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  September 15, 2021  
Susan L.
Use for all projects. Can't imagine working without them.
  September 15, 2021  
Joanne L.
Fast, efficient, and well done.
  September 14, 2021  
Michael B.
Good service.
  September 10, 2021  
Mark W.
Easy to use. Quick turnaround. Mostly accurate transcript. Just a few revisions.
  September 9, 2021  
Very easy to use the service. Accurate captions and quick turnaround time.
  September 8, 2021  
Gary H.
Your human transcriptionists do a fine job, not perfect, but fine considering some of the folks we interview talk really fast. The big things to be careful with are discerning "can" from "can't" and "is" from "isn't" since getting transcribing those words incorrectly results in a completely opposite meaning. When I can't tell which word the transcribee said, I go to the context of the sentence to help me figure out which word the transcribee intended to use.
  September 8, 2021  
Rockiy A.
Great customer service!
  September 8, 2021  
nhu cc. nhu dau buoi. nhu lon
  September 7, 2021  
Frank S.
Thanks for keeping things simple and fast!
  September 7, 2021  
I have used for several videos and the transcripts are always 100% accurate and fast. Plus, I recently used the integration with Vimeo to have closed captions added to a video and it was so easy, I will definitely use it again.
  September 3, 2021  
Olga R.
I have nothing bad to say about REV. They do a fast turn around and will alert you if any delay and an excellent job with transcribing.
  September 3, 2021  
Really accurate and speedily delivered subtitles. Thank you for your streamline service!
  September 2, 2021  
For small and quick projects this is a useful service. For larger projects (more than 20 minutes) it simply is not competitive or cost effective.
  September 1, 2021  
Jenny C.
Quick, 99% accurate, easy drop file, can't ask for more
  August 30, 2021  
Rev is super limited in what their captions can do.
  August 30, 2021  
Camille A.
Transcription accurate and done with care. Thank you
  August 28, 2021  
Nickisha E.
Call quality and transcription were great!
  August 27, 2021  
Michael H.
Fantastic result. I thought I would have to make a few corrections, but not one….. get that…..not one. Thank you Rev team.
  August 26, 2021  
Dan H.
Really fast! Only a couple minor errors, but definitely the 99% accuracy I paid for.
  August 26, 2021  
Pamela G.
I sent a recording that had lots of background noise and I anticipated a transcript with gaps and nonsense insertions from the noise. Not so! It was Impeccable! I am so impressed.