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  November 16, 2017   Reviewed by Joe R.
1st Time User - Very Impressed!!!
There were a number of spots listed as inaudible. Other than that the content was both professional and clear. I am very Happy - Joe R

  November 15, 2017   Reviewed by Rebecca B.
Had a great experience
Had a great experience, just a few issues that were misunderstood, so I had to go back through and make sure to correct for these.

  November 15, 2017   Reviewed by Geoff from S.
They did a great job in a very short …
They did a great job in a very short space of time (about 4 hours!) and the video captions were excellent with only a couple of minor alterations required. I love the fact that I can go into the text and edit it as required. The only reason it wasn't a 5* was because it's not quite as easy as it appears to use the resulting video with captions. They are 2 separate files which need to be combined in a specific way depending on the media you're using them for. To the average skilled 'layman' on a computer, the uploading/using of the video was rather complicated in spite of their help and assistance. Rev did make every effort to help nevertheless.

  November 15, 2017   Reviewed by Mohammad Abbasi, M.
Recommended by my son-in-law who used it at Stanford, now he is a Harvard Fellow and we both use REV.
Great service, accurate transcribing even though 9 different individuals from different countries with different dialects spoke on different topics and used non-english references. I recommend this service highly, and I am glad my son-in-law found out about the service while at Stanford university and recommended it to me in my academic and professional work.

  November 15, 2017   Reviewed by Trevor S.
Document was well presented
Document was well presented, grammar good. Very pleasing

  November 13, 2017   Reviewed by Brandon O.
Overall, very well done.
Overall, very well done. The copy was clean and the turnaround was extremely fast. No complaints about the service. There were a handful of typos I consider egregious--such as "in sink" instead of "in synch." These are easy enough for us to catch in a proofread, but they are evidence of maybe work done too quickly?

  November 13, 2017   Reviewed by Robert Neal M.
Quick and efficient
Quick and efficient at an affordable price. Thank you!

  November 12, 2017   Reviewed by Michael L.
Affordable fast service
Affordable fast service. Thank you.

  November 11, 2017   Reviewed by Leonard N.
So quick, so reliable!
I love how they Google names of people and places mentioned in my recordings for me, so I don't have to.

  November 11, 2017   Reviewed by Aubrey W.
First time using Rev
First time using Rev. recommendation from a fellow doctoral student. Very happy with quality and turn around. About 95% accurate. Overall, great quality and speedy return. Will use again.

  November 11, 2017   Reviewed by Jose R.
I was amazed at the speed my three documents were returned to me. Within about four hours I had them and I was ready to use them for my next step. The work was very professional and I would definetly use this company again.

  November 10, 2017   Reviewed by Victor S.
Right on!
Right on! Good work.

  November 10, 2017   Reviewed by Andrew C.
Great service
Great service. What I really love about Rev is that the user flow experience is so easy and seamless. Uploading files and placing an order is super duper easy. The accuracy is quite good, and the turnaround times are great. Also the rates are very reasonable. Really nothing to complain about. Would highly recommend!

  November 10, 2017   Reviewed by Emma C.
Qual researcher's best friend...
Has transformed my life! No more sitting over the desk listening and relistening to recordings and taking forever to get transcripts done - simply upload the file and within 24 hours all sorted! :-)

  November 10, 2017   Reviewed by Tairi
It was quick and easy
It was quick and easy. Thanks

  November 9, 2017   Reviewed by Jennifer F.
Great service! Fast and accurate.
Great service! Fast and accurate.

  November 9, 2017   Reviewed by Ronald F.
Hassle free
Fast, accurate, with no headaches, no hassles.

  November 9, 2017   Reviewed by Melanie P.
Great service
Great service - efficient and got make to me asap

  November 8, 2017   Reviewed by Simone O.
Fast turn around
Fast turn around, very accurate. Saves me so much time. Don't know how I ever coped without them.

  November 8, 2017   Reviewed by Steve P.
Quick, quality transcripts on great tech
Quick, affordable and quality transcripts run or great technology.