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  September 13, 2013  
Excellent job! Very quick turn-around. Will continue to use Rev for all of my remaining transcription needs.
  September 12, 2013  
Received the translated document after less than 24h. Very efficient and fast.
  September 12, 2013  
Was ready in 2 hrs (I mentioned that it was urgent) and everything was very accurate, word-to-word, and the price was exactly as stated. P.S. It was a marriage certificate in Hebrew; so all the religion-specific details and Hebrew dates came correctly in the translation.
  September 12, 2013  
Quick and without problems!
  September 12, 2013  
REV is hands down one of (if not) THE best transcription service around. Underpriced and overdelivered would be two words to describe my experience with them. Their customer service is fast, friendly and super professional. Their turnaround time is wicked fast (no promises, but mine is usually half the time quoted)! And their accuracy is par-none. is a great place for transcriptions and holds a great and valuable service. Thanks REV!
  September 12, 2013  
I am so impressed with We had a very detailed document that needed to be translated in Spanish and the service was impeccable. The turnaround time was about 30 hours which is amazing for a 12 page document. WELL DONE!
  September 12, 2013  
I highly recommend translation services. You submit your document and you get a translated document within the next day. I never had any translation discrepancy with them.
  September 12, 2013  
I liked the simplicity of it all and how fast it was done.
  September 12, 2013  
I was a bit skeptical after viewing their website--wondering how they could offer what they said for the price they said. I was quite honestly shocked by how quickly the work was done, and the transcriptions were quite accurate, requiring only some minor changes. I certainly recommend them and will use them again.
  September 12, 2013  
Scott fits our need for fast, accurate transcriptions. Keep up the great work!
  September 11, 2013  
the service remains an outperformer. it is hard to imaging that one can have transcription done so effortlessly for so little cost.
  September 11, 2013  
Good service for a good price. Translated a handwritten birth certificate. The translation was sent back in less than 24 hours.
  September 11, 2013  
If ever you need a certified translation that is reasonable priced and fast respond, I highly recommend Rev and go to their website, is that easy.
  September 10, 2013  
Very pleased with my translations, thank you!
  September 10, 2013  
Very fast and efficient!
  September 10, 2013  
I had my birth certificate ready in less than 24 hours even when it was a weekend!!! I sent it on Saturday and I was expecting it back maybe by Tuesday but no! It comes by Sunday morning! Good job!!!
  September 9, 2013  
I uploaded some hard documents to translate thinking I would be getting an email with questions...Instead I got an email just a couple hours later with the translations all done! Rev blew my mind with how quick they finished!
  September 9, 2013  
Intercollegiate Athletics Division I.
Excellent - top notch and speedy
  September 9, 2013  
Had a group meeting transcribed. Considering we had people talking at the same time and other distractions, the transcription was pretty close to perfect.
  September 9, 2013  
Very fast job for a great price. I am very satisfied.