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  September 20, 2013  
Very good service. I order a translation online and it arrived in less than 12hs. I thought the price was very fair, actually it was cheaper than with a professional translator in my country.
  September 19, 2013  
I was not expecting to receive my document back within a couple of hours of sending it to Rev. com. Unfortunately, we often experience poor quality service and just come to expect it. What a happy surprise to receive the service I did from REV.Com. I could not be more pleased with this company. I could not recommend them more highly.
  September 18, 2013  
I appreciated the relative ease of use and quick turnaround. And for the most part the transcription was done well but there were way more errors than there should have been. Overall satisfied though.
  September 18, 2013  
Mary P.
I wasn't expecting it to be this fast,they send my translation in the same day also price is very good ,im very happy definitely gonna recommend it to other people
  September 18, 2013  
Very impressed with the fast and reasonably priced service!
  September 18, 2013  
This service is amazingly fast. The translation is accurate and hopefully will be accepted by USCIS.
  September 18, 2013  
The Service from was very efficient and accurate. The value I got from their service was awesome and with a high-quality certified translation. Will recommend to my family and friends.
  September 18, 2013  
They provided service extremely fast thorough detailed next to no errors whatsoever very affordable will use again.
  September 18, 2013  
when ever I need to translate any paper, Rev is what I use. There website is very easy to use, simple to understand, and cheap to use. they are very quick. Sometimes they tell you it will take 24 hours but they always finish it in 4-5 hours tops ! and when I did had issue with one of the translations, the lady from the costumer service was very nice and helpful. I will defiantly use them again from any translation that I have, and I highly recommended to my family and friends.
  September 18, 2013  
I like how fast was the service and I like the website as well it's very good job thank you but hopefully it was cheaper because $27 for one paper is kinda expensive specialy for students or people who are still trying to get a job ... Thank you
  September 18, 2013  
Very good job, but now it seems I'm stuck in the attempt of correcting a misspelled date. Hopefully they'll fix it.
  September 18, 2013  
I love working with because of their quickness and dependability. I have had absolutely no issues in regards to the reliability and ease of ordering.
  September 18, 2013  
- no strange request - no lodino of Time - no Crazy price Just The right Service
  September 18, 2013  
I thought it was really good service overall - very fast turnaround time (without paying extra for it), I would say it was the cheapest transcription service (after receiving various quotes from other transcription service providers) and more importantly, very accurate (minor discrepancies due to our Australian accent perhaps lol). Overall, I would definitely be recommending it to others!
  September 17, 2013  
I uploaded 12 files and after 5 days still had not received all of them. They were only 45 minutes long. I should have received them after 3 days. I called support and they were sent right away. But still late.
  September 17, 2013  
My first experience with Rev was fantastic. While they guarantee turnaround to be within 48 hours it was much quicker than that and highly accurate. I immediately sent them two more jobs and downloaded the app for my phone. It seems will we are off to a nice partnership. The price was very competitive -- close to the best I could find. I would highly recommend this service to others.
  September 17, 2013  
This was my first time getting any document translated, but I have to say that I was really happy with the service I received from The first quote I received from Rev for the document I needed translated was at $81, so I decided to shop around. However, all the other companies I searched for sent me a quote which exceeded $81. Then the next day, I received another quote from Rev for $51; so I took it. Rev told me to expect my translated document within two business days, but I got my translation the very next day I ordered it. All in all, very good service I think.
  September 17, 2013  
Thank you so much
  September 17, 2013  
All correct and fast
  September 17, 2013  
Ed N.
Easy, fast, reasonable Thank You. Will use again.