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  September 28, 2013  
Getting my birth certificate translated was simple and fast. If you want to get any document translated you should go to
  September 27, 2013  
Very quick translation (in 1day) and good quality!! Will use it again if I need it. Thank you!!
  September 25, 2013  
Quick, accurate and impressive.
  September 24, 2013  
Industrious F.
I do a ton of video interviews and this service is amazing. Cheap, accurate and fast. I'd highely reco.
  September 24, 2013  
Andreas Becker, New Z.
I was amazed how quickly I got the transcription back and it mast almost perfect. Well done.
  September 23, 2013  
Pretty impressive. Job was broken into two parts, and that led to problems with different misspellings of names mentioned in the interview. (For example - Transcriber 1 spelled "Johns" -not real name - JONES, and transcriber 2 spelled it JONS.) I tried to identify names of participants to help with spelling, and that helps in the end product, but I should have realized misspellings of other names was predictable outcome and next time I'll try to spell names I know will come up in the interview. For anyone planning to do word searches or document in future, obviously important to check spellings after receipt of document. Big difference in turnaround time. One part came back before the 96 hours predicted, but other took a couple of weeks. Got notice, but still delays. In my call to Rev, told that delays usually related to sound quality, which makes sense, but the quality between the two portions didn't really change. In fact portion completed sooner had poorer quality. I pretty much chalked up to things happen. Site interface easy to use with Soundnote on IPad.
  September 23, 2013  
I found this company to be honest in their dealings. I received prompt responses via e-mail from Breetel Graves with any questions or concerns that I had. I would recommend this company.
  September 22, 2013  
Sharon Devers L.
I had an excellent experience with REV. My translation was done quickly. They answered all my questions and concerns immediately. I would definitely use their service again. I highly recommend them.
  September 22, 2013  
First experience and definitely NOT last!
  September 22, 2013  
Dealing with has been great. I will use them again in the future for all my transcription needs. M
  September 21, 2013  
I was very happy that I submitted my recording Thursday evening and got it back Friday morning. Now that's great turnaround time! The transcript was pretty accurate but not 98% - more like 80%. I read through it, while listening to the recording, and had to change it to match the recording. Overall, I'd say they did a very good job.
  September 21, 2013  
The turnaround was unbelievably fast, and the quality of the work was excellent. I really appreciate the ease and timeliness with which I receive my transcripts. Thank you for yet another job very well done.
  September 21, 2013  
The translation was returned to me as they say in 24 hrs. And it came back as I spectated it will be. I think it's very well done translated, I'm very happy with their job and I will continue to translate all my documents with this people. Thank you so much.
  September 21, 2013  
Guy D.
I was struggling for a long time with how to transcribe my audio conversations. I bought the latest software, contracted people for an hourly wage and nothing seem to work. Costs were unpredictable. With I was able to get exactly what I was looking for. An accurate, fast and inexpensive way to get my voice transcribed. I was really amazed how easy everything was and how there were no hidden fees or surprises at the end of the job. This is a great service for anyone looking for an excellent transcription of seminars, speeches, etc. Great job!
  September 21, 2013  
The trenslation was were fast. I got the document translated less than 24 h.
  September 20, 2013  
Ryan S. N.
I needed this back quick and it was faster than I had thought. I'd say that it was 98% accurate. This took a lot off my work load. I will continue to use them.
  September 20, 2013  
I would recommend it to my friends.
  September 20, 2013  
Larry B.
I had to take two hours to clean up the transcript, especially to clean up the multitude of sections that the transcriber simply identified and unintelligible. I would have rather paid twice the amount, just to have a proper professional value completeness and accuracy over speed. I've need for another transcription, but I MUST have better quality.
  September 20, 2013  
Bernardo S.
Don't event think use @rev translation services. What a incompetent people. hideous support. 2 calls, 4 emails, and nobody fixed the errors in the translation.
  September 20, 2013  
Maria B.
Highly recommended, excellent service, excellent translation that was perfect and fast!