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  November 21, 2020  
David B.
Quick, dependable and great value. I'll be using Rev more and more as I get my content online.
  November 21, 2020  
Hank T.
Excellent as always!
  November 20, 2020  
Francesca A.
Impressed with how fast it came in my inbox - submitted it in the evening and it was ready next morning when I turned on my computer. Transcript was accurate and I am very pleased with how clear the document was formatted. Easy to read. Will use again. Highly recommend.
  November 20, 2020  
Fast turnaround time, accurate transcription, clear pricing, would recommend 100%
  November 19, 2020  
Scott P.
Great accuracy and fantastic turnaround time! I'll be using your services again and again!
  November 18, 2020  
Fast, convenient, fairly priced, and with a lot of options I don't use but imagine would be useful to other people. No complaints!
  November 18, 2020  
Arden Park R.
Very accurate transcription in a record amount of time and very affordable. Will definitely use the service again!
  November 16, 2020  
Anna G.
Great service - top quality transcript and quick turnaround.
  November 16, 2020  
great product
  November 14, 2020  
Frank S.
Great transcription
  November 14, 2020  
Krista T.
Love the service!
  November 13, 2020  
The transcribing is done flawlessly. The only suggestion I have is having more time stamps. It is often useful to have frequent time stamps so you can go to a particular part easier. Having almost 5 minutes or more between time stamps is not helpful.
  November 13, 2020  
Super fast and excellent work, highly recommend it!!!
  November 13, 2020  
Susan V.
The transcript came back quickly and was just fine. Thanks
  November 12, 2020  
Carole T.
Rev is the best transcription service ever. SO FAST! I record more interviews now because I know I can get the transcript back fast and it makes my life easier. Reasonably priced, too!
  November 12, 2020  
Craig W.
fast and accurate!
  November 10, 2020  
Kristin S.
I was thankful for the efficiency and speed in transcription. I had a professional timestamped transcript in about an hour that I was able to access and use immediately.
  November 10, 2020  
Karen A. is a great resource for us. Transcriptions are both fast and well done which is so helpful in our marketing efforts for clients.
  November 10, 2020  
The translation was quick and mostly accurate. They got it back to me very quickly and I was appreciative of that. I am having to go back through and fix some errors though which is why this is not 5 stars
  November 10, 2020  
Caleb did exactly what I wanted. Great captions, easy to use interface and a very modest price point.