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  April 25, 2013   Reviewed by Bev R.
I recommend this company to EVERYONE!
I needed something quick and simple for podcasts - this app is awesome! I was able to record a voicemail off a dumb phone (non speaker phone type) and the recording came out crystal clear (way beyond what I expected.) I also sent the recording to them for transcription (and once again, the transcription was excellent). I can't stop there because their customer service and follow-up skills are impressive too. They also listen to feedback and they respond quickly and give you "real answers" and not just the general "we will look into it" and then they never get back to you. It's not often that I get revved up about a company - or even write a company/product/service review. If I could double their stars, I would do it in a heartbeat. Teksquisite Consulting, LLC

  April 25, 2013   Reviewed by suzanne g.
Very easy to use, very accurate with very quick turnaround - they did a great job.
I needed some work documents translated so I decided to give a try, and had them translate one document into Russian and German. The website is very clean looking, easy to use, just a few clicks and the order is placed. I really liked that the pricing was so simple and I could calculate it immediately. They returned both documents around in 24 hours or less and the translations were very good. I loved it because it was minimal work for me, their prices are really good, and they produced quality translations quickly. After the work was completed they checked in with me to make sure I was satisfied. Since then I have sent Rev at least four more documents to translate into multiple languages and it's been the same great experience. Excellent.

  April 25, 2013   Reviewed by Jonathan B.
fast correct service
I have used this website for many transcriptions. They do a quick and excellent job.

  April 25, 2013   Reviewed by Kush D.
100% satisfaction has excellent customer service, competitive rates, great turn-around times and almost perfect accuracy-100% of the time! I'd highly recommend for any transcription or translation projects.

  April 25, 2013   Reviewed by Peter S.
Extremely fast turnaround and high quality translations
I needed a last minute translation into French of my college diploma and transcripts. was great. The translations were flawless and everything was delivered right on time.

  April 25, 2013   Reviewed by Al K.
Highly recommended..
I worked with them twice, and on both occasions , they delivered well. Translation was done within 24 hours, and high quality.. Honestly, I don't see the need to go anywhere else to do my translation..they did the job well, and was very reliable...

  April 25, 2013   Reviewed by Kevin N. is a great all-around experience!
Good prices, great work, rapid turnaround, great customer service!! I highly recommend

  April 25, 2013   Reviewed by Derrick J.
Rev is awesome!
Rev is awesome! Fast, accurate and super convenient!

  April 25, 2013   Reviewed by Full M.
Very fast, accurate & trustworthy
They've been for me when I needed them, never taking more than 24 hours and usually a lot less to translate practically anything

  April 25, 2013   Reviewed by EDWARD L.
Attention to detail in complex audio
I have now sent two audio sessions to Rev.Com and both have been packed full of proper names and various locations. We send along a Word file that lists the names and places in order that they will come up and Rev has been meticulous in bringing the two together. And the turnaround has been very fast.

  April 25, 2013   Reviewed by laura g.
Fast, accurate, inexpensive. I'd give 10 stars if I could.
I had a great experience with translating 18 hours of audio. They did a wonderful job. Will definitely use them again and I highly recommend them.

  April 25, 2013   Reviewed by ali k.
Good excellent perfect etc etc

  April 25, 2013   Reviewed by Ramon S.
Beats the heck out of my old clunky foot-pedal transcriber!
Excellent service, fast turn-around and almost error-free transcriptions! And inexpensive.

  April 25, 2013   Reviewed by Angela T.
Excellent speedy service
I emailed our certificates to them, and within 2 hours we had them back translated with a certified certificate. Brilliant service and i have already recommended to a friend who used the service and was equally impressed as myself.

  April 25, 2013   Reviewed by YBZH
They are really trying to help the customer
They really tried very hard to finish the translation before my deadline. Thank you again.

  April 25, 2013   Reviewed by Luca M.
Very fast and helpful
I needed the translations very fast to fulfill a deadline. I asked if the translations could be done faster and the translators were very helpful.

  April 25, 2013   Reviewed by R. E.
Got the job done.
I used the iphone app to record a user interview as part of some market research. I was pleased with the app experience, and wanted to get a transcript of the interview for posterity. I ordered it through the app, and got my transcript back 2 days later. It's a great service. I can't imagine it being any simpler.

  April 25, 2013   Reviewed by Anju G. is a superb website that translates your document accurately and delivers it promptly!!
Had a great experience with I needed a document translated and translated it accurately and delivered it to me before even the time they had promised!! If I ever need a document translated again, I would definitely go wit

  April 17, 2013   Reviewed by DRichard W. is a service that provides transcriptions with speed and accuracy at a very reasonable cost.
As a Personal Injury Trial Attorney I do video interviews to obtain information from clients and witnesses. I had a staff of people to transcribe the interviews however the process was long and very costly. As a computer buff I was looking for a way to help staff do a better job when I came upon the services you provide. I gave your company a try and was amazed at the accuracy and speed in getting the transcripts done. Now I no long have to burden my staff with getting transcriptions and I have decreased the overall cost of my business. Your services are now an integrate part of my business. D. Richard White MoKan Personal Injury Group

  April 16, 2013   Reviewed by Jacqueline B.
Excellent service has helped me tremendously with my research. I would have been unable to complete my project without their prompt, efficient, and accurate service. I rely on precise transcriptions of my interviews, and provided exactly that. I have worked with other transcription companies, and outperforms them all. I plan to use this company again and have recommended it to my colleagues.