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  April 29, 2013  
Daniel C.
Fast and accurate translation.
  April 29, 2013  
Elena K.
I needed translation of my documents. It was quick, correct, professional! Thank You !
  April 29, 2013  
Sarah M.
I used on a regular basis to transcribe interviews and event presentations. They are incredibly accommodating given our needs of requiring some transcripts sooner than others. I'd highly recommend them!
  April 28, 2013  
Fast, accurate, professional, reasonably priced. Just what I need. Have used Rev again, and will in the future.
  April 27, 2013  
Jeremy H.
I needed to get this work done quickly and accurately! I submitted my request and they got back to me ASAP. Within a 2 days I received the work I requested. It was a real lifesaver!
  April 27, 2013  
I have had numerous official government documents translated from Spanish to English by using this service and I am one hundred percent satisfied. Every page is accurate and it was to the satisfaction to the client that I was submitting the documents to.
  April 27, 2013  
Sarah S.
I have used this site to transcribe one on one interviews for my doctoral dissertation study. Without research assistants to support me, I was faced with either spending hours doing the transcription myself or looking in to a service. At $1 per minute, created easy upload process, and not only transcribed with accuracy, but had an additional reviewer to check the work. There were almost no errors and I always received the transcripts back before I expected. I had looked at a variety of other sites, but none could match Rev and either used computers or were outside the U.S. and not familiar with the vocabulary or accents of native English speakers. Rev exceeded my expectations and saved me many hours of work!
  April 27, 2013  
B E.
I certainly can recommend rev transcripts...they are a professional and responsive service. They are in tune with the necessity for graduate students to have transcriptions turned around quickly. I was surprised that while it is an on-line service that it felt like a small family business. Like all good things there are a couple glitches; they aren't able to upload all file types so I had to stretch my own tech skills to get my files into a workable format--but they can accommodate MOST file types. Secondly, there are some differences in quality depending on your transcriber. Overall, these were tolerable inconveniences that are easily over looked with the great service and mostly very accurate transcriptions. I have recommended this service and will continue to do so...and oh yeah and will use it again!
  April 26, 2013  
Pedro W.
Excellent Service, Outstanding Job !!!
  April 26, 2013  
richard k.
I've used their service on numerous occasions and cannot recommend them enough. If you haven't tried them yet, well what are you waiting for?? You won't find a better price or better service anywhere else let alone quality of their work!
  April 26, 2013  
eva z.
I found this website online and it was really easy to download the document that I needed to be translated. I got the translation in no time and the price was relatively fair. I will recommand this website for sure
  April 26, 2013  
Bentley S.
I've had many documents translated and they have always been translated in perfect form. Also very good with timing. They are very quick and accurate.
  April 26, 2013  
Corban Y.
I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Rev for any transcription service. They were one of the best companies I have ever had to deal with in my profession, period.
  April 26, 2013  
Mariana Martinelli S.
I was answered promptly and was very satisfied with the service provided.
  April 26, 2013  
John A.
If I were to add anything to the service, it would be an option for fully captioned video. We do a tone of short feature video content that needs English captions FIRST. I have to do very little spelling correction and it's always quickly turned around. I'd LOVE for the company to branch off into TRANSLATION when WE can afford it too! Also, fewer RATE MY TRANSCRIPTION NOTICES would help my Inbox.
  April 26, 2013  
I can recommend to my friends.
  April 26, 2013  
I have used twice for translation and both times I got the document back within a few hours. They translate with accuracy and speed. I have them bookmarked for the next time I need them.
  April 26, 2013  
Nancy J.
I'm a writer and editor for a magazine, and I use Rev to transcribe recorded interviews. I'm amazed by several things: how fast Rev can turn around jobs, how accurate the results are, and that they can do it for such a low price. The service saves me hours of manual work, and the results are almost as good as if I did it myself. even when the content contains technical information, company names, brand names, and other unusual words. I don't know their secret, but it works.
  April 26, 2013  
Trustworthy, efficient and competent company with outstanding customer service. Keep up the good work!
  April 26, 2013  
Silvia Saucedo D.
I loved the experience with this translation service. It was emailed back to me with in a day, it was correct, and neatly done. I would recommend to anyone with out a thinking about it twice!