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  May 19, 2020  
Mari B.
Whilst the team are very helpful, the app itself is not. It's too technical. I wanted an app that completely had all bases covered and transcribed, added text to videos delivering a finished edit product ready for posting. Sadly not the case, because youu have to source other apps to do that. Therefore I've moved over to another provider.
  May 18, 2020  
Peter B.
Fast and accurate.
  May 18, 2020  
Cherie B.
Impressive. Thankful for their help desk support.
  May 17, 2020  
Lucas V.
Awesome product and support.
  May 17, 2020  
Megan A.
I uploaded my scripts with videos and some of them were turned around in less than 15 minutes! Super impressed! Text was accurate and timed perfectly
  May 16, 2020  
Kate B.
Great job. Thanks! , but since one speaker spoke for nearly the whole hour, I didn’t need their name between every paragraph. Other than that. Terrific!
  May 16, 2020  
Beyond expectations.
  May 16, 2020  
Michelle C.
Excellent service.
  May 15, 2020  
Richard S.
I give it 5 start rating! excellent work as well as when you need help they are quick to resolve the situation what every it may be. Thank you
  May 15, 2020  
isaac k.
INCREDIBLE SERVICE — EASIER, FASTER & more AFFORDABLE than I thought it was going to be. I’m so grateful for this.
  May 14, 2020  
Kim Hensley O.
Excellent quality and super fast.
  May 12, 2020  
Ann Marie Z.
My go-to transcription service - always dependable and reliable with reasonable fees and turnaround time. I am very happy to have found and would recommend them to anybody who needs their recordings transcribed!
  May 11, 2020  
Cassidy T.
Getting captions done with Rev is amazing! And having the option to rush an order is really helpful. Though they are pretty fast as is. Such a great resource!
  May 11, 2020  
C T.
Great job. Quick and accurate.
  May 11, 2020  
Sasha A.
Great service
  May 9, 2020  
Rita D.
Composer and flute player beyond compare!
  May 8, 2020  
The transcript was completed very quickly, and captured what we discussed in the interview. There was very little additional editing I had to do. I was able to quickly complete the transcript and submit it to the publicaiton for which it was intended.
  May 6, 2020  
Jason B.
Not so happy about my experience. Previously buying a transcription would also get your an SRT file. Now the buying procedure has changed and i had to buy twice to get SRT and Transcription. Had i have bought the SRT file however i would have had both. Bad support on this they literally made me pay twice... The quality itself is good, the pricing very high, service when somethings not right, below average
  May 5, 2020  
Really good servece
  May 3, 2020  
Gavin C.
My first time using and it never disappointed such great value for money and the turn around time was outstanding. I will definitely use again.