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  September 24, 2019  
Lalita B.
Great prompt service
  September 23, 2019  
happy c.
great, affordable, fast, accurate
  September 23, 2019  
Michael S.
quick relatively accurate slight difficulties with technical terms.
  September 17, 2019  
Mr I.
Had 105 files transcribed, 100 of which were great. 5 had serious problems with the TC accuracy and was told their software has a problem when lines are repeated. Unlike my other transcription company, they don't have the capability to fix it manually so I got a refund for the five files they couldn't fix. Spent the next day and a half manually correcting the time code and reviewing the other files to make sure they didn't have a problem also. Found other files with problems but it's not worth calling up again to deal with it. The customer service agent Christine, sounded genuinely sorry though and was very sweet, but has no power to get the situation fixed. Beware if you have lines that repeat. Ended up spending half the cost of doing it with my previous transcription company, but ate up an extra day and a half of my time I'll never get paid for.
  September 17, 2019  
Scott Nishimura, Fort Worth M.
Great performance. 100 percent accurate, and fast translation.
  September 17, 2019  
Diane F.
Rarely do I have to change a word. The transcriptions are not only timely, but usually beat the expected wait time. I have recommended to all my colleagues who need this type of service. Very happy with the service and product!
  September 16, 2019  
Wilson K.
Great service and transcription was excellent - seemed like they did research for certain words too! Very impressed.
  September 16, 2019  
Korey P.
I am so grateful to have discovered REV. It has made my dreams of teaching and writing materialize so quickly. I have been speaking to college students for over 15 years and asked over and over why I have not written a book. Recording and transcribing my workshops with REV has streamlined the process and a first draft is imminent. The accuracy and the speedy turn around leaves me no choice but to get the work done.
  September 14, 2019  
Sanghamitra M.
Hassle free ontime delivery and very good quality transcription.
  September 14, 2019  
Michael S.
They did not make corrections of mistakes after I told them.
  September 13, 2019  
Kim P.
This was such an easy process and much quicker turnaround than I expected. I would use again!
  September 12, 2019  
Brian K.
Every time I use the service, I’m blown away by how fast the transcription comes back.
  September 11, 2019  
We were grateful that you included both audio and video so we would give five stars for your attention to both aspects, and the speed with which you were able to do it. Many thanks from the Gardner Group.
  September 10, 2019  
Barry L.
Sooo much easier than I thought it would be. The fact that you can edit the file yourself is awesome, and the transcription was pretty close to right on. My only suggestion is there needs to be an easy to find, and use, help menu. There was a funny glitch on one file where said it couldn’t save it, then when you opened it again, it had been saved. I tried calling but it was a long weekend, and I had a deadline. Luckily downloading right after opening the file worked. In short the process of how this all works is not readily available once you get your file and needs to be made more user friendly. Right now it was clear to me that the logic for this was set up by tech people, and I’m a guy who wears a lot of hats, but tech hat is not one of them. Otherwise I’m a fan.
  September 9, 2019  
David N.
Thanks so much and VERY timely!
  September 9, 2019  
Yoni P.
Very prompt and efficient service
  September 9, 2019  
Dora M.
Great service!
  September 7, 2019  
Nathalie B.
Great service, fast and very accurate!:)
  September 7, 2019  
Brice N.
Quick and accurate transcription. Thanks for the great work.
  September 7, 2019  
Brett M.
Sooo damn fast.