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  September 1, 2013  
Fast and accurate translations!
  September 1, 2013  
Eduardo N.
I submitted my two docs around 5pm Friday before Labor Day and was pretty much expecting my document to come the following Tuesday and then I was pleasantly surprised that by 8pm I got my translation and certificate waiting for me in my inbox. Awesome job...I am extremely pleased. Thx u for the customer service when I called and the translator who did my translation in superman speed!!!!!
  August 31, 2013  
I used it twice and love it! So fast!
  August 31, 2013  
Joe B.
I do appreciate's quick turnaround, and their prices are OK, but they need to realize that magazines and websites don't need them to insert tabs into the copy. Unformatting the tabs can be troublesome and even impossible.
  August 31, 2013  
The translate was excellent, and fast.
  August 31, 2013  
One happy researcher :)
  August 31, 2013  
Fast, affordable, easy to download. Only think I would want would be for them to enter subheaders to make it easier to turn transcription into a blog post.
  August 31, 2013  
Good experience with you guys. Love it
  August 30, 2013  
Site was clear and easy to get the information I needed as a first-time user, submit the files and pay for the services, which were produced in record time. Even when there was a slight error, customer service responded promptly and the error was rectified in a very timely manner. The work that was done was excellent; therefore, I will continue to use their services for all of my transcription needs.
  August 30, 2013  
The website is easy to use. The wait time is minimum. No mistakes. I will use them again.
  August 29, 2013  
If you need top quality service then this is the place to go. Very accurate, and a quick turn around. I love it.
  August 29, 2013  
For the most part the transcription was accurate. The turn around time was delivered as promised. I plan to use the services for my next project.
  August 29, 2013  
After trying many different transcription outsource companies, I finally stumbled upon Rev and will continue to use their services for the remainder of my career. While I am impressed with the quick turnaround time and accuracy of the work, what really sets them apart is their outstanding customer service; their replies are always timely and I always feel satisfied with their response to my queries. The interface of the website is extremely easy to use as well.
  August 29, 2013  
This is the best translation service online. They say 24 hours, but in my case it was less than 2 hours. Awesome, highly recommended.
  August 29, 2013  
Very happy with the service, it's the 2nd time I use it in few years and it's never been as fast. Thanks!
  August 29, 2013  
Rev provided me a very efficient service. I got my PDF file 19 hours after I submitted my request.
  August 29, 2013  
I needed a Romanian - English high school diploma translation. The turn around was fast and the translation very accurate. I will highly recommend them.
  August 29, 2013  
I needed a passport, a credit card and a driver license translated, so just a few words each. The translations were accepted as official translations of my documents for an Australian National Police Check. Thanks!
  August 29, 2013  
good quality. quick feedback.
  August 28, 2013  
I needed our birth certificates translated for an international marriage in less than 48 hrs. I found and even though I said I needed it in 48hrs, they had everything done the same day! It was fast and easy and totally affordable.