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  October 28, 2013  
I would just like to thank Rev for a very professional, accurate and timely transcription service which included my Scottish accent. It is much appreciated.
  October 28, 2013  
Mike S.
Great price and very well done.
  October 28, 2013  
This is a site to get those spoken words down onto paper in short time. You can do it from your computer or from your iPhone or iPad. Put simply - Great Stuff!
  October 28, 2013  
This proves you can get good, fast and cheap all in one service! Great find and definitely sharing with other writers and editors I know.
  October 28, 2013  
The translation was ready in a couple of hours after submmiting the document.
  October 28, 2013  
Mariana I.
I needed a marriage certificate translation certificated from Spanish to English in order to process my employment application. I requested the service on Sunday night and on Monday morning I had my translation ready, very accurate translation and with the certification included. I haven't process my application yet, but I'm sure it will be fine. Thank you guys at REV!
  October 28, 2013  
Your service was as good as advertised. I would like to know what the cost would be to have transcription products certified by a court reporter.
  October 28, 2013  
Quick and Easy!!! Thank you!
  October 28, 2013  
W L.
So, far, I'm not sure. They sent me a "finished" file which only contained approximately 20 minutes of a 3 hours 54 minutes file.
  October 27, 2013  
It was not that expensive, for my first time. They worked hard and did a very great job with the wording.
  October 27, 2013  
They did a good job, within a short amount of time
  October 27, 2013  
When translated my wife's birth certificate into English from Spanish, they gave us the translation within 24 hours. However, in one line part of my wife's name was misspelled. When she noticed the error, I sent a note to and the next day we received the corrected version.
  October 27, 2013  
Wasn't sure what to expect since using for the first time, but very quick and great accuracy! Will definitely use again.
  October 27, 2013  
Mark C.
You guys have figured out what people really want. Simple ordering, no catches, no tricks, no mental gymnastics trying to figure out what permutations of speakers, talking speed, accents or duration my content may have and then being in doubt about what rates I qualify for. Its amazing how many of your competitors don't get it. They claim simple pricing, only to then present a mind boggling array of rates depending on variables in the content. Some promise simple pricing and then completely fail to present any. You nailed it. Same goes for your translation service. I've used both and had great results each time.
  October 27, 2013  
This is the second time I use Rev translation services for immigration purposes and couldn't be happier about it. I high recommend them.
  October 26, 2013  
B. S.
What I love most about this service is: it's fast, it's cost-effective, and the quality of the work is excellent. The transcribers are obviously highly literate people who think about what they're transcribing and get it right. I will keep using this site -- it's the best I've encountered! I'm a filmmaker, by the way, and I recommend to those looking for transcripts from audio tracks, as you can even have timecode notes added for an additional fee.
  October 26, 2013  
The service was very fast!!
  October 26, 2013  
Kai Z.
100 % serious perfect work fast and recommendable! Kai fro Germany
  October 26, 2013  
On time and accurate translation. Friendly web-page. Support staff answered timely and effectively all my questions. Every dollar spent was justified. Thank you
  October 25, 2013  
Easy to use. Prompt. Really good.