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  January 3, 2019  
Bill F.
Rev did a great job converting my interview to a usable printed copy. I would recommend it.
  January 3, 2019  
Very impressed. Very fast turnaround and high accuracy even on low-quality recordings.
  January 1, 2019  
Elizabeth Skola D.
My file was a transcript of a friend's improvised narrative that was part of a college music performance. Tons of electronic sound, some foreign language. I thought it would be very diffucult to get done. The REV transcriptionist did remarkably well, and turned it around the same day.
  December 31, 2018  
Kubra Y.
It's fast, mostly accurate and more affordable than its counterparts. Highly recommended.
  December 30, 2018  
Allison T.
The response was very fast even though it was the festive season. The quality of the transcript was good despite the fact that there was a lot of background noise in the one case.
  December 30, 2018  
Jennifer Jensen M.
Accurate transcription and VERY fast turnaround. AWESOME!!
  December 29, 2018  
Lillian H.
This transcript was exactly what I needed to proceed with my article. Thank you to
  December 28, 2018  
Marcial F.
The transcript was perfect. Not a single word was left out.
  December 28, 2018  
Carlos C.
Great service. Very fast too. Thank you
  December 28, 2018  
Rebecca C.
Easy, fast, professional.
  December 27, 2018  
Kat B.
Saves so much time and always really accurate.
  December 26, 2018  
Purchased this transcript order not knowing that the interview in Spanish would not be transcribed in Spanish. And once I received the transcripts and contacted the customer service team, I was told that I would not receive a refund. Very disappointed.
  December 25, 2018  
Ken W.
I can always count on to deliver a fast & accurate transcript of any video I upload. It's a must-have service for any marketer, in my view, one which has helped me meet tight deadlines countless times.
  December 24, 2018  
Laurel H.
I submitted a difficult medical interview for transcription and not only did it come back correct, including the medical terms, but it was turned around in half the time I was expecting. As a result I was able to meet a tight deadline for my article. Thanks Rev!
  December 22, 2018  
Beth L.
Way too expensive!
  December 18, 2018  
High quality (~95%) transcription & timings. Incredibly fast turnaround (3.5 hrs for a 15 min video). I now just need to find a way to provide some guidance for the transcription process -- e.g., Don't put any dashes at start of lines. FYI, your Terms & Conditions are not fully readable online. The only way to see the full document is to download it, or open it online and Ctl-A (select all), copy, paste into a new document, since there's no way to view the whole thing online -- there's no vertical slider for some reason.
  December 18, 2018  
Super quick turnaround. Pretty accurate and bits they couldn't figure out were flagged. There were a few odd bits (Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream was confused with gibberish) but all round a fantastic service. The editing tool was fantastic too and offered easy playback at different speeds so checking it was quick and easy. Would recommend.
  December 18, 2018  
Great and fast service
  December 17, 2018  
Roe B.
Speedy turnaround with the closed captioning!
  December 17, 2018  
Megan M.
Service was quick and efficient. Loved the online review platform.