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  March 11, 2020  
Nathan S.
Very happy with their work! When the Rev tech doing the CC for your video knows to capitalize your organization's name, you know you're getting quality service and not just some auto-subtitle software that is prone to mistakes. Definitely recommend this over something like YouTube's auto CC program.
  March 10, 2020  
The Rough Draft service provides a quick, and up until March, an inexpensive way to get a working draft/transcript that saves time and money for those who don't mind doing a bit of work instead of transcribing a whole audio recording. The huge 150% price increase from $0.10 to $0.25 per minute makes this option less attractive.
  March 10, 2020  
Ray L.
Superb service. Fast. Very little editing needed.
  March 10, 2020  
Chris B.
For my first time experience with Rev I was delighted at how easy it was to get going, price was reasonable (like, very reasonable!) and service was great.
  March 8, 2020  
They put your prices up by 150% overnight without any prior indication. I went to the online chat and the person would not answer any specific questions about the ludicrous increase in price. I asked for the contact details of someone to do with in order to get a reason for this extraordinary increase but they just ignored my questions. Maybe this will get them to explain.
  March 6, 2020  
Alison C.
this was great! Super accurate and quick turnaround,.
  March 6, 2020  
Kevin O.
Great Service at a Great Price!!
  March 6, 2020  
jake k.
Great service. Easy to sign up and price as quoted. There were no hidden fees at all. I got my file back within 30 mins and it all worked great. I still had to do some editing, but only a few words in a 30 second video. Will be using again for sure.
  March 6, 2020
Fast and Efficient!
  March 6, 2020  
Arlene W.
Excellent product works as described.
  March 5, 2020  
Jo Woodfield: Owner THE HIGHER M.
Love the tool; no complaints about the results (transcripts) Where I have a huge beef is the COST, there are far far cheaper transcription services (apps) on the market than REV - and honestly, as we do these brand revitalizations for clients at least 10 times a year, honestly I am considering not using these guys for our next round of transcriptions.... Their AI machine transcripts are cost-effective - super fast but not entirely accurate. But it is the cost of full human transcription that is a worry - guess if this isn't addressed - will not make financial sense for us (read: be viable) to continue paying REV hundreds of USD to get words on a page. Sorry... but it is the truth As a strategic brand consultant, I can clearly where companies have priced themselves right.... (or as is the case with REV, where they are pricing themselves out of key markets!)
  March 5, 2020  
Words incorrect and not complete
  March 5, 2020  
Licia L.
Quick turnaround and very accurate.
  March 5, 2020  
Dr. M.
Transcript was timely and accurate.
  March 5, 2020  
Sam S.
Great job and fast.
  March 5, 2020  
Jordan S.
great 'sperience. Fast - well priced. Will use again.
  March 5, 2020  
Benjamin S.
Overall great experience the only room for improvement would be consistency overall. For example, I'm doing a series of videos and one video during the intro would have (upbeat music) and another would have (interesting music) and the next didn't have anything at all -- they were the same intro for all the videos. Not sure if this is something that really can be improved it's pretty easy to fix so my overall experience has been great.
  March 5, 2020  
Karl I.
I didn't initially understand the service; I thought I would get back a video file that was captioned, not just an SRT filed. Called customer service and got immediate clarification. Captions are accurate; turnaround is fast. Price is reasonable.
  March 5, 2020  
Markus W.
Good Job, thx, will continue to send you more stuff!
  March 5, 2020  
Tara M.
Quick turn around time with 99% accurate transcription. Would definitely use them again.