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  October 26, 2020  
Great service and good quality
  October 23, 2020  
Consuelo S.
Was very impressed with the quality and quick turn around time for the materials I requested.
  October 22, 2020  
Carla J.
They stole my money. The turnaround to receive a document was way longer than needed to be for a 4 minute doc.
  October 19, 2020  
Paul F.
The quality of the work was very good. Although I made a few changes to the finished captions beofre using them, that was only because I later decided that I did not need every single word transcribing. As it was the content was perfectly usable and much of it was delivered within the first hour or so after I paid for it. I will continue to use for this type of work and am happy to recommend it to others for captions or transcripts.
  October 19, 2020  
Fast and reliable. Will use this service again.
  October 16, 2020  
Leroy A.
Very professional translation
  October 16, 2020  
a happy d.
highly recommend this service. 100% accurate and insanely fast. well worth the price.
  October 15, 2020  
Jay L.
Very satisfied with the service. Fast and accurate.
  October 14, 2020  
I used to have an .srt file made for my doc and it couldn't have been easier. Quick turn around, reasonable price, and an almost perfect execution. Before attempting to make a couple of changes myself I called Support. The woman who helped me was great! She was pleasant, answered all my questions and guided me through the process. I highly recommend this company.
  October 12, 2020  
Stewart C.
Fast and cheap - always requires a little bit of tweaking, but has absolutely revolutionised the way we do subtitles/captions. If you’re not using Rev, then you should be!
  October 11, 2020  
Perfect as always. I use rev to transcribe every interview I shoot.
  October 10, 2020  
William D.
Good and quick!
  October 9, 2020  
customer rocks. They get it right... they are reasonably priced... and they’re fast!
  October 8, 2020  
Tom Y.
The transcript was perfect and was finished super fast!
  October 8, 2020  
Suzanne S.
With this service you have to have the time to re-listen to the meeting and make revisions to the transcription as there many translation mistakes that impact meaning...
  October 7, 2020  
Brett D.
Quick turnaround and quality work. Very pleased I went with the recommendation to use this website. Thanks guys!
  October 7, 2020  
An excellent job on a difficult transcript!
  October 7, 2020  
Reliable, accurate, fast! Would use again.
  October 7, 2020  
I love Rev. Consistently reliable.
  October 6, 2020  
Nick M.
outstanding service, was told it would take 16 hours to transcribe and it was done in half the time