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  October 23, 2019  
Bob C.
The best thing I can say is “you guys are awesome” Bob Caldwell Summit Investigative Services
  October 19, 2019  
Dave A.
Both the AI and the human performance were excellent.
  October 19, 2019  
Susan H.
Remarkably accurate transcription of an hour-long conversation, delivered quickly.
  October 17, 2019  
Vanessa W.
Every assignment we give you all, you achieve it with excellent results. Would recommend to anyone needing transcription services
  October 17, 2019  
Jennifer S.
Appreciate the attention to accuracy. Five stars.
  October 17, 2019  
Nicole A.
This company was amazing to work with!
  October 16, 2019  
abdulmohsen i.
Great tool, Thanks for your work
  October 15, 2019  
Michelle T.
Fast turnaround and very accurate. thank you
  October 15, 2019  
Teri-E B.
Excellent transcription. Will return to you when needed. Thank you, TEri
  October 14, 2019  
Mihi C.
Rev do a really fast turn around, always within 10-24hours of submitting a file to transcribe. The content sent back from rev has even surprised me sometimes! The accuracy of the transcription is almost always bang on! Better then I expected.
  October 13, 2019  
Roy A.
Some misspelled words.
  October 13, 2019  
Gloria C.
Excellent transcription with incredibly rapid turn-around. Great service!
  October 11, 2019  
Danny L.
Great service. All perfect timings, turned round as promised. US spelling the only issue for us Brits.. is UK English service an option.
  October 11, 2019  
Good job overall really captured dialogue nuisances but there were just a few errors.
  October 10, 2019  
The Rev service was easy to access, quick to respond, cost effective and the resulting transcription was very accurate. I will use again!
  October 8, 2019  
Kacie B.
First time I've used Very fast turn around, and all the words were correct. As this was the first time I've tried to add captions to videos, the only thing I struggled with was then being able to work out 'how' to add the captions. There is information on the website, but was a little hard to find. Really appreciate the service, and that you do have info on how to attach captions to a video.
  October 8, 2019  
Patrick B.
Outstanding service. Turnaround in a matter of hours and always accurate!
  October 7, 2019  
So fast and easy to use!
  October 7, 2019  
Lucy W.
Rev are quick, offer multiple offerings and reliable. Their customer service is also AMAZING
  October 7, 2019  
Katsuhiro S.
Great service!! I'm very satisfied with the price, quick turnaround, quality of the transcript, very well designed UI, etc. Good for developing English listening skill.