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  December 16, 2019  
Amber J L.
SO fast. So good. Excellent I will ALWAYS use REV!!!
  December 16, 2019  
Alberto L.
Always great service with a hard to believe completion time.
  December 16, 2019  
The service has been great and I've enjoyed working with Rev up until reading the article about their hiring practices in the NYT. Unless something emerges to indicate they value the people who work for them this will be my last transcript order to
  December 14, 2019  
Chen L.
Literally 98% accurate transcription.
  December 14, 2019  
Ian L.
Brilliant. Fast, accurate, saves me about 2 hours of my own time. Will be a regular customer!
  December 14, 2019  
Cambiz K.
Very helpful and friendly. Great work with a very fast turnaround. Highly recommended
  December 13, 2019  
Derek M.
Super quick turn-around and good accuracy...
  December 12, 2019  
Was much faster than i thought, and flawless even forign terms and names spelled correctly, thank you alot, really a savior
  December 12, 2019  
Melanie H.
I am stunned at how fast and good the transcription was! Thank you so much. You'll continue to have my business.
  December 12, 2019  
Dawn O.
Easy, fast, accurate.
  December 11, 2019  
Susie S.
Easy, quick and affordable! What more can I say!!
  December 11, 2019  
Michael D.
Incredibly fast, accurate, and inexpensive transcript. Really easy to order, and the turn around was astoundingly fast.
  December 11, 2019  
Sarah F E.
Timely, accurate, good service.
  December 11, 2019  
Chris S.
I think the font of could be bolder and a bit smaller I’ve seen others with black background with bolder font
  December 10, 2019  
Fantastic service!
  December 10, 2019  
Barb V.
Interviews were transcribed quickly (within 12 hours or less) and were accurate.
  December 9, 2019  
john m.
how did you do? you didn't do anything. 20 hours on, I am still awaiting my file after an estimated delivery time of 11 hours! suddenly, after several emails I am told there are issues with the audio quality of my file. which is frankly ridiculous. if it is the case then perhaps it might be flagged up much earlier on? apologies are frequent and fulsome but i'd much sooner have the work as promised. you are compromising my professional reputation as the work that would have been created from the transcription is now late. very poor experience. in order to create a review you must select a star rating. i'd have preferred not to have given you a star rating at all. update- order cancelled 23 hours later. there are far better services out there. absolutely avoid.
  December 8, 2019  
Neville H.
Highly-accurate transcription, fast turnaround in hours, great price. What more do you want? It's an excellent service.
  December 6, 2019  
Alma B.
One of the most efficient and reliable services I use on my online business. Thank you!
  December 5, 2019  
Rhys P.
Fantastic service.