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  February 10, 2019  
Jacque D.
Great job! I'm a return customer and am always satisfied with your service. Keep up the good work!
  February 9, 2019  
Iris Y.
Excellent quality and quick turnaround.
  February 9, 2019  
Robert M.
The transcription was accurate and fast. Where there was an ambiguity at time stamp allowed me to go back and check what I had said and add the written word myself. This is a great service.
  February 9, 2019  
Dan P.
Excellent flawless service.
  February 8, 2019  
Lance I.
Incredibly fast and accurate turnaround.
  February 8, 2019  
Wayne E.
Extremely fast and a great value, but I wish there was way to get better consistency (I use the split approach where each transcriber gets 15 minutes). The quality suffers when the topic is technical or specific and I can't share discussion guides or test materials that would assist the transcribers.
  February 8, 2019  
Tom B.
Excellent, prompt service. And super value.
  February 7, 2019  
Alyce H.
Fantastic, fast & accurate! Going to be keeping these guys busy for a while! Highly recommended!
  February 7, 2019  
Kevin H.
Perfect. Always fast and accurate at a great price.
  February 7, 2019  
Halen B.
Accurate and fast turnaround. The agent who did my files always did fantastic job. Thank you!
  February 6, 2019  
Nathan M.
Truly amazed at how quick the turnaround and quality was. Will definitely use again!
  February 6, 2019  
Bernard N.
consistent. well done.
  February 5, 2019  
winnie k.
Great transcript overall. A few misspelled words. All texts included as spoken and they transcribed super fast!!! I would recommend to anyone. Very satisfied.
  February 5, 2019  
J M.
Our company has been using for several years now and will continue.
  February 5, 2019  
My 44-minute transcription was delivered in 9 hours and was near perfect. This was my first time using, but I will use them again in the future.
  February 4, 2019  
Margaret from b.
Awesome service and super quick turn around time. THank you!
  February 4, 2019  
Susan Beale, Garland, Samuel & Loeb, P.
I sent in a phone conversation and had it back transcribed within 3 hours and it only cost $20 for my firm. I am VERY pleased. We will definitely use them again when the need arises.
  February 1, 2019  
Quick response time. Quicker than anticipated. The price is reasonable and the quality is high. I would recommend to anyone needing an efficient and effective transcription service.
  January 31, 2019  
Tom E.
Veryy well done.
  January 31, 2019  
Steve K.
Convenient, quick and accurate. Lets me focus on a meeting and not worry about notes.