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  May 13, 2019  
Caroline H.
They were prompt and the transcripts were generally good, some changes where it didn't make sense but largely good
  May 12, 2019  
Steve S.
Very quick turnaround and great service. Just as a friend reccomended them to me so I reccomend them also. I am new to this but this service made my video feel more professional and honourable to the deaf and hard of hearing community
  May 10, 2019  
Leila K.
Sudden deactivation - no feedback on what went wrong or how to improve. Was just getting into the groove and transcribing and had the whole formatting guidelines memorized. It's long hours with low pay, but as an at home mom, the convenience of how and small amounts coming in was nice.
  May 10, 2019  
R K.
Fast and accurate.
  May 10, 2019  
dan t.
Turnaround on transcriptions is good. Pricing is pretty much in line with most other services. But accuracy is all over the map. Seems pretty clear they use non native english speakers for a lot of these jobs. I've downgraded transcripts at least a dozen times. And the phone recording app is now unusable. Call quality is randomly awful (and it is the recording line that's causing it -- quality immediately dives when I merge calls), and the app is randomly just cutting out during the middle of a conversation. I am looking for transcription alternatives.
  May 10, 2019  
A G.
Great service...Faultless.
  May 9, 2019  
Shawn C.
quick and easy!
  May 8, 2019  
Excellent and Timely
  May 8, 2019  
Patrick K.
The turnaround time to receive was amazing and accuracy was spot on. It would have taken me weeks to type, just hours to dictate.
  May 8, 2019  
Fast, reliable, good service. Not perfect transcriptions and some were unable to transcribe due to audio quality. A very good user interface for ordering, editing, and viewing.
  May 8, 2019  
Richard T.
I didn't get a notification email that my project was done, otherwise everything was fantastic. Would work with again.
  May 8, 2019  
The transcribers seem to be selected at random, but all five who worked on my projects did an excellent job. Some were slightly better than others, but all definitely lived up to Rev's promise of "90% accuracy," if not better.
  May 7, 2019  
Mary M.
Great experience and the best part is I don’t have to subtitle anymore!
  May 6, 2019  
kathy d.
Very quick! Thanks
  May 6, 2019  
Doug F.
I’ve used for several years. The response time is fast and the work is quality.
  May 5, 2019  
Gordon W.
Excellent job. Fast, easy and accurate.
  May 4, 2019  
Mark K.
overall very good
  May 3, 2019  
Amazing service!!! Thank you!!!!
  May 3, 2019  
Great service and great turn around. Will use them again.
  May 3, 2019  
Elinor P.
Super speedy and accurate. Overall great.