. Took 6 hours to correct the transcript. Wasted $108. Offered us a $10 credit, insulting.

  December 17, 2017   Reviewed by Andrew R.
Copy change was terrible.
Copy change was terrible.

  November 27, 2017   Reviewed by Jeremy
I was expecting better and more …
I was expecting better and more complete transcription based on the site stating a 99% accuracy and could handle poor audio quality. I spent over $1,000 and expected more for what I paid.

  November 25, 2017   Reviewed by Andi W.
never received my project.
never received my project.

  November 8, 2017   Reviewed by KI
Slipshod transcript with a multitude of …
Slipshod transcript with a multitude of mistakes. Will not use this service again.

  October 27, 2017   Reviewed by Unhappy T.
Don't use this service
My transcript must have been written by a machine. No human would make so many, dumb mistakes. Worse, whole portions of the transcribed interview were attributed to the wrong speaker. They even got the name of my company wrong at least twice in the transcript. UPDATE: The response below suggests I should use their star rating that came on the transcript. But only one of the three transcripts I received had such a system and it was not the one that was most mangled. Further, it appears to suggest that the person who handled the transcript would be punished -- I think this is more of a system failure.

  October 18, 2017   Reviewed by Heidi H.
I cannot work with the formatting
I cannot work with the formatting. I asked to have it not used, and agreed. Then the formatting I requested not be used, was used. I asked for it to be removed. They said no. I will not be using them again. The formatting is impossible to work with and is very challenging and time consuming to undo (and mostly won't come undone). Editors I work with complain. It's a real problem.

  August 11, 2017   Reviewed by Aldo
Could not get consistent format on …
Could not get consistent format on translations, contacted support and was basically told that was the way it is. They offer custom formatting on the website but can't match format between to similar documents. As I am not happy with my order and was not resolved I am giving them 1 star.

  July 4, 2017   Reviewed by Jennifer Van E.
Was good at first, now terrible
I use this company often and loved their service at first - but over the last few months it has gone seriously downhill. I've had multiple transcriptions that were riddled with errors and omissions, so badly that I had to redo them myself - while I was on deadline. (Which is why I hired them in the first place.) I complained about a few, only heard back about one, which they said didn't meet their standards. So did they provide a refund? Nope - just $8 off a $60 job. So I had to transcribe my own file AND pay $52 for the pleasure of doing it. How is that fair? Looking elsewhere. Update: In their reply below Rev says they offered to redo the transcript, but they made the offer a week after I notified them of the issue - long after I needed the transcript. Three out of the last 10 I sent were full of flaws and gaps, really poor track record. They promise fast and accurate transcription, and at first they delivered, but not anymore. If you want "fast and accurate transcription except when it's not and then they'll take a week to get back to you and offer you $8," this is the company for you!

  May 9, 2017   Reviewed by David J.
worst subtitling company ever...
I have about 4 specific requests for our subtitles: .vtt format, title screens included in the translated subtitling, no atmospherics, and no opener elements subtitled like copyright screens etc. These requests were explained on our first project with REV. However, every submission has failed to follow these 4 simple requests. Sometimes it has taken over 20 tries for Rev's team to submit an accurate file. That’s 20+ reviews I’ve had to do of their work, 20+ times having to email support, point out whats wrong and wait for a response, and 20+ times of having them return the file still with the same errors. Rev is at such a low level of accuracy when it comes to ensuring instructions are followed that we have lost more time and money than if we had gone with ANY other subtitling service despite the speed/cost advantage REV claims to offer. I feel utterly defeated at the inability to help Rev’s team “get it” and will never be submitting a project again to their incompetent team.

  April 24, 2017   Reviewed by marc
Are you guys stupid
Are you guys stupid? I complained TWO times about the problem that is easily corrected at your end and instead of helping me, you send me this?

  April 8, 2017   Reviewed by Kelly J.
I had my secretary go through the …
I had my secretary go through the English parts of the transcription and she said they were horribly inaccurate. It was basically unusable and she had to start from scratch to fix it.

  February 18, 2017   Reviewed by Fred
Sloppy transcription.
I am very forgiving of transcriptions since I can easily correct mistakes because I conduct the interviews. However, this was really bad. My first unsatisfactory experience.

  January 20, 2017   Reviewed by Will
12 hour turnaround is a lie
UPDATE 3: Amazingly, just 20 hours after it was ordered and 8 hours (a whole working day) after it was supposed to arrive, I now have a transcript. Surprisingly, the quality of the finished product isn't bad. But this in no way makes up for the huge delay to getting it done. As a service that no doubt appeals to freelancers, it's astounding that they don't understand why this is such an issue. If you're a freelancer reading this imagine what would happen if you agreed a deadline with a client and then took over twice the time agreed to produce that work. Without even bothering to tell the client that this would happen until well after the original deadline had passed. This is exactly what you get from Rev. Laughably, they have offered me $10 off my next order. Fortunately, as I paid via PayPal, I should hopefully be able to claim a full refund. UPDATE 2: Customer service has been in touch again and told me the reason for the delay was "a recent influx of orders that have affected all deadlines". In other words, the company freely admits that it's unable to meet the 12 hour turnaround time it uses as its big selling point. To me, that's dangerously close to a scam. So I might get my order completed within 24 hours. If I'm lucky. The worst thing is, the company seems to think that this sort of thing is completely acceptable. Obviously it isn't and I advise anyone needing a quick transcription to look elsewhere. UPDATE: It has now been 19 hours since my order. I've just received an email from customer service telling me that it is currently being worked on and will be ready in 3-4 hours. This raises two issues - the first is that it doesn't take 3-4 hours to transcribe a 25 minute piece of audio. The second is that it's quite clear that not only did Rev miss the 12 hour deadline, but work on my transcription hadn't even started until well after the deadline had passed. Disgraceful is the only word I can think of to describe this service. AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS. Well, it's almost been 18 hours since I uploaded a file for transcription. That's six hours over the promised turnaround time, and there's still no sign of the finished work. I did get an email telling me the service was experiencing delays, but then they didn't even manage to send that until the 12 hour deadline had been and gone. This is my first experience with Rev and it will be my last. If you need urgent work from a company that keeps its promises, then I urge you to look elsewhere. If anyone from Rev bothers reading this, I would suggest you refrain from making promises that you obviously cannot keep.

  January 16, 2017   Reviewed by Matt S.
Inaccurate Translations for professional work
They used google translation and my client caught it. Very embarrassing, so I can't trust them again. won't give a refund to me that I asked for. They offered to do changes, but how do I know the changes are correct? they asked what parts are wrong, but how do I know what words are wrong without knowing the language? Not worth losing a client over this!

  December 12, 2016   Reviewed by Lauren
Poor translations
This service cares only about the quantity of translations they can put out, not the quality. I received a translation of a standard, 1-page Spanish-language transcript from a South American university into English, and the results were a joke. Not only were there blatant mistakes in the Spanish-English translations, but the resulting English grammar was incorrect, with capitalization issues to boot. Some examples: Standard academic phrases such as "notas" were translated as "notes" instead of grades, "Dirección" was translated as "direction" instead of "directory." These are simple translations any native speaker or truly trained translator would not make, but it is clear that Rev does not look for any level of quality in its work, so this was not the case. As far as the English phrasing goes, in one case the translator had combined a 3rd-person singular verb with a 3rd-person plural noun (something like "the cars goes"). I spent about 2 hours sending in corrections to them, and after 2 rounds of corrections I brought this to the attention of's support team. They only apologized, but basically said they were not liable and that were unwilling to compensate me for my poor experience through a partial or full refund. I would recommend this service to no one, and I will never use this service again. Horrible quality and even worse customer service. is just bad business.

  December 12, 2016   Reviewed by Heinz
Fast Turnover, Lacklustre Results
I sent in a long webinar to be captioned. Turnaround time was very fast, but the quality was very bad. I've had to edit about every second line to make it correct. Waste of time and money. Don't use.

  November 16, 2016   Reviewed by Jamie
Horrible Experience
They guaranteed my 11 minute file would be completed within 12 hours, I submitted it and then they emailed me around 10 hours after I ordered to tell me they were going to increase the rate from $1 to $3! Typical bait and switch tactic! Avoid if you can!