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  May 25, 2019  
Really fast. Really accurate. Fantastic service!
  May 24, 2019  
Jason P.
Easy simple cost effective service. Exactly what I needed and the process was simple
  May 23, 2019  
Brian M.
As an avid online streaming video viewer, I've known for a while now that videos with captions really make a big difference, especially in moments where it is rude or impossible to have your speaker volume on. As a video producer, adding captions to my videos, especially on Facebook, has always been a nightmare. This month, I have been working on 4 really powerful videos that discuss the mental health topics of Anxiety, Depression, Addiction, and Trauma. It became painfully obvious to me that these videos were going to need captions, especially with some of them being 12 to 15 minutes long. I was getting pretty nervous, but then I discovered Rev and man has it been a life changer [cue infomercial jingle] I was pretty skeptical at first. Was this going to cost me my entire budget? Was it going to be the same garbage auto-generated subtitles that Facebook spits out with a 5% accuracy and 0% context? Was it going to take forever and cause me to miss my deadlines? No. I've used them 3 times so far. Each caption file has been sent back to me in under 3 hours with a 99% accuracy from a human who actually listened to the video and typed the captions out in full context. They even got brand names and other homophones correct! The things that had to be changed definitely weren't their fault, as it was either regional slang or words that were muttered or mispronounced. Here is the kicker though... It's only $1 per minute of video! [Insert Fry from Futurama "Take all of my money!" meme] I've had Starbucks orders that were more expensive than that! Their customer support is super easy to talk to, quick, and HUMAN! No annoying support tickets that spam your inbox after every action you take. When I did have to make corrections, their online software editor is super easy, and since I linked my Vimeo account to my profile on, they do the dirty work and upload the files right to my video! Thank you so much for saving the day once again!
  May 23, 2019  
Faster than expected service! Thanks, Rev.
  May 23, 2019  
Priya T.
First time using far, they seem quick, efficient and helpful.
  May 22, 2019  
Simple process. Rapid response. Reasonable pricing. Great service. Th as no you !
  May 21, 2019  
Devon R.
Turn around time is outstanding and the transcription is accurate.
  May 21, 2019  
I chose verbatim and the transcriptionist did an amazing job!
  May 20, 2019  
Richard G.
Fast, accurate, reliable!
  May 20, 2019  
Fast, very accurate and reasonably priced.
  May 20, 2019  
Lisa M.
Nicely done and very quick
  May 19, 2019  
Cindy M.
I was very impressed with both the speed of delivery and accuracy. I'm a first time user so I didn't know what to expect. I'll certainly use them again. Thanks Cindy Marr
  May 18, 2019  
Rob W.
A couple of names were spelled wrong, even though I had sent the correct spelling. Still, easy to fix with a text editor.
  May 17, 2019  
Mark M.
It was very accurate and useful. Thank you.
  May 17, 2019  
John A.
I really appreciated the quick turnaround and accuracy of the transcription. Great work and thanks! John
  May 17, 2019  
Marcia S.
Easy fast and a good price.
  May 17, 2019  
Tom M.
Highly recommend!
  May 15, 2019  
Accurate and fast, loved the work
  May 15, 2019  
Mariette M.
This APP is the most outstanding and helpful app for an educator. I teach my class and on that same day, I upload the audio version and have the entire transcript written about for me. I even use it to translate my Spanish classes. I can NOT imagine working without it!!
  May 14, 2019  
Ian H.
Fast. Very fast and accurate. This might change my life...