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  August 11, 2013   Reviewed by Sheena
Great site to use but the only thing i dont like is you charge a full dollar if a video is 1 second over.
Great service, very fast and great transcription the only thing i dont like is if my video is 2 minutes and 1 second long, you immediately charge $3 which i think is not fair other than that you guys are great

  August 11, 2013   Reviewed by Jann
Thank you for the good job.
Very good job, very fast and very professional. Thank you.

  August 11, 2013   Reviewed by Nadine
Great transaction throughout!!!!
I am glad I found these guys and will definitely use them again!

  August 10, 2013   Reviewed by Donna
very quick, professional and did a good job !!
very good job!!

  August 10, 2013   Reviewed by Willie
Fast and amazing service!
I would recommend this company to anyone that needed to have something translated. I was told when I placed the order that I would have the completed document in 24 hours and I receives it in 6 hours! Incredible service!!!

  August 9, 2013   Reviewed by LESLIE
Perfect job
Perfect job thank you

  August 9, 2013   Reviewed by Marian
awesome, superfast! Great service!
excellent experience

  August 9, 2013   Reviewed by Priya
SWIFT Service!
I asked for a quote for the tranlation service, for which I got the response less than an hour. The price was defintely comparable and I got the translated copy in less than 24 hrs. The speed and the quality is worth the time spent.

  August 9, 2013   Reviewed by Tanya is Awesome!
Started writing a book and did lots of recorded interviews. was easy to use, easy to set up, fast and accurate! Made my life so much easier. Thanks !

  August 8, 2013   Reviewed by stuart
Nothing short of stunning
Unbelievably fast turnaround, easy upload, download & payment, accurate transcriptions and excellent rates. is simply outstanding.

  August 8, 2013   Reviewed by Judith
EXCELLENT service!
Fast fast turnaround and quality transcripts (meaning NO typos or missing words)! As a media production company ALWAYS working on tight deadlines, your quality, efficient and FAST service!

  August 8, 2013   Reviewed by Juan V.
Very Professional and on time.
They ask a fair price on translations and deliver a professional and punctual service. I would recommend this company to anyone looking for a quick, professional and fair price translation service.

  August 8, 2013   Reviewed by Vladimir
Very fast and accurate. Great service! Thanks!
Delivered the same day

  August 8, 2013   Reviewed by Thomas
Very happy with accuracy and speed of service!
Quick turnaround and really easy to work with the site and upload media. Also when I have had questions they are very quick to respond.

  August 8, 2013   Reviewed by Michael
Great service, quick turnaround
My transcript was done on-time and was accurate at a fair price.

  August 8, 2013   Reviewed by Octavius
My experience was excellent!
My experience with Rev was nothing short of excellent. My work was done in a timely manner and I will most certainly use them again. As a matter of fact, I told the college about my experience with Rev!

  August 8, 2013   Reviewed by Paul
Accuracy not great
Accuracy very patchy, wouldn't recommend unless you don't mind proofreading, in which case it could be good value

  August 8, 2013   Reviewed by Tony
Seamless, automated, accurate.
recommended from a paid and highly critical forum. Website made it easy to understand and get the work done. Everything was simple and automated and results and promised. Will be using again, thanks.

  August 8, 2013   Reviewed by Benjamin
Absolutely terrific.
Very accurate, very fast, and very affordable.

  August 7, 2013   Reviewed by W.S.
Professional, personal, and highly recommended
Had 66 minutes total in three audio files, and needed them transcribed rather quickly. Placed my order and requested an expedited turnaround if possible. A couple of hours later I was contacted by a representative by e-mail (off-hours EST USA) and notified they were sending the three files to three separate transcriptionist to expedite the work. Less than 24 hours later I had my work, in MS Word format. Forms were merged and after a couple of minutes of formatting the work was complete. Excellent experience, fast and accurate work, very professional. Would certainly use their services again and recommend them without hesitation.