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  June 17, 2019  
Carol M.
I was pleased with the time-frame, the ease of ordering my transcription and the detail and accuracy of the transcription.
  June 16, 2019  
Loan T.
We ordered a timestamped transcript of audio we did on a shoot. Quick turn around time. Their website was super easy to navigate and use. Elegantly simple submission process and reliable! Highly recommend.
  June 15, 2019  
Beth C.
We've used for years. They always deliver excellent transcripts, so quickly we're often amazed.
  June 15, 2019  
Holly B.
Quick and accurate! Your service is MUCH appreciated!
  June 14, 2019  
David T.
Absolutely the best. It seems like for years we stressed over the 508 compliant requirement. No longer. makes it simple and painless. Incredibly easy to use, always accurate and always on time.Thank you
  June 13, 2019  
This service is very cheap. That means that the transcribers who work for Rev are being massively underpaid. The pay their transcribers $0.36 per minute of dialogue that they transcribe but that may take about 5 minutes or so to transcribe 1 minute of dialogue. So that's $0.36 for 5 minutes of work. You do the math.
  June 13, 2019  
Joseph M.
They were knowledgeable and fast to respond when I had a question. They took my order and fulfilled it in a timely manner. My distributor was happy with the closed caption file the provided. I will do business with them again.
  June 13, 2019  
Dana L.
The first batch of transcriptions that I ordered came in as Word docs instead of SRTs. I still have to fix some of the transcriptions from, but overall, it worked o.k. Not too expensive.
  June 13, 2019  
Great fast and accurate service.
  June 12, 2019  
simcha p.
really not a good job
  June 12, 2019  
Tristan S.
Very fast and good value - thank you for saving me hours of admin time!
  June 12, 2019  
Michelle W.
So fast and accurate! Thank you!
  June 12, 2019  
Excellent! Super fast turnaround and very accurate!
  June 12, 2019  
Rosalie C.
prompt service and responses where interview transcription has not been clear, thank you for your great efforts.
  June 12, 2019  
Zdenko D.
Very fast and reliable...!!!
  June 12, 2019  
Shirley P.
I was delighted and surprised with the very successful rendition of the audio podcast I submitted. Someone handled the specialized spelling of early Christian terminology, and I was so grateful not to have to fix all of it. Plus - I got it back more quickly than I expected. Nice job!
  June 11, 2019  
Marc L.
I have used this system so many times and have gotten 99% accuracy. Amazing service. Right from video, or from the app on my iPhone, they turn around so quickly that I am able to keep the work flow moving quickly and not get bogged down with a long wait time. Sometimes it even comes back within an hour which is amazing if we're producing videos where we need to keep things moving along with different teams. The perfect answer for our requirements.
  June 10, 2019  
I used to spend hours listening to my clients audio in order to create blogs. Even though we agreed to a set amount for each blog, I felt as if I was being underpaid for the time I was investing by trying to transcribe the audio on their videos or recordings myself. Rev has completely changed the game with affordable and accurate transcriptions. And the turn around time is amazing! I can now turn out blogs in half the time, which means I doubled my per hour fee. I'd give Rev 10 stars, if that was an option. Love, love, love this platform. - Susan from tsuenami creative
  June 10, 2019  
Douglas A.
Fast and accurate
  June 8, 2019  
Theresa S.
Love this service. Have been looking for an app to transcribe and nothing has come close. 😁