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  September 24, 2018  
Marie S.
Great service
  September 24, 2018  
The Planner C. is so easy to use and delivers fast!
  September 24, 2018  
So happy to have been referred to by a business associate!! It’s an amazing service! Fast and reliable at a great price 👍 definitely recommend!
  September 23, 2018  
Radiant Church - R.
Quick and Easy! I appreciate the easy, quick and efficient process to use for our transcription needs. Will use again and would recommend.
  September 23, 2018  
Sarah M.
Easy to use, fast, and high quality. Great service at this price!!!!
  September 22, 2018  
Anne Marie M.
They are extremely affordable, turn my transcriptions around in lightning speed, and are very accurate. I’m so glad we found!
  September 22, 2018  
Christopher S.
Easy to use and a quick turn around. Wasn't clear that I would be billed in USD. However, a great service and I would use it again.
  September 21, 2018  
So far I have submitted 4 jobs and they have been 95%+ accurate. For the minor revisions that I needed to make, it was well worth the cost! Now i can put my focus on the actual research and analysis.
  September 21, 2018  
Very well done, as usual. Thank you for adding the video provided ... in your transcription. Excellent feature. Quick turnaround. Recommend to all. Keep up the good work!
  September 20, 2018  
Chris C.
Works great!
  September 20, 2018  
Ron H.
I am blown away with this service - just try it - Ron
  September 20, 2018  
Jessicka M.
seeing as Rev appears to have deleted my negative comments on their facebook page, I will leave this hear. I have sent an email six weeks ago and have had no response whatsoever. I have since asked a question with their support team AND on their facebook page with NO response whatsoever. What a disgraceful company. I've since done my research, take your business elsewhere if you want a company that treats people with the respect of actually answering a simple question.
  September 18, 2018  
Kevin H.
Exceeded expectations from a quality and interface standpoint.
  September 18, 2018  
Incredibly fast, accurate and inexpensive!
  September 18, 2018  
Decent. I split it up meaning different translators did different sections so I could get a faster turn around time. One of the translators used a lots of "inaudible" on parts of the transcription that weren't that hard to understand. The other two translators did a decent job and only had one or two "inaudible". It really depends who ends up transcribing your audio how good your quality will be.
  September 18, 2018  
David B.
49 page transcript turned around in 14 hours with near perfection results!
  September 18, 2018  
Beverly M.
love this group.
  September 17, 2018  
TV Production C.
Accurate Video Transcriptions for 1-on-1 interviews. Turn-around was within a few hours of submission. User interface was easy to use. Will use REV in the future.
  September 17, 2018  
Michele N.
Really love this service and use it exclusively. Fast, accurate and reliable. Thank you very much!
  September 16, 2018  
Andrew W.
Super fast and accurate.