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  April 2, 2019  
Busra S.
I have given 3 audio recordings to Rev so far and all three have come back with inaccurate transcriptions. The purpose of sending my audio recordings to Rev was to save myself time. Not to listen to entire recording and fix up the errors on the transcripts.
  April 2, 2019  
Chrissie G.
Fast service!
  April 2, 2019  
Andy W.
An accurate and efficient service
  April 1, 2019  
Tara D.
Did a great job with the transcription I need quickly.
  April 1, 2019  
Eddie B.
Excellent service
  April 1, 2019  
Frank W.
Fast and reliable and at a competitive cost.
  March 31, 2019  
I would highly recommend this company. They do an excellent job and get it done usually faster than they say they will. I sent in two long rush jobs on a Saturday afternoon, and they were all done, checked by me, and ready for Monday morning when they were needed. Great service!!!
  March 30, 2019  
Julie J.
Super pleased with how quickly I received my transcriptions and how well done they were! I will use Rev again and refer others.
  March 30, 2019  
John M.
Do quality transcript.
  March 30, 2019  
Speedy accurate work!
  March 28, 2019  
Beth M.
Consistently quick turnarounds and very accurate.
  March 27, 2019  
N. W.
Used you only once but great experience so far! thanks!
  March 27, 2019  
Mark C.
I interviewed several students and a teacher for a research project for my graduate program. I was dreading the amount of time it would take to transcribe it all. I looked at a few services and settled on Their reviews from workers weren't great but customers seemed happy with the product, and the price was right. When the transcription came back about 40 minutes after I sent it, I was worried that it would be full of mistakes. There was not one mistake in about 38 minutes of interviews. Most of the interviews had different people transcribing them, but the quality was consistent across all of them. I'm thrilled with what they did for me, and made a point of leaving positive feedback for the people that did the work. If I ever need this kind of service again, I will definitely be back!
  March 26, 2019  
beth s.
Fast, reasonable, and accurate
  March 26, 2019  
Very simple, pretty fast, and great results! Thank you!
  March 26, 2019  
Gary C.
They do exactly what they promise and it is QUICK!
  March 24, 2019  
Grace W.
If you're looking for a remote or work from home job opportunity...keep looking. They have you complete the test period (100 minutes transcribed) while promising that once you do it you'll be able to make more money, work on bigger projects, etc. Then make up excuses why they didn't accept your work and cancel your account. You just get an e mail stating "Thank you trying out transcription work with Rev. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like this is a good fit. You were unable to reach our minimum standards in formatting after 100 minutes of transcription work, so your transcription account is being deactivated today. This decision is final." after they've already closed your account. I was finishing a project. When I clicked "submit" I got an error message that said I needed to log in again. When I did they had listed the project I had just finished as "cancelled". I got the e mail AFTER I had already completed the project and AFTER I had submitted it. Throughout the "training" and intro information you'll hear / read things like "Do your best to transcribe everything you hear", "we understand that some audio is difficult to hear", "Don't worry about not understanding a word if it's not going to change the meaning of the project information"...etc. Then deduct points when you transcribe "Bob" instead of "It's Bob" because the audio was poor quality and had a lot of static. I also see that they report and remove every negative review on here stating that the review has nothing to do with their product or customers. I'm sure they'll try to do the same with this one but it does have to do with the customers and service. If they're doing this to avoid paying people what's fair for their're going to end up with poor quality work. Nobody likes "work from home scams". Good people will stop applying. *Update* after writing this and having my account deactivated without good reason or notice I received an e mail from a customer. They had hired REV and I worked on their order. The e mail stated that the customer gave my work a 5 star review and loved it! … but REV doesn't care what the customer likes, they deactivated my account to avoid having to pay a fair wage after the "test period".
  March 24, 2019  
Alexis P.
I would use rev again. I got my transcription in a very timely manner with minor errors.
  March 23, 2019  
Douglas B.
Excellent service!
  March 23, 2019  
Alex C.
I love thank you for everything!!