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  April 5, 2021  
Diane B.
Unbelievably quick and accurate transcription. Couldn't be more pleased!
  April 3, 2021  
As always rev is rock n roll for producers. I even found a new use for it: verbatims of my rough cuts. Got all 6 edits back within an hour for $5. Off to voice record with them and to the clients simultaneously. Thanks for making me look good rev!
  April 1, 2021  
Great work and helpful!
  April 1, 2021  
Awesomely quick!
  April 1, 2021  
Hi, rate of transcription is great. However, I am not satisfied with the quality of the transcript. I am looking to transcribe 20 documents. We sent through 3- 1 which was very inaccurate. The other 2 were ok but also needed edits. I sent through an E-mail, rated the transcript bad and still waiting for the amendment....
  March 31, 2021  
I accidently ordered a transcript and i wanted a subtitle so it was not useful at all and I was very disappointed i could not change it.
  March 30, 2021  
expeditious turn-around time
  March 29, 2021  
Katherine P.
Accurate and fast. Saved a ton of time.
  March 24, 2021  
Danette T.
I always get an accurate, clean translation. Very satisfied every time!
  March 24, 2021  
Efficient, easy and accurate. Thank you
  March 23, 2021  
Anonymous F.
Super fast, accurate, affordable. Perfect!
  March 21, 2021  
Steve B.
I use to transcribe interviews for articles. They are accurate, prompt and reasonably priced.
  March 20, 2021  
Robert A.
Speed and quality made an impressive combination!
  March 19, 2021  
Julian M.
I've been using Rev for years. Time and time again, Rev delivers and in unbelievable time. I'm shocked how fast Rev can turn around a transcript. It's made my life easier on multiple occasions.
  March 18, 2021  
Mark K.
Great timely service!
  March 18, 2021  
Turnaround was promised in 18hrs. Received in 24hrs which put me in a tricky position w my corporate client. Would have appreciated a more accurate timeline at checkout so that I could have opted for rush services.
  March 17, 2021  
Kelly M.
Very quick turnaround! Accuracy was great. Thank you.
  March 17, 2021
Great job quick and well done!!
  March 17, 2021  
The captions for the songs used to be good,but have steadily gotten worse. It started with them not staying up long enough to actually complete the words listed. This last was the worst that I had seen. One song, they stayed up about 20% of the time needed, but at least they started right. Another song, they didn't start with the words, but they ended at the appropriate time, but still only up about 20-25% of the time needed. Another song they didn't start at the right time or end at the right time. For example - a line with 12 words, the caption popped up about 5 words in and went off with about 3 words left to be sung. I had to spend about 30 minutes editing the captions. I am lucky that I use Premiere Pro so it is not a super hard edit, just time consuming.
  March 16, 2021  
Philip T.
My last order was done fast and flawless.