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  May 18, 2018   Reviewed by Scott C.
Great Service
Easy, fast and great service.

  May 17, 2018   Reviewed by Brent S.
Quick, fast, accurate transcription.

  May 17, 2018   Reviewed by Marta Van P.
It was excellent
It was excellent. I was only slightly disappointed by a couple of them, where every sentence was a new paragraph which took me some time to clean up. Most of them had a paragraph with several sentences in it, which was more workable on my end. I also think for one of the interviews out of the 20 I sent to, the transcriber didn't check the key words I had supplied. Otherwise, incredible accuracy. thanks again. I will definitely be using again.

  May 17, 2018   Reviewed by Will-be-returning Satisfied C.
Incredibly fast turnaround
Incredibly fast turnaround, and pretty accurate. I would have given 5 stars except there were 3 spots in a total of 28 minutes that weren't entirely accurate. Not bad ratio though considering. For this particular project, speed was more important than word-for-word accuracy.

  May 17, 2018   Reviewed by Joe S. is an AWESOME company is an AWESOME company! They have outstanding customer service, fair pricing, and a great program to easily put video closed caption on your videos as well as much more! I would highly recommend them to anyone!!! Anyone complaining about them is most likely unreasonable or unfair! Keep up the great work!

  May 16, 2018   Reviewed by Antwon R.
Fast and efficient
Fast and efficient, totally satisfied with the finished product

  May 16, 2018   Reviewed by Chuck W.
4 1/2 stars would be more accurate
4 1/2 stars would be more accurate! I'm a big fan of I do a lot of interviews, and the accuracy of the transcriptions is tremendous. The turnaround time has -- for the most part -- been amazingly quick. I definitely recommend working with

  May 14, 2018   Reviewed by Deborah Janz (.
Great Concept
Great Concept We love the service and the concept is great. The challenge is that the iPhone app is glitchy and will start pushing errors in the middle of an interview. This has caused a great loss of data and interruption while we reset the app. We also end up with 2 and sometimes up to 5 small recordings instead of one causing administrative headaches. Having said that, I recommend this service to friends and colleagues and I'm hopeful it will continue to improve!

  May 14, 2018   Reviewed by Jon K.
Great Company
Great service, quality work product and price

  May 13, 2018   Reviewed by Webly A.
Save yourself the time and have Rev do it for you
I record a lot of videos to post on Facebook. Having the option to get my captions done at such an affordable price saves me time and frustrations. I tried to do this on my own, it takes forever. Using Rev was one of the best decisions in my business.

  May 13, 2018   Reviewed by Krystine G.
Use them for caption services and they…
Use them for caption services and they are not only FAST, but incredibly accurate. Very impressed.

  May 12, 2018   Reviewed by William H.
Super fast turnaround
Super fast turnaround. Zero errors. Great Value

  May 11, 2018   Reviewed by Brianne M.
I made an order with several files
I made an order with several files. Got 2 and no follow up a week later as to why everything else was annoyed. I need to be contacted and refunded.

  May 11, 2018   Reviewed by Albert V.
great response time
great response time, accurate, and easy to use!

  May 11, 2018   Reviewed by Mitch
Good accuracy and turnaround - need more speaker distinction options
Good accuracy, quick turnaround, and I like the speaker naming feature for internal uses. My one request is to have an option to remove speaker names WITHOUT removing the distinction between the two speakers. My Rev rep suggested finding and replacing the two names, but this solution does not account for the occurrence of common names in the context of the conversation. (For instance, if I was to replace "John" with "interviewee" and then a different John comes up in the conversation, the replacement will not be accurate.) It would be awesome if I could remove speaker names, and bold the text of one speaker's comments while leaving the other unbolded, to be able to tell the difference between speakers while jumping around in the transcript. You guys have a great thing going, and if our current vendor continues backsliding, we'll be moving all our transcript needs to Rev.

  May 11, 2018   Reviewed by Tyas P.
Good result
Good result, I am happy with that

  May 11, 2018   Reviewed by Rachel j.
Fabulous service!
Fabulous service!

  May 10, 2018   Reviewed by Scot R.
Perfectly seamless.
Perfectly seamless.

  May 10, 2018   Reviewed by Trevor B.
It was accurate and very well done
It was accurate and very well done

  May 9, 2018   Reviewed by Tim S.
The turnaround time was unbelievable
The turnaround time was unbelievable! Yes - I would use again and recommend to others.