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  December 23, 2020  
Cool C.
Quick turnaround Very accurate transcribing
  December 23, 2020  
Con K.
Amazing service! I accidentally sent the wrong files to be processed and I was give a full credit to use the next time. The work was also spot on! Can’t recommend highly enough.
  December 21, 2020  
S J.
As I have come to be used to, Rev has done an excellent job!
  December 21, 2020  
Paul L.
A great service for interviews, meetings, and more. Very accurate, reasonably priced, and quick turnaround. I use it a few times a week. It is an invaluable tool.
  December 18, 2020  
Matthew S.
Fast and accurate turnaround. Well done!
  December 16, 2020  
We tried out Rev with a short 90 second video, and we received the completed file back with subtitles in EIGHT minutes! Absolutely amazing and crazy cheap. All the subtitles were correct and no editing was needed. Will definitely use again for future videos.
  December 15, 2020  
Rob W.
worked exactly as expected
  December 14, 2020  
Tanya R.
Rev rocks! I always get quick, accurate transcripts. A++
  December 14, 2020  
quick turnaround as always. I can always count on!
  December 14, 2020  
Joan S.
We always get our transcripts back quickly and they are always very accurate. I would highly recommend this service.
  December 11, 2020  
Barb V.
The service is consistently prompt and accurate! Thank you!
  December 10, 2020  
Many of the vids were captioned correctly. Thank you. Yet, several words were misspelled--admiral became "Adam man"; ensign became "enson"; Annapolis became "Shatannapolis". And finally, the word "Hooah". Three of our soldiers used it. It was spelled in multiple ways, and rarely the same way twice. It ranged from "who-ah" to "Oh-hunnah" to "Oh-hah". One incorrect spelling would have been fine since it isn't common civilian verrnacular, but having it spelled so many way as if being comedic was strange and unprofessional. Thanks for your service. It was decent but not good. We'll likely contract the next project with another company.
  December 9, 2020  
ITP New Z.
Very fast and accurate. Awesome stuff.
  December 7, 2020  
John A.
This was my first time using I am impressed and I will use them again soon.
  December 4, 2020  
Awesome service. Quick turnaround. Accurate transcription. Price was reasonable for the quality of the result received.
  December 1, 2020  
CAFS at V.
The transcription was accurate and the interface was easy to use as well. Thanks!
  November 30, 2020  
Carol W.
I was new to but wanted to try it out because it had been recommended by friends. I'm impressed with the speed and quality of the product I received. I'll use this service again.
  November 27, 2020  
Good service. Very quick
  November 26, 2020  
I was pleasantly surprised at how fast the service was-- a 30 minute interview was ready in under 6 hours! What is more the copy was errors at all!
  November 24, 2020  
Bec E.
The most consistent and speedy transcription service