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  July 22, 2013   Reviewed by Dave M.
Outstanding service that exceeded expectations
This was the first time I utilized I was pleasantly surprised by the ease of use on the website, quick turn-around on the transcripts, and great accuracy. I will definitely be using you again!

  July 22, 2013   Reviewed by Judy
The process of transforming a whole lot of spoken verbiage into a neat, clear Word file is so easy, it seems like magic!
I'm conducting a series of interviews for a book. All are done over the phone. Sometimes the other person is on a cell phone -- and although smart phones are great in lots of ways, they can actually distort voices. takes my uploaded files and returns them as neat, clean, beautifully formatted Word files. When the transcriptionist can't make out a word, which is amazingly seldom, he/she provides a time stamp in brackets so I can check the recording. Everything about this has been easy and absolutely straightforward -- from pricing to the mechanics of placing an order. consistently has exceeded my expectations in every way, from turnaround time to quality. Now I can focus my energies on writing. Thank you,!

  July 22, 2013   Reviewed by Anita
Awesome Transcription Service
I love this service. Its so easy to use. It takes me 3 minutes to place an order and then I have the transcription within the next 2 days (usually within 24 hours)! I love this service and its the least expensive I was able to find. They are very professional. One link to one of the many transcriptions they emailed was broken. I emailed them and they got me the correct link/download in the next hour or so. Super Fast, Super Efficient, Super accurate. I love!

  July 22, 2013   Reviewed by Joanne D.
Reliable efficient service.
Would highly recommend the service, it's efficient and reliable. There are some inaccuracies, but I think that was due to Irish accents.

  July 22, 2013   Reviewed by Ronnie
You are a lifesaver. Accuracy was excellent; turnaround was less than 48 hours. I am very pleased.

  July 22, 2013   Reviewed by Reem
Great and conveinint
I certainly recommend this service to any one who work in interviews or qualitative research

  July 22, 2013   Reviewed by Coissac
Great service, very fast and reliable
Only recommendations would be to keep @ 33 USD by page, regardless number of words. We would gain some time in the process.

  July 22, 2013   Reviewed by Ivo M.
Pleased with results.
Great translation service, will definitely use again. Thank you guys!

  July 22, 2013   Reviewed by Rob H.
Excellent Service at a Great Price
I really enjoy using Rev for my translation needs. My company is finding it needs to have promotional materials in more languages to attract different investors so i use Rev to translate our slide decks and our fact sheets. They are quick and translation is always done correctly. I can't believe the exceptional value provided by Rev. I always recommend Rev to my colleagues.

  July 22, 2013   Reviewed by Jackie
Easy way to have your information translated. Have used this for about 4 years now.

  July 22, 2013   Reviewed by Patrick Mazor, Hogan Law Firm, Lubbock, T.
Have Been Using Fox Translate/Rev For Years
I work in a law firm that does immigration processing. Translations are required by the Immigration Service. I have never had a problem with the Fox Translations. They are reasonably priced, get the translations out quickly, and are easy to work with. What more could we ask for.

  July 22, 2013   Reviewed by Linda
Delivers on Time! is reliable and fast. They are my "go to" source for all my transcribing.

  July 22, 2013   Reviewed by Samuel
Fast and trustworthy
If you have documents to be translated, you should definitely check it out.

  July 22, 2013   Reviewed by Peter
Fast and Accurate!
Just started using and turnover time is impressive. Accuracy is impressive and prices are fair.

  July 22, 2013   Reviewed by Butch
Fantastic deal
Great service, reasonable priced and fast. Will recommend it and use it, again when needed.

  July 22, 2013   Reviewed by Kijun
rev is amazing, as long as you get the right transcriber
rev account is very easy to setup, uploading was quick, pricing was very reasonable, app is a great addition, and transcriptions are very quick (took a day for 4 hrs of interviews to come back transcribed) on one of our eight interviews, the transcriber named the two interviewers "male" and "male", which was not very helpful. but other transcriptions were great.

  July 21, 2013   Reviewed by Ray.
Fast, efficient and acurate plus they beat the deadline by 60%.
I'm impressed. We thought we would test their system and it worked brilliantly. Minimum of fuss and very efficient.

  July 21, 2013   Reviewed by Ramin
Great to work with as long as you are ok reviewing the files after transcription and or only need about 95% accuracy.
I like them. Friendly. Quick replies and quick transcription turn around. Some inaccuracies but they do only promise 90 something % so no surprises. I will continue using them myself.

  July 21, 2013   Reviewed by Pedro
Very professional and extremely fast turn around
I had my birth certificate translated from Portuguese to English. About 8 hours later on the same day I already received my translated document as a .pdf file. Very professional, very proficient.

  July 21, 2013   Reviewed by Jeremey provides excellent transcription services at a great price provides excellent transcription services at a great price