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  July 2, 2019  
Molly E.
Incredibly useful! Great speed, accurate transcription. We use this a lot for content production; interview a subject in a recorded interview, transcribe, write an article from the transcript.
  July 2, 2019  
Claire T.
Love They always get the transcript back on a fraction of the time you expect. I couldn’t run my business as efficiently without it!
  June 28, 2019  
Great service for the price! I was really surprised at how well this works. You can't beat the price. The file integrated seamlessly with Premiere, and it looks great. Thanks!
  June 28, 2019  
Phil Mariasy-Allied Media G.
As a documentary video producer, the time I've saved with a marginal expense is phenomenal. The only HOWEVER, and I've asked multiple times for this, is that there REALLY needs to be a method of storing files in user-definable folders. Since becoming an avid Rev user just over one year ago, I now have over 100 transcript files, many of which I refer back to over and over. It would be such a bonus to have an easier method that project references to find things in. Otherwise, this service is a God-send!!!
  June 28, 2019  
Fast, accurate and cheap!
  June 26, 2019  
Tommy K.
We use Rev primarily for captions. The turnaround is very fast and the cost is extremely reasonable. The editor is great to fix any hiccups in the speech.
  June 24, 2019  
Richard S.
This is a very reliable service. It is, in my experience, timely and accurate, regardless of the accent of the speakers.
  June 23, 2019  
Jessica B.
Love it! The only way it could be better is if they offered open captions as well as closed captions. I love the speed and efficiency, and it's super easy to make small tweaks if necessary. I also like how simple it is to download various formats even after I've made my order. The menu and system is easy to navigate--much better than the competition. Highly recommend using Rev!
  June 21, 2019  
Fast and overall good but I did have to make quite a few edits.
  June 20, 2019  
Rodney B from V.
Quick, efficient and accurate
  June 20, 2019  
Karen L.
Good transcriptions.
  June 20, 2019  
Phil B.
Highly efficient and professional service. Well done!
  June 19, 2019  
Doreen L.
Thank you for the fast service and very accurate transcript
  June 19, 2019  
Rev had my videos captioned quickly and accurately, will definitely use them in the future.
  June 19, 2019  
Sherri B.
Quick turnaround with accuracy. Rev is my go to source for transcriptions.
  June 18, 2019  
Raymond M.
Service was delivered as promised both in number of hours and quality of transcription!
  June 17, 2019  
Carol M.
I was pleased with the time-frame, the ease of ordering my transcription and the detail and accuracy of the transcription.
  June 16, 2019  
Loan T.
We ordered a timestamped transcript of audio we did on a shoot. Quick turn around time. Their website was super easy to navigate and use. Elegantly simple submission process and reliable! Highly recommend.
  June 15, 2019  
Beth C.
We've used for years. They always deliver excellent transcripts, so quickly we're often amazed.
  June 15, 2019  
Holly B.
Quick and accurate! Your service is MUCH appreciated!