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  September 3, 2013   Reviewed by Vj K. is Awesome!
Not only did they get me back my transcribing order in less than 2 hours on Labor Day! but they did it for 1/3 the price quoted by another service. gets my VOTE!

  September 3, 2013   Reviewed by Clint
Very satisfied with the service and the very quick turn-around.
I wasn't sure what to expect b/c this was my first time doing any transcription service. I will be using this service from a lot more going forward. I was amazed how quick they delivered and I feel the price was very fair.

  September 2, 2013   Reviewed by Nancy
Outstanding response to inquiries, turnaround period and quality, EXCEPTIONAL!
The amounts posted on the webpage for the translation & certification services were too good to be true, and to make sure asked for a quote. They responded within a few hours; I still had a question on a medical certificate, not only did I get a voice, but were very patient in explaining their process. The uploading, purchasing process was easy. What was the biggest surprise? This was a holiday weekend, and the translation/certification was completed/emailed within a few hours! Kudos to Brianna!

  September 2, 2013   Reviewed by Angelica
They are fast and professional.
The only inconvenience was that they took more time that I expected in the beginning because the document that I provided them wasn't clear, They did not notify me, they did it just when I asked them. After I provided a high resolution copy they were really fast and the quality of the translation was pretty good.

  September 2, 2013   Reviewed by Sonja
Very impressed with service - accurate and done before expected!
I was behind on transcribing some audio files so I checked out this service. My file was about an hour and 40 minutes long. Files over one hour are not guaranteed in 24 hours, but mine was ready in less than 24 hours! I was really impressed with the turnaround time. When I read through the transcript, I was yet again impressed because I would say it was better than 99% accurate. Wonderful service. Will use again and again.

  September 2, 2013   Reviewed by Viola
Good, very fast.
I have overall great experience with rev translations. I needed document translated for immigration services. They've done in one day (on order it was "more than 2 business days"). Everything is correct and now just waiting for immigration services to approve it.

  September 2, 2013   Reviewed by Kenneth M.
Easy and fast uploads. Very good pricing.
The web site works very efficiently. Uploads are fast, and the system gives you the price up front. The pricing is very reasonable too. I have found turnaround time to be excellent, often within 2 days or less. Last week I received two transcripts within 24 hours. Accuracy is good.

  September 2, 2013   Reviewed by Andrew D.
Great experience
This is the first time I have used your services. It is great and it is very cost effective. I will and I have recommended to others.

  September 1, 2013   Reviewed by Wendy
I asked multiple questions before I sent my files over. Each question was answered with courstey, professionalism, and promptness. When I sent 12 audio files on Friday of a holiday weekend. Fully expecting the files to be completed by the following Tuesday I was pleasantly surprised to see them all completed with excellence by 10:00am the next morning I will definitely use again!

  September 1, 2013   Reviewed by Al-first-time-user
Fast and reliable
Great service at a reasonable price.

  September 1, 2013   Reviewed by Vasil
Fast and accurate!
Fast and accurate translations!

  August 31, 2013   Reviewed by Eduardo N.
Surprisingly fast, great, and helpful
I submitted my two docs around 5pm Friday before Labor Day and was pretty much expecting my document to come the following Tuesday and then I was pleasantly surprised that by 8pm I got my translation and certificate waiting for me in my inbox. Awesome job...I am extremely pleased. Thx u for the customer service when I called and the translator who did my translation in superman speed!!!!!

  August 31, 2013   Reviewed by Elena
Fast, quality work, good price!
I used it twice and love it! So fast!

  August 31, 2013   Reviewed by Joe B.
Good turnaround, but the formatting could be much better.
I do appreciate's quick turnaround, and their prices are OK, but they need to realize that magazines and websites don't need them to insert tabs into the copy. Unformatting the tabs can be troublesome and even impossible.

  August 31, 2013   Reviewed by Tania
Excelente and fast translate.
The translate was excellent, and fast.

  August 31, 2013   Reviewed by Karen
Fast turnaround and very few errors even with strong accents
One happy researcher :)

  August 31, 2013   Reviewed by Ryan
Fast and affordable
Fast, affordable, easy to download. Only think I would want would be for them to enter subheaders to make it easier to turn transcription into a blog post.

  August 30, 2013   Reviewed by Agostinho
The best ever.,
Good experience with you guys. Love it

  August 30, 2013   Reviewed by Jennifer
Fast, quality results
Site was clear and easy to get the information I needed as a first-time user, submit the files and pay for the services, which were produced in record time. Even when there was a slight error, customer service responded promptly and the error was rectified in a very timely manner. The work that was done was excellent; therefore, I will continue to use their services for all of my transcription needs.

  August 29, 2013   Reviewed by svetlana
They translate papers fast!!
The website is easy to use. The wait time is minimum. No mistakes. I will use them again.