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  November 29, 2021  
Shiron Y.
Very good website worth for every penny.
  November 28, 2021  
Ewa J.
First-time user - and I'm very pleased! I'm a former national news journalist turned corporate content writer and now in communications senior management where I oversee teams of writers. In the past as a writer I'd always do my own transcribing (that's where my "writing process" began), and had never used a transcription service before. Now, Rev is perfect for when I have access to a stakeholder to interview. It means I can interview them, and arrange a transcript to be given to my writers to produce the article. The transcript was delivered promptly, accurate, very well-presented (easy to read and mark up), and I loved the additional features such as adding speaker names. Terrific service - thank you.
  November 28, 2021  
DonnaLynn D.
Excellent, all to can say is excellent!
  November 28, 2021  
Fast. Accurate. Efficient. Exactly what's needed. With thanks!
  November 27, 2021  
Thomas W.
I would definitely recommend this extremely fast turnaround service to anyone.
  November 27, 2021  
Aja P.
I'm so grateful for the service! It saved me a day and my sanity.
  November 24, 2021  
Richard W.
I had converted some official correspondence to MP3 files for record keeping. The original documents were lost and the transcriptions of the MP3 files were very helpful and essential.
  November 23, 2021  
Robbie B.
It's always so easy to work with Rev. Simple process and good quality outcomes. I'm very happy with the service I get here.
  November 19, 2021  
Excellent transcription; quick delivery!
  November 19, 2021  
For the most part, captioners make a good attempt at accuracy, although they sometimes tend to become less accurate toward the end of recordings. I have encountered a few truly bad caption files, but most are anywhere from adequate to good for our purposes.
  November 19, 2021  
Heather F.
This was an easier process than what I had expected. Was pleasantly surprised of how quickly the turnaround time was and accuracy.
  November 17, 2021  
I recommend without reservation. I am grateful to for completing my project in almost half of the time quoted, with accuracy and a fair price.'s price was reasonable and much lower than that of other companies, which in my professional opinion is extremely overpriced. This is the second time that I trusted and will without reservation contact them in the future, if the need arises.
  November 17, 2021  
Richard C.
Quick, easy and accurate!
  November 17, 2021  
Our transcript was done in less than 24 hours. The document showed great accuracy.
  November 17, 2021  
Very pleased with the accuracy and timely transcription.
  November 16, 2021  
Winston G.
Excellent for book authors
  November 12, 2021  
David C.
First time user - but you came highly recommended. I sent you multiple files of group interviews - your team did great!
  November 12, 2021  
Nikki H.
Very responsive to my questions, efficient, straightforward, and got the job done right!! Would highly recommend!
  November 12, 2021  
I had never used a transcript service before and was so impressed with how smooth the process was, how quickly I got the transcript back and how accurate it was. I also appreciated the easy edit function. Definitely worth the investment. The team does a great job.
  November 12, 2021  
Jim K U.
I do not do a lot of work with but when I do I am impressed with the rapid turn around and the accuracy.