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  June 19, 2017  
Christopher W.
Quick turnaround but quite a few spelling and grammar mistakes on Close Captioning work. Also Rev needs to pay attention to the FPS of files so they don't send 29.97 Scenarist files for 23.97 projects. Also tried two other formats (srt) that had extremely small font sizes and incorrect placement over video, making them useless for actual final production.
  June 14, 2017  
Rene' B.
Nice job! Reading transcripts of my videos helps me fine-tune my speech and eliminate unnecessary and repetitive phrases in future videos.
  June 6, 2017  
Very fast turn around time - incredibly fast actually. Because the work is being spread out to multiple employees doing the transcription there are various levels of quality, depending on who you get. They have somewhat taken care of that by allowing you to rate the individual so they can make sure the best people are on your jobs and weed out people who are doing unacceptable work. So why only 4 stars? The website is not very user friendly. It's designed as a marketing site (not service) primarily so getting in to upload your material is a bit backward. You also have to upload it and pay separately for each service as they are not really integrated. So if you have 20 videos that you want transcribed and with closed caption you have to upload the 20 videos twice and pay with two separate transactions. Doing a review on your final product is also done separately - reviewing transcripts is done through the Word doc and CC is done through the email they send. I would love to be able to upload my videos and then pick which services I need for them instead of repeating the work for each individual service. If they could fix this and put together a service oriented dashboard I would give Rev an enthusiastic two thumbs up.
  June 6, 2017  
Sonya K.
Mostly a good experience and the work is fast.
  June 1, 2017  
Good translation. Fast service. We will keep on using Rev.
  May 27, 2017  
profcornelius provides an excellent service; however, some of the typing is not as good as others. I always rate each transcription as promises that typists who you rate as 3/5 (or less) will not be allocated to you again. The speed is amazing!
  May 26, 2017  
G. B.
I had 14 minutes of video for transcription and Rev had it back to me in under an hour. The accuracy was very solid for having to listen to people speaking English with different accents.
  May 25, 2017  
Doctoral C.
Of the 60 pages I had transcribed there were only a few errors. The service was quick and easy on my end. Thank you
  May 22, 2017  
Gary S.
Very accurate and speedy transcript. I was impressed with the accuracy of my first two transcripts and the time frame they were were completed. Would definitely use the service again and recommend it.
  May 9, 2017  
This is a great service that saved me a TON of time!
  May 5, 2017  
C B.
One of the transcriptions came back PERFECT! The others had a couple of typos/spelling errors, but overall I was incredibly happy with the service. Super fast turnaround. Easy web interface. Will definitely use them again.
  May 4, 2017  
Leslie P.
Great transcription. Some transcribers are more accurate than others in terms of checking names and spelling them correctly. If words are inaudible, they'll mark them with a time stamp, which is helpful for personal review.
  April 11, 2017  
Brenda A.
Great translation.
  March 23, 2017  
They have quick turnaround and usually very accurate transcriptions. I've asked a couple times for them to not put my "ums" or "ahs" or laughing, but it doesn't always take. And maaaaybeeee it'd be great if it were a little cheaper than $1/minute.
  March 22, 2017  
Received the transcription quickly but since I found a few errors I could only give 4 out of 5 stars. Overall though I'm impressed.
  March 20, 2017  
I've had about 9 hours of interviews typed by and have been happy with 2 of the transcribers' work, not so with the other. The company has been very responsive to my concerns about the problem and I have already used them again and things look great. Fast turn around and very fair rates.
  March 10, 2017  
So convenient and really fast. Will definitely use this transcription service again!
  March 10, 2017  
Have had them do several files for us to close caption. Too easy to accidentally order a transcript than a CC file. When this happens, you have to pay again, place the order again, no correcting of accidents.
  March 10, 2017  
Thank you for the quick and reliable service!
  March 5, 2017  
bravoFacts &info are correct. Perfect. Bravo