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  January 26, 2021  
Fast and accurate, easy interface and impeccable service at a reasonable cost to promote understanding and keep annoying Federal box-tickers at bay. Unless it's also supposed to come with something to eat, I am left wanting nothing to complain about. I couldn't be more pleased.
  January 25, 2021  
Speedy service, accurate transcripts, smooth easy ordering process.
  January 24, 2021  
The transcript was flawless! It was clear you looked up techincal terms and companies to ensure the spelling was right. Great job!
  January 23, 2021  
Anthony G.
I tried others transcribing companies and they're just not as clear as a Rev
  January 22, 2021  
Paul N.
Almost perfect.
  January 21, 2021  
Thomas K.
I was astounded at how quickly you got the job done, and it required very little editing on my part. I'll be back with more! Thank you!
  January 21, 2021  
Mikko I.
Great work! Got what I asked for. Good stuff.
  January 21, 2021  
Annie M.
  January 19, 2021  
6 videos captioned wicked fast. Great job on both turnaround and accuracy -- only needed to make a few minor edits which were mainly about names. Thanks!
  January 19, 2021  
Student j.
Great service! Got everything faster than expected. Grateful.
  January 15, 2021  
Ryan A.
An outstanding service that literally transcribed all my audio at record speed. I am truly grateful and will continue to use REV for all my media and book projects.
  January 15, 2021  
Artie G.
  January 15, 2021  
Pamela C.
Great service, very speedy and accurate. My latest project was for a political campaign and I needed a quick turn around while keeping high accuracy captions, both in English and other languages. Rev exceed my expectations. 10/10!
  January 13, 2021  
Mary M.
As always, the work is thorough and professional - a pleasure to work with!
  January 13, 2021  
Great Service, Fun and fast delivery. I've only used a portion of my package but it was right on time, fun and easy. I'm looking forward to using it more often.
  January 12, 2021  
We use the captioning service at least 4 times a week. Fast. Easy. Accurate for the most part and it doesn't break the bank. If you are using it professionally it is tax deductible anyhow. I would recommend Rev to anyone looking for captions.
  January 12, 2021  
Did a great job transcribing and was quicker than I imagined (less than an hour)
  January 12, 2021  
Hannah U.
Only one inaudible section! Well done!
  January 11, 2021  
The font and style of the captions is not visually pleasing and it doesn't seem like there is a way to edit these.
  January 11, 2021  
Sam H.
Accurately transcribes. It would be a struggle without them.