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  November 10, 2020  
Caleb did exactly what I wanted. Great captions, easy to use interface and a very modest price point.
  November 9, 2020  
Always awesome! Thanks!
  November 9, 2020  
Bisera L.
Great platform with excellent pricing. Even the automatic transcriptions of voices with an accent are pretty accurate. Highly recommended.
  November 8, 2020  
Lisa M.
Very fast and efficient.
  November 7, 2020  
Hannibal A.
Very good job.
  November 6, 2020  
Tina L.
Great service and fast!
  November 5, 2020  
Easy, fast, responsive!
  November 2, 2020  
Professionals and fast!
  October 29, 2020  
Paula K.
Excellent work!
  October 29, 2020  
Michelle Z.
Transcripts were accurate and delivered promptly. Great service!
  October 29, 2020  
It has been really easy to use Rev and accurate! Also love the option to be able to edit the text.
  October 29, 2020  
Simple to use and great turnaround times...thank you!
  October 28, 2020  
Very poor captioning. I wish I could have a refund. I had to retype most of it myself. 1 star.
  October 28, 2020  
Just 4-5 grammatical errors in a 3 min video. No spelling errors. Browser based editor works great.
  October 26, 2020  
H Bradley S.
Fast, reliable service. Used them several times and will continue to use them. Have different options on pricing and quality of transcription needed. Perfect for my use. Have recommended them to others and will continue to do so.
  October 26, 2020  
Great service and good quality
  October 23, 2020  
Consuelo S.
Was very impressed with the quality and quick turn around time for the materials I requested.
  October 22, 2020  
Carla J.
They stole my money. The turnaround to receive a document was way longer than needed to be for a 4 minute doc.
  October 19, 2020  
Paul F.
The quality of the work was very good. Although I made a few changes to the finished captions beofre using them, that was only because I later decided that I did not need every single word transcribing. As it was the content was perfectly usable and much of it was delivered within the first hour or so after I paid for it. I will continue to use for this type of work and am happy to recommend it to others for captions or transcripts.
  October 19, 2020  
Fast and reliable. Will use this service again.