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  August 3, 2013   Reviewed by Aleksandr
Excellent prompt service, precise transcription.
Excellent prompt service, precise transcription. Thank you!

  August 3, 2013   Reviewed by Will
Positive experience overall
Quick turnaround time, and easy to use Translators made a spelling error on a person's name, and it required some extra effort on my part for it to be corrected

  August 3, 2013   Reviewed by Kate
So fast!
I will definitely use this service -- what a find

  August 3, 2013   Reviewed by Troy
First of two transcripts on order stellar, second not quite as stellar but very nearly so
Really excellent service, especially turn-around! Less than 48 hours for two interviews totalling over 2 hours 10 mins. I was shocked after uploading reference videos late in the day to find the first transcript completed and waiting early the next morning. The only thing that prevents me from awarding 5 stars this time is a need for a few more corrections on the second of the two scripts completed (Ken) that I didn't think should have slipped by with such frequency as they did. Mostly it was still stellar, but just a few more 'misses' than normal. There were some misses that were due to either strange location names or trade names pertaining to the industry, but I'm not considering those. What I am referring to are the general, 'everyday vocabulary' misses. Still excellent by all means, and we'll be back for sure.

  August 3, 2013   Reviewed by Nicole
Fast and accurate!
Really fast turn-around (less than 24 hours) and great service and customer support.

  August 2, 2013   Reviewed by Andriele
Very good
They did a very good job. Everything was correct and they are really fast. Good price as well.

  August 2, 2013   Reviewed by Ligia
Just as easy as it sounds!
I requested a translation at night and it was ready by the next morning! Fast and accurate is how I would describe Rev. I would recommend it.

  August 2, 2013   Reviewed by Tatiana
Very good and fast service . 100% accuracy

  August 2, 2013   Reviewed by Margarita
Excellent work
Very happy to have chosen this company, they did the job faster than offered and the translation was accurate.

  August 1, 2013   Reviewed by Ravi
very cheap and affordable

  August 1, 2013   Reviewed by Gene D.
Another excellent job well done and it is appreciated.
I've never had a bad experience. Punctuation are accuracy are top notch! I also had a few requests that were followed exactly. Thank you guys for another job perfectly done.

  August 1, 2013   Reviewed by Patrick
Simply excellent
I've sent about 5 jobs through to I was literally stunned by the speed and quality of the work returned.

  August 1, 2013   Reviewed by Timothy
Excellent quality, very fast, very professional
Excellent quality, very fast, very professional. Some parts of the recording were not intelligible, but the quality of the transcribing was very good.

  August 1, 2013   Reviewed by Geraldine
95% accuracy and quick turn around time! is one of the best services I have found to assist me with my transcriptions. It is always important to review the transcripts for accuracy but the efficiency and speed of completion was greatly appreciated.

  August 1, 2013   Reviewed by Steve
Fast, Faster than expected
Wicked fast turn around. Almost literally after i submitted a 20 minute narrative it appeared in my 'in' box.. Again.. Fast

  August 1, 2013   Reviewed by Rhonda
It just takes one.
Before Rev, the only thing I'd ever known about translation was my occasional use on Google Translator. So when I needed to have forms and documents translated, REV was one of the many websites to pop up. I took a chance, clicked on the website, signed up and went from there. After the first translation, I knew I didn't need to look any further. REV's professionalism, accuracy and quick turn over is impressive. I was able to get my documents in 48 hours. I've used them now on several occasions and will continue to do so in the future. For me , it just took one translation to see what this company was about. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend REV to anyone in need of professional translators.

  August 1, 2013   Reviewed by Business u.
Efficient, reasonably priced and very easy to use -- but transcription quality could be better
My company has used to transcribe a series of interviews containing business content. The turnaround time, ease of use and pricing are excellent. However the transcripts contain a lot of mistakes. Had I not heard what had been said, it would have been hard to use some of these transcriptions. The mistakes did not only involve industry-specific names and terms. Simple everyday words were omitted and misspelled. That said, some of the transcripts are better than others. Seems like the quality has dropped some in the summer. Are the good transcribers on vacation? I like's exceptionally customer-friendly service and ease of use. But unfortunately I have to be honest.

  August 1, 2013   Reviewed by Thiago
expensive and buggy
They got my name wrong -- it's "Thiago" (and that's how it appears on all originals), but somehow on the translations my name was changed to "Tiago". Also, the originals contained multiple instances of "res.", which is an abbreviation for "research", and on the translations "res." sometimes got translated (to "pes.", which is an abbreviation of "Pesquisa" - "research" in Portuguese) but sometimes not, which is really odd. I also found the price a bit steep - $33 per 250 words, which in my case added up to over $300. If it were bug-free I wouldn't be complaining, but at that price I expected the work to be flawless (which it wasn't, unfortunately). On the plus side, I received both the quote and the translations pretty quick.

  August 1, 2013   Reviewed by Fred
Great resource
We have sent a ton of work through Rev over the past few months and they have done an excellent job.

  August 1, 2013   Reviewed by Customer
Very accomadating and very precise and quick
I needed my interview transcribed very quickly and earlier than I thought. I emailed them explaining my circumstance and they emailed me back my transcribed interview right away. It was finished transcribing and all that it had left was to be reviewed, but even in its unfinished state it was very precise. I was impressed with how fast and precise the work was especially for it being only 24 hours and the transcription was 21 pages long. Well worth the money!