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  October 21, 2021  
Telusila F.
Excellent and it was a quick turn around. I was happy with the service
  October 20, 2021  
Samuel C.
Fast and easy
  October 20, 2021  
Sharon K.
So far this has been a great addition to my videos.
  October 19, 2021  
Michael L.
Service was very fast and accurate.
  October 16, 2021  
William W.
Awesome, accurate and fast service!
  October 14, 2021  
Quick, accurate, professional.
  October 13, 2021  
Karen B.
I had forgotten what a terrific service Rev provides until I recently needed some transcripts for a newly mounted podcast. Not only was the delivery fast, but it was also highly accurate. I can't recommend Rev highly enough!
  October 6, 2021  
Robert T.
We are the first time user of this site and are amazed by the speedy delivery and accuracy of the transcription! Worth the money!
  October 6, 2021  
Mandy B.
Rev is convenient and fast! I rely on them to keep my projects moving quickly.
  October 6, 2021  
Easy, affordable , fast
  October 5, 2021  
Bill Mitchell J.
Exceeded expectations - excellent value and accurate transcription work! The uploading process of videos and audio tracks is so fast and easy.
  October 2, 2021  
Adam Fields D.
Great service! There wasn’t one error and the punctuation the selections were perfect. This makes life so easy.
  September 29, 2021  
Brett E.
Saved me a lot of time - definitely worth it! All my captions were completely accurate and delivered in a very short time period. Will definitely be using REV again.
  September 28, 2021  
Jeff B.
Rev does a great job.
  September 28, 2021  
Tucker B. does a great job every time I use them. They are quick and accurate and make my job easier as a producer/editor. I love their service and I tell others about them all the time.
  September 27, 2021  
I thought that for the cost it was really well done. However, I did have to edit a bunch to make the pacing of the subtitles match the delivery. But even so, that didn't take way too long. Great work.
  September 22, 2021  
Marge E.
Super expensive. Quick. Efficient.
  September 22, 2021  
Justin C.
I've been using REV for years and have loved the service. Recently, however, I was made a part of a team for a big collaborative project. What a mistake this was. When I left the team, every bit of my REV history was erased and my account was removed. As an independent filmmaker, I'm extremely disappointed. I wish it had been made clear that joining a team was like joining the mafia - there was no going back to the way it was before. REV should fix this.
  September 20, 2021  
Elise B.
Really happy with the captions I received and the platform is great to work with.
  September 17, 2021  
simon b.
Speedy service and super accurate. Even went above and beyond the brief, identifying the names of the people speaking and clarifying who said what. Great value for money.