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  December 19, 2013  
Gillian H.
I tried out the transcription service with one of my shorter interview recordings (25 mins). Background noise, heavy accents and some unfamiliar names were scattered throughout the interview. The transcript came back to me within about 8 hours I think, and I was impressed with the accuracy and detail. Any inaudible sections were clearly noted with time-codes. I will use this service again. It is much more user-friendly, and good value for money than many of the locally-available services.
  December 18, 2013  
Bastante bien hecha y entregada rápidamente. No está 100% perfecta, pero contiene errores pequeños y el uso de las palabras es consistente a lo largo del texto, por lo que es simple corregir una palabra mal utilizada (cuyo caso corresponde principalmente a palabras muy técnicas). Estoy muy satisfecha con el trabajo.
  December 15, 2013  
I've used to transcribe 9 interviews and 2 focus groups. Except for once, the turn around time was pretty close to 24 hours for all of the 45-75 minute transcriptions. There was an issue with how long the one focus group transcription was taking, but once I contacted Rev, it was quickly resolved. Overall, the accuracy was good. Two transcripts had some issues, but the rest were very accurate.
  December 12, 2013  
Incredibly fast turn-around, only a few mistakes--I'll definitely use this service again!
  December 12, 2013  
use service for the first time. overall very happy with it and turn around time. thought it was strange that I got a interview I submitted one day alter before the interview I submitted first? some of the spelling errors make me wonder if this is not automated opposed to a human being? either that or outsourced to another country that doesn't know merril lynch and calls this financial institute Mary Lynch:)
  December 9, 2013  
It's a great service, it let's you specify the words that don't translate like names and places. It's also very easy to use and my file came back very fast. In my case, I only needed a few words officially translated so it would have been very cheap if it wasn't for the whole rounding up to 20 dollars thing. And then the certified version is 27, for something I could have done myself as I am bilingual. But what else could I do? The service is necessary when an official translation is required.
  December 4, 2013  
The translation was done within 24 hours. While that was good, it also meant there were a few errors. I sent them a message and they rectified the document with no fuss at all. I'll be using their services again.
  December 3, 2013  
I recorded a 1+ hour Skype interview and uploaded it to for transcription, paying $1.25 (instead of $1) for the "Verbatim" option. They did a good, accurate job, but it took two rounds of sending it back to get it finished. The first transcription they returned had one side of the conversation missing (marked as "Inaudible") and the second transcription only went halfway through on that other side. The customer service person was fine about getting the job finished, no explanation necessary, and the third time was a charm. But I would have waived their promised 24-hour turnaround, and been fine with waiting another day or so in order to get a complete transcription the first time.
  December 2, 2013  
I have used several transcription services but by far is the best. I had several transcriptions sent to them and they returned them in a timely fashion with a high level of accuracy. I did pay a little more to have them transcribed verbatim. They did a great job but it costs a bit more than is advertised. Overall a great experience and I would use again.
  December 2, 2013  
My transcription was excellent; however, it was supposed to be $1 per minute instead, I was charged $12 for a 5 minute conversation. Then two other extra fees which brought the total to $16 for the 5 minutes. I really needed the job done so I am ok with it. I am not sure I would use them for big jobs if I had a limited budget.
  December 1, 2013  
Transcription was completed in less than 24 hours on Thanksgiving weekend! I had only a few corrections to make when I reviewed it against the recording. Well worth the price for the quick turnaround!
  November 29, 2013  
V. G.
The most important things first: I received the translation in less than 24 hours and in a very good quality (German to English). At the very beginning there were some issues, though. I had prepared a document of 2 pages and 489 words. Unfortunately, the page break between the two pages generated a first page with >250 words (and the second page with much less, obviously). I received the message back that my document or part of it exceeded the limit of 250 words per page and that as a result of this the document would be regarded as a 3-page document and that I should pay for an additional page. Until paid the translation would be put on hold. All I did was move the page break and send a request to's support to please proceed with the process.'s check should definitely consider average words per page within the same document. The check they applied was too simple and not really user-frienly. We lost time and no one had a benefit from it. It was great how quickly reacted on my reply/correction, though and as said in the very first sentence, the outcome was very good. Conclusion: I will use the service again...but I will check my mailbox to ensure that I don't miss a message saying that my translation was put on hold.
  November 25, 2013  
I recommend They've done 30 transcriptions for me. The majority have been very good, some really amazing. One or two poor but they have been very willing to correct any errors. They are always prompt and efficient. They respond to enquiries within the day.
  November 22, 2013  
I was very impressed with how user friendly the website it. The turn around was extremely quick and the transcripts were easy to download. I was a little disappointed that there were no time codes to the transcripts, however this was not specified by myself, so in future I would request that times codes be added. Overall, very happy, fast and will definitely use again in the future.
  November 17, 2013  
Shoichi K.
It would be nice if you could offer the following service. *************************** Proofread and listened to a second time by an independent team $1.50/audio minute or $2/audio minute *************************
  November 16, 2013  
The service is extraordinary and very professional. I love the site too. The turnaround time is fast. The only thing is that the transcriptions have too many words that were not captured and left as "inaudible." They're not inaudible many of them.
  November 14, 2013  
Had no idea what to expect from Rev but am pleasantly surprised. I'm at a production house where we usually work directly with freelance transcribers, but I was in as bind and needed some interviews turned around quickly. After Googling similar services, I decided on Rev partly because of the these reviews and Rev's transparent and timely responses to every complaint. The turnaround time was incredible (less than 24 hours), and the process of pricing it out was simpler (less nickling and diming) than I had seen elsewhere online. Only reason for 4 stars instead of 5 is the lack of an option for more frequent timecoding and the lack of a text box that would give customers an opportunity to request additional customization instructions, if needed (though I get that this might undermine the streamlined pricing approach that I complimented above). Overall, good experience!
  November 13, 2013  
I'm thankful that it was easy to load the file and impressed how quick my 4 min audi file was transcribed.
  November 12, 2013  
Yazmin G.
I will definitely hire this service again!
  November 9, 2013  
Anas H.
Thanks for the great transcribing which was >90% accurate and saved a lot of time. However if the transcriber spent some extra time proof reading/hearing it, I'm sure it would easily more than 95%. I'm saying that because when I checked the work sent for me I found that there were some spelling mistakes, missing words (sometimes 2-3 consecutive words), and some easy words that were considered as inaudible (I know that some words/terms are not familiar, but some were really easy). Since I'm planning to send other twenty something interviews for transcribing, I would be really grateful if you can take these comments into account when doing them. Many thanks