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  July 9, 2020  
customer Bart C.
It was easy and worked flawlessly. Even called late in the evening and got a live person to help me. Customer service alone is a reason to keep coming back.
  July 8, 2020  
Oliver M.
Swift, reliable transcription and an amazing iOS app to record and order from them. A brilliant solution.
  July 8, 2020  
R C.
Superb transcription, the best I’ve had! Couple of tiny tweaks, due to the tricky/ abrupt edit of film. I expected many as some unusual names etc. Please let the transcriber know!!
  July 7, 2020  
Laura H.
Excellent fast and accurate!
  July 7, 2020  
Holly M.
I'm always impressed with the speed and accuracy of the work you do in getting transcripts to us.
  July 6, 2020  
Very fast turnaround time and accurate!
  July 6, 2020  
Dee I.
Superb speed and quality
  July 4, 2020  
Kim H. is Stress-Free "Ease of Use"... Affordable! Just click on record, stop, save & transcribe! Select the Payment method...Minutes later email confirmation response delivered... Second email transcription complete! Great Customer Experience!
  July 3, 2020  
Thomas C.
I am greatly impressed with your expertise. I was told about you only recently. Your deliver time was excellent. Your customer service even better. The girl took her time to describe your services. I was indeed greatly impressed. Thank you for helping me at such a critical moment in my career with the assistance you provided. I tell everybody about your services.
  July 2, 2020  
Really accurate closed caption transcription, though a little heavy on the use of commas. But easily cleaned.
  June 30, 2020  
fast and accurate - really good.
  June 29, 2020  
Alvalene F.
They did an amazing job!! Supper fast and efficient!
  June 28, 2020  
Rosebud E.
I uploaded two transcripts. One was fine. The other had wrong speaker names ascribed. I had uploaded all the names for both transcripts. I now need to go through BOTH transcripts and make sure of accuracy which while I have done when I first received transcripts from Rev, I have never had to do this urgently for inaccuracy. Am disappointed!
  June 28, 2020  
Onkarabile N.
It's good so far
  June 26, 2020  
Liam H.
fast and affordable
  June 23, 2020  
Stephen H.
Honestly, your company is, in my less than humble opinion, one of the most kickass companies on the planet. I delight in your email communications (that is not a request for more, to be clear), your service is outstanding, the price is competitive, and I get the impression that the people who work for Rev like what they do. So, kudos to all of you. Keep on keepin' on.
  June 22, 2020  
Rhonda B.
I have been using for a while, now. Each and every time I receive the transcription, meets, or even exceeds, my expectation. The fast and accurate transcription service, makes my job easier!
  June 22, 2020  
Jiwon K.
speed and accurate results no elements of dismissing rate
  June 21, 2020  
Dominic A.
REV's transcript of my Zoom meeting was very accurate. Very few pauses/omissions and it was delivered promptly. Thank you.
  June 21, 2020  
Speedy and accurate