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  October 29, 2018  
Dan A.
Brilliant company and service... I have used these guys for years....they do what they say they will do...! Highly recommend
  October 29, 2018  
Steven B.
Amazing service, great turn around time and very good accuracy!
  October 29, 2018  
John N.
I was especially impressed with the work the transcriptionist did to make sure names and titles and the somewhat obscure history and information was all accurate -- I presume you had to do a fair amount of background work to get all of this right, and I appreciate it.
  October 28, 2018  
Lamar P.
Great service
  October 27, 2018  
Aamir H.
Amazingly fast and accurate transcriptions. Took a load off my shoulders. Now I can complete my dissertation in peace.
  October 25, 2018  
M. B.
As a professional journalist, I use Rev frequently. It’s reliably fast, but the quality is uneven, and the customer service can be terrible. If there’s a problem with your transcript, there’s no way to get it fixed that doesn’t involve waiting months and sending multiple emails.
  October 25, 2018  
Linda W.
Very quick turn around on a large project completed with attention to detail and accuracy.
  October 25, 2018  
Great quality transcription, and a really fast service.
  October 25, 2018  
Bras D.
AWESOME SERVICE- I am a new customer, and totally love it. The website is clear and functional. It's easy to upload from an app, or simply give them a shareable link. Every step was easier than I expected. Ease of use matters the world, and you've made it easy! The only thing now for me to concentrate on is what I want to say! I expect to be using the service many years to come.
  October 25, 2018  
Dick D.
I use to transcribe focus group sessions and other business meetings. While they are not 100% accurate, they are very close to that. Some of the recordings I've sent were pretty bad, and they still did a credible job. I asked the owner once if he had software to eliminate background noise on the recordings, He said, "No, I just hire very good transcriptionists." I agree with his assessment, his staff is very good.. These guys have saved me hours of time over the years at a very reasonable price. You should at least give them a try if you are looking for transcription services.
  October 24, 2018  
Lorraine C.
Excellent service. I am using for my dissertation study and their service is amazing, fast, and clear. They returned my confidentiality agreement swiftly so I could begin my study with confidence.
  October 24, 2018  
Jonathan G.
Great service, easy to use.
  October 24, 2018  
Lisa H.
Incredibly fast and accurate— love, love, love!
  October 24, 2018  
Russ P.
Fast, accurate and reasonably priced.
  October 23, 2018  
Used rev for the first time in a moment of absolute desperation and I'm so impressed. Not only was the transcription done in a timely manner, it was shockingly accurate. I'll be back for more!
  October 23, 2018  
Brooke B.
Love this transcription service! It makes it so easy to create more content from videos or other audio recordings.
  October 22, 2018  
The captions and all that they do is really good. However if you need to make edits to them, or change any errors. The files do not work when you download them - and you have to contact support EVERY-TIME you have made an edit to get a file that works. I have had this problem consistently and have over 10 videos in captions now by then in 5 different languages. They need to fix this in order to be a viable company.
  October 22, 2018  
Maureen C.
Excellent transcript of my video.
  October 21, 2018  
Parag S.
Excellent. Highly Recommend this Service.
  October 19, 2018  
Lily H.
I work full-time and am in a part-time Phd program. Rev saved my life. Highly recommend if you’re so tired and busy that you sometimes forget to put your pants on before your shoes.