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  May 3, 2020  
Michele C.
Didn’t pick up correct words
  May 2, 2020  
Cameron D.
Only 2-3 errors out of 90 minutes, very impressive.
  May 2, 2020  
Kenneth M.
I enjoyed the experience and it was not too difficult for a non techy person like me.
  May 1, 2020  
Janell R.
Excellent service!!!!!!
  May 1, 2020  
Francis G.
Fast and accurate!
  April 30, 2020  
I have used your service for years and will continue to use it. Everything comes back quickly — amazingly quickly — and is always top notch. Thanks!!!
  April 30, 2020  
Richard G.
Transcript returned very promptly and efficiently. Thank you
  April 29, 2020  
Great service and fast turn around.
  April 29, 2020  
Kim A.
Always fast and reasonably priced.
  April 29, 2020  
Excellent transcription!
  April 28, 2020  
P.J. B.
Very good, difficult IT English and flawless!
  April 26, 2020  
Fast, accurate service and great value.
  April 26, 2020  
Rafael S.
There was a couple of paragraphs missing from the transcription at least 5 minutes worth of the interview.
  April 25, 2020  
Scott A.
the transcription for my nearly one hour was done nearly perfectly, and in only eight hours!
  April 25, 2020  
Brian M. is a no brainer!
  April 24, 2020  
I was pleasantly surprised when I received the files before the 24 hour said turnaround. Fantastic service! I think it's great that offers clients an opportunity to add a script to help the transcriber. I also like that there were question marks (?) where the transcriber was not able to make out the word(s). Using the "?" made it easy to identify these spaces with the find function (ctrl+f). THANK YOU
  April 23, 2020  
Easy payment; easy to upload source file; and fast, fast turnaround.
  April 22, 2020  
Oriana P.
Good Job, very timely and super simple to use. I really like the online space to keep my data safe
  April 22, 2020  
Michael S.
Quick turnaround and accurate captions. Great job!
  April 22, 2020  
Game changer! Excellent quality and fast service.