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  January 9, 2020  
Rob R.
Really good, got the captions very quick. Minimal errors in style. I gave it 4 stars not 5 stars because I'm unsure about the fairness of your labor practices. This gig economy stuff is really unregulated, a five-star experience for me would include the company taking a leadership role in the industry.
  January 7, 2020  
Rev. Dr. Diana R. W.
Thanks so much for a job well done!
  January 5, 2020  
This is an absolutely great service. I like it a lot. I only wish they had the opportunity to email entire folders of finished transcriptions. But other than that minor issue I am highly recommend Rev
  January 4, 2020  
Stacey F.
Joseph was an amazing help!
  January 3, 2020  
Rich M.
Excellent on accuracy and the turnaround was faster than estimated
  December 29, 2019  
William S.
Great job transcribing!
  December 29, 2019  
Mike R.
Rev is a very good service, that keeps getting better. I use it regularly, definitely worth the money.
  December 29, 2019  
Fantastic service. Nothing bad to say At all. I just wish you could do Norwegian!
  December 29, 2019  
Kerri M.
Great service, fast turnaround with great accuracy.
  December 28, 2019  
Valerie W.
The speed and accuracy of your work is stunning. Thank you so much!
  December 26, 2019  
Nancy V.
An accurate transcription of a 10 minute interview of a prominent politician by Bill Maher. The interview had been posted on YouTube. I paid the additional charge for the fast turn around. Transcript arrived in less than an hour. Will use this service again. A very useful resource for me.
  December 26, 2019  
Brett S.
Very fast turnaround and great quality. Will definitely use again.
  December 25, 2019  
julie K.
Service was efficient and effective. I have other projects to work on in the new year and looking forward to putting to the test again
  December 23, 2019  
Jenny T.
Love this service
  December 23, 2019  
Marylou T.
This is a great, fast service. I only use the quick transcribe to take mp3 files and convert them to text. You will need to edit, but it's so much easier than trying to type and listen.
  December 22, 2019  
Marc W.
Fast and efficient. Great service!
  December 21, 2019  
I love this fast and easy platform for transcribing my audio interviews. The transcriptions are incredibly accurate and the editing page is a dream.
  December 20, 2019  
Pat M.
I have done 4-5 projects over the past few days -- great turnaround and accuracy -- Thanks for a job well done
  December 19, 2019  
Amy F.
fast, accurate, easy!
  December 19, 2019  
Paul N.
Rev is generally quite good, but this job was especially well-done and damn quick!