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  September 14, 2020  
Maureen O.
Accurate and quick turn around.
  September 13, 2020  
June A.
I was god-smacked how excellent job they have done to my video. You see that I am Deaf, and my hearing son had made video but was not in mood to do in my language (Auslan) and knowing all my family and friends who is also Deaf would like to know what was being said in his video as he had made it for his school project. Thought why not get it captioned, a friend refer me to this website and I sure am so glad. Definitely will be using this company more often. Perfect job done! Thank you for building the bridge between hearing and Deaf world to make this happening!
  September 11, 2020  
Ahmed A.
Excellent service. Exceeded my expectations.
  September 11, 2020  
Brad C.
The transcriptions were done in a few hours, and very accurately! Thank you!
  September 11, 2020  
G. W.
I paid for a service, but over 1 week later, I have still received nothing from Rev. This service is atrocious!
  September 9, 2020  
We use on a regular basis for transcribing interviews from video and audio. The service has always speedy and accurate. I have only ever had an issue with one transcription over the years and they resolved that immediately. Would recommend to anyone.
  September 6, 2020  
Michael B.
Thank you Rev for letting me document and store my dads voice into captions this means the world to me for his biography and tribute to my father I could not of done it without you Thank you so much Michael Bendsnsneyder Port St Lucie , FL
  September 6, 2020  
P M.
Great place for transcriptions. Awesome turn around time. Will communicate with you if there is a delay. Tried others, but they can't beat the pricing.
  September 4, 2020  
Roger H.
The service from is outstanding. I use it as often as I need, as it saves me a lot of time, and is a lot more accurate than if I was trying to transcribe such long recordings. As I live in New Zealand, I find I can submit recordings for transcription overnight, and when I wake the next day, the result is already in my inbox. Fantastic performance and 100% accuracy. Simply outstanding! Thank you. RH - Auckland, New Zealand.
  September 2, 2020  
Rodrick P.
Excellent, fast, accurate.
  September 2, 2020  
Evelyn is awesome! I have used both the transcription service and putting subtitles in video. They are very accurate!
  September 1, 2020  
Susan W.
Highly recommend.
  August 29, 2020  
A made up n.
Quick, accurate and afordable. Wish they had a"Notes" tab so you could leave additional info you thought would be helpful. Never been dissapointed.
  August 25, 2020  
Robert C.
Fantastic service. Fast turnover.
  August 25, 2020  
Dirty B.
I have not reviewed my most recent order placed with but I have not had any terrible or even semi-bad interactions to this point. It seems like a great way to get a transcript of human dialogue. I highly recommend this service to anyone who needs to be able to review conversations thoroughly.
  August 25, 2020  
Daniel G.
Amazing service! Will definitely use again.
  August 25, 2020  
June A.
The service was quick and accurate. All the questions we had were answered in real time, and the whole process was seamless. My company would definitely use them again.
  August 23, 2020  
Amazon hasn't Turned down my Videos since I started using you! Mot importantly the turnaround is unbelievably fast
  August 21, 2020  
Jose V.
Excellent transcript. Fast and perfect!
  August 21, 2020  
Erika B.
Very quick, accurate and efficient. I have no complaints! My only suggestion or critique is that all of the videos I sent in my last batch included the speakers' names spelled out. However, some of the transcripts still had names spelled incorrectly, and some just labeled them as speaker 1, interviewer, etc. There should be a little more consistency across the board. But those were a simple fix in the review of the transcripts, so no worries. But otherwise, Rev provides a great service without a huge cost. Thank you.