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  April 22, 2020  
Matt F.
great and accurate job
  April 21, 2020  
Ed K.
get service with great service
  April 21, 2020  
John B.
Great quick turnaround at affordable prices!
  April 21, 2020  
Simon K.
  April 20, 2020  
Mckay B.
I got my transcription back in a few hours and it was very accurate.
  April 20, 2020  
DogArt F.
Fast and competent. Will be using again.
  April 20, 2020  
Loren C.
Rev is good but it takes too long to get the final version where other services are much faster like Zubtitles. I didn't end up using the Rev video since I used another service and had it posted and done before I even received the video from Rev. Maybe in the future I will use Rev?
  April 20, 2020  
Sharon G.
Fabulous and quick! Thank you
  April 19, 2020  
Kuumba N.
Absolutely brilliant! saved me a lot of time and energy and for me, content creation will never be the same again. Transcripts for audio and video were accurate and timely. Definitely worth the investment.
  April 18, 2020  
Lissa B.
Using Rev full service for transcription was excellent, the part of Rev have a rough draft is just that, more changes then I would like to make, but I do not see paying $125. per minute for information that I am not going to use in professional document, unless I am using this as a finished product for guided processes, client sessions, blogs etc. I typically record much of what I do also for meetings, doctors visits, project brain storming etc. This is the work I would like to have a little better transcription but do not need a polished copy. However the .25cents is a very good price.
  April 17, 2020  
Bill C.
QUICK and accurate turn-around. Seems that's what we can always expect from
  April 15, 2020  
Tori C.
Great service, very quick turn around.
  April 14, 2020  
Elizabeth M.
Great transcription. Was able to label each speaker correctly with no issue. It also made me realize how often I actually say .great service! Great turnaround!
  April 14, 2020  
Davin P.
Quick and almost perfect, then I realised I could make changes myself, even better !
  April 13, 2020  
Amazing speed and accuracy.
  April 13, 2020  
quick turnaround. unbelievable price. Such a time saver.
  April 13, 2020  
Muhammad F.
Good to excellent
  April 11, 2020  
Andy H.
Very accurate translation and delivered at speed.
  April 11, 2020  
Doug S.
First time using, was impressed!
  April 10, 2020  
Kathleen K.
Turnaround time was so fast and I appreciate that a lot of the scientific terms and references were spot on.