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  January 7, 2018   Reviewed by Adam W.
Excellent turnaround
Quick, reliable, very well transcribed. Thanks!

  January 6, 2018   Reviewed by Marnie N.
Fast, efficient and accurate!
Such an awesome service. Fast, efficient, and soooo accurate! $1/minute saves hours of my time!

  January 6, 2018   Reviewed by Michele
Used this site to transcribe 2 audio files. They were both done perfectly and within 5 hours. Fantastic!

  January 5, 2018   Reviewed by BC W.
The transcription was great, but the overuse of commas was problematic
The transcription was great. My only complaint was that the transcriber places a comma after every “and” and “or,” which took me a lot of time to remove during editing. I will definitely use Rev again, but next time I will specify to leave the commas out after the words “and” and “or.”

  January 5, 2018   Reviewed by Samantha R.
Amazing results and fast!!
Amazing results and fast!!

  January 5, 2018   Reviewed by sharn f.
First time user but found the whole …
First time user but found the whole thing easy to do, quick and accurate. Will use again, thanks.

  January 4, 2018   Reviewed by Lee S.
The best of the bunch!
The best, most efficient, most user friendly, and fastest of all the services!

  January 4, 2018   Reviewed by Shindale S. gets my highest recommendation gets my highest recommendation! It is a trusted resource which I use for all of my transcription needs.

  January 3, 2018   Reviewed by Richard P.
I've been using them for years
I've been using them for years and have NEVER been disappointed. Fast, accurate, reasonably priced. These are my go to guys every time!

  January 1, 2018   Reviewed by Bob W.
As good as it gets!
As good as it gets!

  December 31, 2017   Reviewed by Michael S.
Very fast
Very fast, very accurate service. Reasonably priced.Excellent work. I will definitely use them again.

  December 30, 2017   Reviewed by Marva
Fab experience.
Fab experience. Thank you for fast reasonable service!

  December 30, 2017   Reviewed by Amanda K.
Super fast and accurate service
Super fast and accurate service, thank you! Will definite use again.

  December 30, 2017   Reviewed by Roshanna E.
I think it is a fantastic service
I think it is a fantastic service. Not perfect but damn close and I'm willing to take care of the details. Time saver. Life saver. Thank you!

  December 29, 2017   Reviewed by Betty H.
Fast, good and cost efficient
Service was fast, the product was high quality, and the cost reasonable.

  December 28, 2017   Reviewed by Visual Education S.
Not worth the time or money
Pros: Rev admitted their transcriptionists were not producing quality work and made multiple attempts to improve. Cons: Three transcriptionists worked on my file over four days. None of them used the glossary I provided and the transcript was full of errors and omissions. Additionally, there were so many [inaudible]s that the transcript was unreadable. I was unable to use the transcript, so hired one of Rev's competitors, who had no problems delivering an accurate transcript in 12 hours with only four [inaudible]s. Note - Audio was a 45-minute lecture on a medication's side effects.

  December 27, 2017   Reviewed by Jose F.
Rev fb
For me it wasn't about speed, was about quality. I ended up spending a lot of time reviewing the transcription, a significant amount of words do not match the audio file. On top of that, the need for verbatim was ignored. To note that verbatim request was only made after the order was placed.

  December 27, 2017   Reviewed by thankful c.
quick and accurate!!
quick and accurate!!

  December 27, 2017   Reviewed by Jamil G.
Excellent service
Excellent service, fast and accurate turn around. As a film maker this service is just what I was looking for. Thank you

  December 26, 2017   Reviewed by Kim E A.
Fast results
Fast results, easy to use and accurate transcription.