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  January 2, 2022  
Judi O.
I had to go back in an correct so many words that it took me a great deal of time. Honestly, I spent so much money on the transcriptions. I thought they would be better.
  December 25, 2021  
Wonderful and accurate service.
  December 21, 2021  
Amilee S.
Fast and easy. Very simple straightforward process and pricing.
  December 19, 2021  
Andrew E.
I appreciate the lightning fast turn-around. The speaker in my video had a very thick accent, so some inaccuracies were inevitable. However, I wound up having to correct well over half of the entries on the transcript… making me wonder if I should have just transcribed it myself! Nonetheless I recommend the service and will try it again.
  December 15, 2021  
I’d give it 5 if there was some way to name each person speaking. It seems expensive for not being able to request a few minor changes.
  December 13, 2021  
Lauralee F.
My editor's mother was unable to enjoy our film "Praying the Hours" because of hearing challenges. I watched how-to videos about doing my own closed captioning and was quickly overwhelmed. Then our distributor referred me to In 24 hours the most onerous job imaginable was done, with remarkable accuracy, and customer service folks available all along the way. If I had questions, I got answers within hours—every time. We did about 8 hours of editing and corrections to bring it to a fully polished state that only we could have done. They saved us an unbelievable amount of time and aggravation—all for under three hundred bucks. The files exist in my account where I can make changes, download in any format I need to, as often as I want. Not a single complaint and so much gratitude!
  December 13, 2021  
Mike Z.
Faster than promised and pretty accurate
  December 12, 2021  
Very easy to use. Saved me a ton of time.
  December 10, 2021  
Matt B.
High-quality transcription delivered fast. Expectations met.
  December 10, 2021  
Satisfied C.
Great job and thank you!
  December 9, 2021  
Porsha S.
Awesome service will use you again if needed.
  December 6, 2021  
Rev is impressive, very fast, great pricing, but there are a few mistakes/inconsistencies scattered throughout the usual 1min clip. Very easy to fix in Pr though.
  December 6, 2021  
Mick B.
quick and fairly accurate but with some typos and unkown words
  December 5, 2021  
Cailyn M.
It didn’t do anything at all
  December 5, 2021  
It was incredibly quick and accurate- exactly what I needed. Thank you.
  December 4, 2021  
J. Mitchell J.
  December 3, 2021  
The transcript was very accurate with a very quick turn around. I also like the way the audio file is attached to the transcript for easy editing and review. I would definitely recommend to colleagues looking for transcription services.
  December 3, 2021  
Hedwig S.
Very fast and highly accurate transcripts; smooth process for uploading, editing, and downloading. Highly recommend!
  December 2, 2021  
Mark J.
Remarkably accurate transcript delivered super fast! Thank you.
  December 1, 2021  
Tracey B.
I ordered the transcription late in the evening and the next morning when I arrived at my desk, it was in my inbox - neat, crisp, perfect in every way. I could not have asked for more. Thanks so much!