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  February 18, 2020  
Jennifer M.
Rev did a great job on my last order, which was transcription by humans, not machines. It was fast and accurate. I will use them again!
  February 18, 2020  
The quick turnaround was great, but I did have to go in and clean up a lot of grammar. Whoever did the transcription for our video REALLY likes commas! Did save me some time from having to do the whole thing myself, though. $1/minute isn't bad either!
  February 18, 2020  
William C.
I submitted a long audio recording (2:46:17) of a church business meeting. They did the translation in about 30 hours, but the quality and accuracy was not very good, mainly in my opinion, because most of the speakers were Southern Americans with an accent. Rev went over it a second time, and it was improved, but still required me to do extensive editing to make the document acceptable as Meeting Minutes to be published. I would recommend they find and employ some Southern Americans and use them to transcribe such items as my audio file.
  February 18, 2020  
Christine G.
I have used your service several times, and I am always extremely happy. Your service is fast and very accurate.
  February 14, 2020  
Patricia L.
Having gotten transcript yet. Took too long don’t need it anymore
  February 14, 2020  
Frank R.
Great experience! Captions were delivered fast and accurate!
  February 13, 2020  
Jen N.
The service was accurate and very quick to deliver. Setting up the reqeust was simple. We'll definitely use again in the future.
  February 13, 2020  
Cindy D.
99 percent of the transcriptions from are spot-on. This service is invaluable to me.
  February 13, 2020  
Martina A.
It’s almost like magic and it’s almost for free
  February 13, 2020  
M. M.
Rev did a great job and super fast, very impressed. Thank you
  February 12, 2020  
Quick turnaround. Good service
  February 11, 2020  
Rod M.
The service this time around was incredible. Paid the double rate for quick, precise service and that is what I received, amazing. One of the people talking in the audio was sobbing and crying and had a strong accent and still the transcript came through accurately. Impressed.
  February 10, 2020  
Speed was excellent, 4 stars because some of the captions required minor edits (spelling, wrong words etc). Overall very pleased with the price and the product. And the online tools make it fairly simple to make adjustments to captioning before downloading!
  February 10, 2020  
Georgie S.
Really great customer service, awesome translation, super accurate and fast, very satisfied :)
  February 8, 2020  
Danny R.
Quick - accurate! That sums it up.
  February 8, 2020  
Joseph A.
The Rev,com turnaround time is unbelievably fast - and accurate!
  February 7, 2020  
Awesome and easy
  February 5, 2020  
Brittany S.
Rev is always dependable- offering quick turnaround with accurate transcription. Very happy with their services.
  February 4, 2020  
Major H.
I selected the premium transcript so that I wouldn't have to make edits to the automated transcript. I shouldn't have to spell names that were provided, correct fragments, and piece sentences together. If this service doesn't improve by the price increase, I have to consider going elsewhere or setting up my own GCP AI service to feed transcripts.
  February 4, 2020  
Robert A.
Perfect transcript. And delivered quickly.