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  August 21, 2020  
fantastic service- fast and accurate. im in usiness over 30 years, and rev is the best transcription service ive found yet
  August 18, 2020  
Rev has been a literal thesis-saver for me! I've been working on an MFA thesis/book project and when it came to crunch time and I had several interviews still to transcribe, Rev turned them around in a blink and they were mostly accurate. It helped me make my deadline!
  August 18, 2020  
Foxtale P.
I use REV on a weekly basis. They remove a large part of my workflow and at a great price. There is the occasional misspelling that means my team needs to watch through each file we receive but it is not a consistent issue.
  August 17, 2020  
Kay M.
very quick and accurate. would recommend!
  August 14, 2020  
Fast turn around and great service.
  August 14, 2020  
Justin S.
❤️ y'all! always accurate and on time.
  August 14, 2020  
Roland C.
Almost perfect translation with my corrections on 5 words due to local slang
  August 13, 2020  
Great service and fast turnaround. Easy to use product for my YouTube channel
  August 13, 2020  
hans a.
I am always blown away by the speed and accuracy of transcriptions. This one is no exception: excellent work. To the developers: I wish there were a field where I could pass a short message to the person doing the transcription. In this case I would have asked them to transcribe not just the spoken words but also the text that is printed on the screen. Normally there would be no point in doing that, so I don’t fault the transcriber for not doing it. But in this case my purpose for buying English subtitle service was to send the Subtitle file to a translator to get foreign language subs (In vietnamese), so it would have been nice if there were a way for me to pass that information on to the person doing the English transcription. I suppose that would be done automatically if I hired the foreign language subtitles service but since doesn’t offer vietnamese, I needed to hire that Translation from another service.
  August 12, 2020  
Filmmaker from L.
Rev did a great job with my captions and the delivery was fast. One suggestion is that their support team should be educated more on how the different networks and streaming services use their captions. I wasted so much time, back and forth with their support crew, trying to figure out why the captions were so small on my editing system (Premiere Pro) only to learn that when you give these captions to Amazon Prime video, they adjust to the right size.
  August 11, 2020  
Very quick turnaround and accurate 98% accurate. Great stuff
  August 11, 2020  
Clarke A.
I sent two state police videos and had transcripts back in hours (not weeks) at a very fair price.
  August 11, 2020  
Quick turnaround. Accurate. First time using the service. There was a quick turnaround, it was accurate and provided the information we needed. Thank you
  August 11, 2020  
The transcript was great and fast. The avalanche of email spam from that has followed since is super super annoying. I've tried to unsubscribe but still get bombarded. Stop!!!
  August 9, 2020  
Roy T.
I found Rev to be easy to use and it produced an accurate transcript of the interviews I uploaded for transcription.
  August 8, 2020  
Erin D.
Very happy with the great transcription. Thank you!!
  August 7, 2020  
Louis S.
  August 5, 2020  
Geoff B.
The transcriptions fast and accurate enough that it's not an issue. I read the transcripts against the interviews and add my own TC numbers so I can do a paper edit with numbers that I can give to an editor to assemble.
  August 5, 2020  
Easy, affordable and fast!
  August 5, 2020  
Lynne L.
Fast, accurate transcriptions. Sometimes feels like I've barely submitted the transmission before I receive a "transcription done" in my mailbox. Love these people, love their fair price. Best transcription service I've found.