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  April 10, 2020  
Darrell M.
Very fast and accurate! Thanks!
  April 10, 2020  
Jocelyn A.
My company uses Rev for captioning. Rev as a service is great. Quick turnaround times and I would rate accuracy around 90 - 95%. Please remember that for differently-abled people, this service is a game-changer in allowing videos to be captioned quickly for people who have difficulty hearing or people who are deaf. Strongly consider this service to make sure your videos are captioned! My VP was sold because it was affordable, fast and efficient, and so far no complaint. The only con I can think of is on the inside, as I understand the workers get a very small cut of the already low cost. It would be nice if the writers got a bigger cut because many of them do a wonderful job, and we greatly appreciate them! Also consider, a tip feature for these hard-working folks behind the scenes.
  April 10, 2020  
Easy, fast and accurate.
  April 7, 2020  
Jan H.
Excellent and fast service!
  April 7, 2020  
kathryn s.
very good and quick service
  April 6, 2020  
Evan B.
The transcriptions were better than the source audio.
  April 6, 2020  
Jared B.
Thanks so much, great job!
  April 6, 2020  
Nikki B.
The transcripts are almost always 100% accurate, and they come within a day of me sending. I love the efficiency!
  April 5, 2020  
Very easy to follow instructions. Very quick turn around Thanks. Elena
  April 4, 2020  
It's decent and fair as a first pass, but there is also a lot of cleaning to do afterward.
  April 4, 2020  
Jonathan J.
transcript was accurate and well organized
  April 3, 2020  
Chris V.
My videos were only two minutes total, but they were done without a single mistake, delivered quickly, and tightly timed. No complaints on my end. This service is very efficient and hassle free. Can confirm it worked without issue on Facebook and Youtube, my two delivery platforms. Also it's pretty helpful that we can upload via Dropbox, because I'd hate to go outside my company's existing workflow.
  April 3, 2020  
Angela P.
Edits came back quick and were very accurate except a few names and scientific terms.
  April 3, 2020  
There were many instances in which I had to personally go in and check for all of the inaudible sections. 90% of the time, the audio was clear and could easily be transcribed. My team and I had to work on these transcripts extensively to ensure that they were up to the standard of our website.
  April 3, 2020  
Derek D.
Great service, I use Rev exclusively now to transcribing interviews.
  April 2, 2020  
An outstanding service and a reasonable pricepoint.
  April 2, 2020  
Ms. D.
My experience was great, with a quick turn around time for my transcripts.
  April 2, 2020  
Amazing service and product, will definitely use again!
  March 31, 2020  
Val G.
Fast response times and accurate transcriptions.
  March 31, 2020  
David K.
Rev is a great service. There were a few errors in the captions, but I blame that mostly on video quality, it was hard to hear what was being said. I will definitely be using their service again.