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  March 4, 2019  
Patty H.
affordable, easy to use and quick turn around.
  March 2, 2019  
Patrick B.
I use Rev for Verbatim Transcriptions for documentary video production. The two most important features I appreciate are accuracy of the verbatim transcription and what I call literal punctuation. I edit all my interviews in the transcription before ever touching the video. It is very important that the words are accurate. Also, I need to see stumbles, coughs, run-on sentences, bangs and beeps so I can make accurate selections. Rev has done very well at this. Unfortunately I will not know the quality of the transcription until I actually do the video edit. At that time it’s too late to go back for a redo. I have been working with Rev for years and I am happy overall with their work. No ones perfect but they continually improve and their latest automation is very impressive. I have some extra ideas if they are interested
  February 28, 2019  
Helen J.
I felt so reluctant to pay for an .srt file and had bust my buns trying to do my own. Finally in exasperation (and kind of resentfully) I tried I wish I’d saved myself hours of stress and just used them straight away - so fast, so good and so cheap!! Absolutely fantastic.
  February 28, 2019  
Excellent service, quite accurate, and quick turn around. Use regularly, and recommend highly!
  February 28, 2019  
Steve S.
really quick and reliable service. will be using again in the future
  February 28, 2019  
It's fast and accurate!
  February 28, 2019  
Maurice Moya M.
You did a great job fast turn around.
  February 27, 2019  
Thank you for the very quick turnaround time!
  February 26, 2019  
Heike J.
Quick, easy, and accurate!
  February 26, 2019  
Dave M.
Fast, reasonably accurate and cost effective.
  February 26, 2019  
Jennifer W.
My transcript came out wonderfully. It was accurate and timely. I will definitely use Rev again!
  February 25, 2019  
Madeline W.
My transcript was timely and accurate!
  February 24, 2019  
Rev is awesome. Quality is consistently high. Not the cheapest option, but the quality makes it worthwhile.
  February 24, 2019  
Henry S.
The service was ok, it was not bad. I personally found that the accuracy rate was not as high as advertised.
  February 23, 2019  
Jimmy R.
Very fast translation. Good Quality!
  February 23, 2019  
T. P.
Fast return time and easy to edit, use and access. Very helpful!
  February 23, 2019  
K G.
Really fast, really helpful, has gotten so much more accurate over the past year. I can see the care taken.The REV people have worked hard to continually improve their service. Thank you!
  February 22, 2019  
Adam H.
Excellent transcript including many unusual names and terms.
  February 22, 2019  
Seth M.
A lot of missed words ("spread" instead of "sprint," "marketize" instead of "democratize" to name a few) that lost the key point of several sentences to the point where I had to go back and listen to my recording anyway.
  February 21, 2019  
Reviewer 2.
Easy, fast, accurate