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  March 21, 2014  
In the past 20 years of my filmmaking career, I have used different methods to get transcriptions done. It was the bane of my existence and the most frustrating aspect of work for my production assistants. I have to say the experience with shows its a game changer. I was amazed at the efficiency of the service. And how easy it is to use. The only thing I wish we had is time code even if there is a charge its worth getting done. I now have to enter time code on the transcript you sent me.
  March 20, 2014  
the service was great but the price is kinda high
  March 20, 2014  
I was very impressed by how easy the website made it seem to get the translation - and the overall service online. Just a couple of annoyances: - the website clearly states translations of documents will be done within 24 hours. Only after you pay and submit the order, do you get access to a page that shows that translations will be done in 24 hours for only a few languages. I didnt see a way to access this info from the home page. (incidentally my translation was done in 1 hour - but I was still aggrieved). - there were a couple of small mistakes on my translation (which was a simple birth and marriage certificate). I submitted a comment to - and was not sure if this comment would be seen and responded to. It was - and corrected within a couple more hours, but I was left wondering for a couple of hours if anything was going to happen... Translations do however look very good and professional! I am confident that they will be acceptable for my needs.
  March 17, 2014  
Rev delivered what they promised -- fast, affordable, and satisfactory transcription services. I'll certainly use them again if I have a need.
  March 17, 2014  
My translations were done very quickly. They arrived on Sunday evening to my surprise I made a mistake and enclosed a bio-page from a Chinese passport which was already in Chinese and English, but they translated anyway instead of informing me of what I had done. Does 27 dollars mean that much to this companies bottom line.
  March 13, 2014  
fast, very fast.
  March 13, 2014  
I've had a pretty good experience with A couple of times they've made mistakes on the order and I've had to contact customer service, but the transcriptions are always very accurate and they are extremely fast! I'd use them again for sure.
  March 11, 2014  
I have had 11 interviews transcribed through Rev. Ten of them came out nearly perfect. The last one was nothing short of SCREWED UP! It was like the other ones were so good that the last one (file name: Brenden-RH) had to compensate for all the flaws the other ones didn't have. The alignment of the text was all over the place! I could barely read it. First, I thought it was because it was done in a version of Word different from the one on the computer in which I opened the file. So, I went to another computer opened it in a more recent version of Word. No help! It still looked SCREWED UP! Who the hell typed this transcript? Curious George? I've come to really like Rev's service because of their speed, reliability and cost, but they have got to do something about the person who transcribed my last interview. I couldn't imagine another researcher being subjected to that BS.
  March 9, 2014  
Fast response time!
  March 8, 2014  
My customer service rep was extremely helpful, patient and resourceful in helping me resolve the issue I was having with ordering my transcript. Only problem was this; I spoke to her on three separate occasions on a fully charged, brand new smartphone and each time the connection/signal/voice system they use was so bad we could not communicate well until we adjusted to the huge echo and delay. They should try to work that out by changing whatever is causing it. I am 99.9% sure it was not a problem from my end. The transcript turned out very nicely, easy to read and understand.
  March 8, 2014  
Thomas H.
I had a half hour interview that I needed back fast for date coding and analysis. I got it back within 24 hours. While it wasn't completely perfect, it was damn near close. It certainly helped save time, so the real work could begin.
  March 7, 2014  
Obviously, for Rev to provide the very affordable and fast service they do, they cannot afford to go back and forth with needy customers, however, I would be willing to pay a little extra to have a little more communication with our translators when having them translate documents. Also, would be good to have more than one translator of the same language who can check the others work for accuracy for a little extra fee. It doesn't take long. My wife is an interpreter, and their service often provides verification by another interpreter when requested. Why force customers to go outside for verification of translated documents when it could be provided within saving the customer time and headache? That said, the experience was fast and painless and I would highly recommend for their service.
  March 5, 2014  
This service saves me a lot of time.
  March 4, 2014  
I really loved that the price was more affordable than other services. Also, the transcripts were turned around quickly. My only complaint is that the transcripts had errors in a couple places. Not 'non verbatim' errors, but some odd common sense word replacements.
  March 3, 2014  
A very easy to use transcription service with their nice iPhone app. Would love to see an option to join short recordings together before sending for transcription (I have quite a few very short - one minute or so - recordings).
  March 3, 2014  
The turn around was so quick! I got my verbatim transcript in less than 24 hours. There were 8 places that were noted as inaudible, I was able to understand and correct on my own and one mis-quote, but since I had plenty of time to make corrections I was very pleased.
  March 3, 2014  
Rachelle worked for me because they literally provided the service they advertised. My transcripts were ready within the promised 48 hours and I paid only a $1/minute. I got nothing fancy because I didn't ask for anything fancy. I got exactly what said they would provide. That was good enough for me.
  March 1, 2014  
I had 8 separate audio files (good quality, some background noise) with one-on-one interviews that were transcribed and returned as Word Documents within 12 hours with no extra charge for quick turnaround. I did have to listen to each audio recording to check it with the transcriptions and there were several errors in each, mostly because it was children in the interview. But I appreciated the huge jump start on the transcriptions and the super-quick turnaround. This saved me a TON of time.
  March 1, 2014  
Quite simple, not much trouble and very easy is exactly how I would rate's translation service. However, it is a bit pricey at $27 USD per page.
  February 26, 2014  
I've worked with Fox Translation to translate several documents for me but when I saw that it is new company now, I wasn't sure what to expect. I have to say they were very responsive to my needs and fixed the minor error that I brought to their attention in very quickly. I'll continue to use Rev for all my translation needs.