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  March 13, 2019  
Gijs L.
English subtitels from English spoken text was not flawless. I suspect automated proces and no reading if the work is done correct.
  March 12, 2019  
Jimmy B.
Rev is all you need for captions and subtitles. The service, quality and turnaround time are outstanding.
  March 12, 2019  
Robert B.
I have used to transcribe interviews as part of my doctoral research. It is by far the most accurate and offers by far the fastest turnaround. 100% recommended
  March 12, 2019  
Justin B.
Amazing service, speed and accuracy.
  March 12, 2019  
John P.
I've used Rev for a couple of years and generally have been very happy with the price, speed & quality. I especially liked when they added the ability to adjust the timecode after transcription. But recently I've had a few bad experiences. 1. After uploading a file with an error, customer service was too slow to stop it and I was charged in full for the transcribing a 21-minute file which only had 3 minutes on it. They did give me a $10 credit, but it was a disappointing experience as I contacted support immediately. And they didn't respond for about 30 mins. 2. a transcript was recently delivered late 3. another transcript they pulled back to re-do for not meeting quality. While I would rather have the mistake corrected than left sub-par, this series of events leads me to believe the quality of service is dropping. I only make these comments as constructive criticism as I generally have been happy with the service and would like to see it maintain it's former quality.
  March 11, 2019  
Quick, accurate and on point. Thank you!
  March 11, 2019  
Zach D.
Quick turnaround. We gave them files in the morning and were done in less than two hours. Maybe even quicker (I can't remember). Either way, 80+ files that quick is amazing!
  March 11, 2019  
The medical terms in the audio I submit for transcribing are always accurate, and the turnaround is fast. Good job, Rev.
  March 11, 2019  
Sonja Z. delivers transcriptions fast and with all details even in more remote subjects.
  March 10, 2019  
The accuracy was amazing and the turn time was really fast.
  March 10, 2019  
Eric H.
Great service. Captions were turned around quickly with great accuracy. Will use them again for sure!
  March 7, 2019  
Yolonda K.
I've been using this company for years for their transcription service. All of my transcripts are near perfect. They have made several updates over the years and modernized their delivery. You now get to watch the video and the transcript is highlighted as each word is spoken. It is easy to use, great quality and very affordable. I've tried Fiverr before for transcriptions but is truly the best.
  March 7, 2019  
Good and quick
  March 7, 2019  
Jacote F.
Great job and turn around
  March 6, 2019  
Doug M.
The product gave me unexpected delighters and hit the sweet spot for value in my mind.
  March 6, 2019  
Wendy V.
Good Job....
  March 5, 2019  
Beth L.
Excellent quick first-time service!
  March 5, 2019  
Ronda C.
I have submitted eight recordings. I have asked for revisions on 4 of them. These are long complicated recordings (over 90 minutes each) with typically 9 people participating in a focus group. The first twenty plus pages are very well done and then it appears if the transcriber takes a break all numbered identifies of the participants disappear and every comment is listed as "respondent" or "participant". REV has agreed to redo these. Which is great, but the response is much slower with those being redone. I have not received any of the revisions back yet to know how much time these will take. But my people expect to start working on the data in two days - we may have to use the bad ones.
  March 4, 2019  
Ken H.
Amazing work
  March 4, 2019  
Mary M.
Excellent service and highly recommend.