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  August 21, 2013   Reviewed by Aviad
decently priced, fast and professional!
I was impressed by your fair prices, by your fast service, by and tracking systems and by the output. I passed your information to the HR dept. at my university. I suggest that you contact all the international offices at the large US universities. Your service is precious. Thank you.

  August 20, 2013   Reviewed by Paul
This is a translation company that gives products with misspellings
Hey buddy, you will have to ensure this company gives you a good product. The product I ordered was rather shoddy and had multiple misspellings within the document. This is a translation company that has problems spelling and checking their own work.

  August 20, 2013   Reviewed by Martha
Fast & easy!
It was really fast, I was worried It wouldn't be ready in time.

  August 20, 2013   Reviewed by Jessica
I'm really happy with your service and how fast it was done. I'm a definitely a customer now and will recommend your service to friends and family!
I really like your service and It was so amazing how fast you had it done and send it to me !!!

  August 20, 2013   Reviewed by Simon
Easy to use, quick turn around and accurate transcript.
The process of uploading files and having them transcribed was quick and easy and the turn around time was impressive. The transcript was also very accurate with very few areas requiring any correction.

  August 19, 2013   Reviewed by Miki
Thank you!
Very fast and great customer service. I'm very satisfied.

  August 19, 2013   Reviewed by Katherine
I have used the service for three certified translations and there has been a problem every time.
Service is fast and translation is pretty good but it seems that no one reviews the pdf prior to sending out. On two occasions I have received pdfs that included blank pages. This was corrected immediately upon my request. I am still awaiting resolution of the issues on my third document. There is a part that is illegible because it is overlapped by the footer text. I requested that this be resolved and they sent it back to me without fixing it. I replied to that mail requesting again that the issue be fixed, and so far I have not gotten a response.

  August 19, 2013   Reviewed by Shobana
Awesome !!
The translation met the requirements of USMLE and did not have any complaints from the organization. The service was too quick and appropriate.

  August 19, 2013   Reviewed by Robin
Time saver; some issues with transcription
Overall, Rev really saved us time on our interview research, and the recording quality was excellent. The only difference between 4 and 3 stars for me was the transcription quality. We did end up needing to add back 4-6 hours of time filling in sections labeled inaudible or crosstalk, and there were some errors that completely changed the meaning of what was said. Had we not taken the time to do this, our analysis would have been inaccurate. There seemed to be inconsistencies between the transcriptions as well. Some were great with very little errors; some were full of missed sections and errors. Seems like they need to tighten up their model. If they do that, we could rely on this service repeatedly!

  August 19, 2013   Reviewed by Krish
Absolutely great service
Really good support up front and the job was easy, quick and to a high standard...

  August 19, 2013   Reviewed by Erica
Perfect Experience
The REV website and order process is informative and easy to navigate. Paying securely by PayPal is great for both security and convenience. The data was upladed easily and I was kept informed of my order by email. The turnaround was quick and I liked the way they sent you part of your order as it was being completed (I had two interviews to be transcribed). The price is the best part, affordable, and a great service. The accuracy was great. Overall I could not have asked for better and will be recommending the service to others.

  August 18, 2013   Reviewed by Maia
You can trust it!fast and everything was right.
Thank you.wiil work with you again!

  August 18, 2013   Reviewed by Claudia
Very good thank you. Very fast

  August 18, 2013   Reviewed by Ophelia
TThey did a much better job than I would have done myself. So worth it!
The transcriptionist did a way better job with my interview than I would have done myself, and they turned it around in half the promised time. It was worth every penny.

  August 18, 2013   Reviewed by Emilie G.
Very reliable service
Very reliable service, good prices, good customer contact - all good except for one glitch: the translator had included in my translation package a document which was not mine. A pretty bad infringement on privacy of a client's documents.

  August 18, 2013   Reviewed by Emily
Prompt, accurate
I turned my 1 hour audio recording in on Thursday morning and received the full transcript by Friday afternoon. It was easily readable and mostly accurate. Will definitely be coming back when I need more audio transcriptions.

  August 18, 2013   Reviewed by Discover
Nervous First Time Customer, Happy with the Outcome.
This was my first time using the transcription service, and I didn't have a colleague who had used your company as a referral, so I was a little nervous. I had originally selected another company as their rates were more compatible with what I had been paying, but they only accepted credit card, not PayPal so I went with your company instead as I trust Pay Pal. Having my first transcript returned in less than the quoted 48 hours and of a high quality, I was extremely happy with the end product. I submitted two more. The rating is a 4 rather than a 5 only because of the price. The service/quality was just fine.

  August 17, 2013   Reviewed by Orasa
fast and accurate
Qualitative translation service, fast and accurate. The price is slightly high for government official documents such as birth and education certificates.

  August 16, 2013   Reviewed by Christian A.
Faster than expected and as precise as expected service.
Faster than expected and as precise as expected service.

  August 16, 2013   Reviewed by Ernesto
Fast and good translation
I sent two birth certificates and one marriage certificate for translation from portuguese to english. They sent me the next day all three documents translated. One of them had a problem due to a difficult to read name, I reported it and the next day I got it corrected. They are fast and the translation was good, not the best but may be due to the terms and language these documents carry in Brazil. It is awful even for me a native brazilian.