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  February 28, 2020  
Ashton B.
Great service.
  February 27, 2020  
Megan B.
Rev delivers an excellent product in an extremely timely fashion. They are our 'go to' for all transcription needs that they service.
  February 26, 2020  
well done, thanks for being so careful about the transcription.
  February 26, 2020  
S. H.
Excellent accuracy and turnaround time. I definitely recommend and will continue using their services.
  February 25, 2020  
Ken I.
I've used Rev to transcribe videos with great success. I then turn that text into social media and blog posts. I love the machine option to get a super-fast (but maybe a little off) transcription when I'm in a hurry or when I don't have a budget. But they do a fantastic job on regular transcriptions, and it's cut/paste easy-peasy to take their work and create a post, so it's well worth the buck & change to go that route. The service also included storage and folders for your content so you can come back and work with it later. Communication is excellent, and I do recommend Rev to those who need transcription services.
  February 25, 2020  
Philip F.
Very responsive and eager to problem my concerns.
  February 24, 2020  
REV.COM did amazing! I had one of my sessions that I had to transcribe, myself. Since I have other responsibilities, it took me the better part of a month to complete a 2-hour session! With REV.COM, I received the transcripts and reviewed them for accuracy, filled a few "foreign language" spots (which, by the way - the language is a totally INDIGENOUS Native American language; not foreign, at all), put it in my already established font, margins format, etc. and I was done! I will highly recommend your company to any of my colleagues, in the future!
  February 24, 2020  
Pooja N.
Too pricey and expensive. Although the transcription was accurate, I don’t think I will use it in the future.
  February 24, 2020  
ashlyn m.
i would like a refund for something that i didn’t know i was paying for. please contact at email : ashlyn.nicolemck@gmail
  February 23, 2020  
Fast. Accurate. High level of customer care. I will be back. FREQUENTLY.
  February 22, 2020  
James F.
Well done--fast and accurate. I was slightly dismayed at all the typed instructions, such as line, paragrapph, etc, which required excessive editing. But next time, I will dictate it without directions and see what happens.
  February 22, 2020  
thanks for all you do
  February 21, 2020  
Mary P.
It was easy to use. The transcript was completed in a timely manner. And actuate
  February 21, 2020  
Andy W.
Excellent work. Excellent service.
  February 21, 2020  
Rick Friedman-A Breath of Fresh E.
First-timer here, leaving a 5-star review because the service was excellent. I chose the less expensive first-draft option and I'd say the accuracy percentage was in the high 90s. I corrected a few words, commas, and periods. My podcast is 20-25 long, and I wanted to see if the time spent correcting was worth the money saved. I will use the first-draft choice again. As an added bonus, I will try to speak more clearly while recording and hopefully make it even easier for the system.
  February 20, 2020  
Easy to use, affordable, and quick!
  February 19, 2020  
Philip H.
As a dyslexic researcher Rev has been a godsend!
  February 19, 2020  
Natasha B.
Fast turnaround (14 minutes!) super accurate transcription. Affordable. Just love it!
  February 19, 2020  
Great service and very fast and affordable with ease to edit. Probably about 85-90 percent accurate. Love it.
  February 18, 2020  
K P.
Great value for the money