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  November 19, 2016  
Not used any such service before, took some reworking to get it laid out as I wanted and accurate. A learning experience, I will try you again.
  September 19, 2016  
No problem with the work done by the transcription staff, just not sure it saved time because I needed to summarize the content in the end.
  July 15, 2016  
$1 per minute adds up quickly. . .too quickly
  June 14, 2016  
I think that provide clients a quick turn around time on their projects at a very competitive rate. The quality is satisfactory, however if they could adapt to their client's needs and accept using given templates or style guides, I'm sure that the quality they provide would significantly increase.
  May 26, 2016  
Brian is very quick and easy to use. The turn around time for my audio interview was incredibly fast (all files were done in two days, some I got back on the same day). The layout of the output files (Word docs) was easy to read and use. The problem is that the transcriber made some consistently bad choices, like "they moved" when the audio clearly stated "the movement" which just seemed to show a lack of understanding of the gist of what was being said. I had to listen to the whole thing and review the transcript very carefully. Overall, reviewing someone else's inaccurate transcription is still faster than doing your own, especially given how quickly they turn around the files.
  January 11, 2016  
Too many "inaudible" entries that seem very clear on listening to the recording.
  November 30, 2015  
Having transcribed some of my own interviews, I understand that this is a challenging activity, which is why I am using this service. Although having the transcription done for me was a big help, I found that there were places the transcriber indicated difficulty hearing that seemed clear to me. I also found some outright errors that also seemed silly when I compared the transcript with the audio recording.
  August 29, 2015  
I've been trying to use the service to get transcription of emails and other pieces of text that I dictate into my phone during evening walks, or while driving. When I transcribe them myself, by listening to my own voice, I can type the text pretty much in real time, while making a number of corrections. This means that "I am paying Rev $60/h", which for my use case is prohibitively expensive.
  August 9, 2015  
This was the email i sent directly to your company after placing my order. Although my transcript was completed quickly I felt my opinions and questions were not taken into consideration. Nor did the person whom was transcribing it insert the appropriate names therefore I feel as if this couldve been better. Dear Rev, I look forward to receiving my order and I appreciate the discounted orders you have for new customers! I would like to clarify the names Inwhich were noted along with my order, to better help transcribe my recording. With that being said, the first speaker on this audio recording is Stephanie B. (Myself)..  the second speaker on this recording is Joanne R. (Other adult) and the third speaker on this recording is Raelynn B. (Child). Please note,  everything said by the second speaker (Joanne R.) is extremely important as this transcript is being used for court purposes. Also, I am not sure if your company notes in the transcripts emotions (sobbing,Laughing Etc.) If you do not I was hoping you may be able to do so for me? As there are many emotions heard by the third speaker (Raelynn B.) I do look forward to receiving My order as well as continuing to use your services. Thank you for your time.                                     Stephanie Brown
  August 8, 2015  
Good standard; a few typos, very quick; I was happy.
  August 4, 2015  
Turnaround was exceptionally quick but unfortunately I had to go over the entire piece because the transcription wasn't very accurate.
  May 30, 2015  
I got a good, quick turnaround of an audio interview transcript. I was impressed with the cost and the fast turnaround time, but, unfortunately, I was disappointed with the accuracy of the transcription. There were whole phrases missing, some transitions glossed over, whole statements that were misheard and, in context, made no sense in the transcript. This is a very important transcript for us, so accuracy was vital. I had to take as much time making corrections as I feel I would have just using voice recognition, or repeating the audio into my iPhone for voice recognition. We’ll give it another try,
  May 21, 2015  
So I submitted 33 minutes of audio between two parties to be transcribed into text. Granted, there were a few places where some of the audio was a little difficult to understand, but there were some 50-60 places where the transcriber could not understand what was being said. In some, they typed the wring thing, and in others, they just stated that it was "inaudible". Interestingly, I went through and was able to clearly understand the speaker and I fixed 90% of the issues myself. Considering I only paid $22 for the transcription, I can't complain. It save me an enormous amount of time doing it myself. But I spent about an extra 90 minutes fixing the parts that were either wrong, or too difficult for the transcriber to understand.
  December 17, 2014  
Seems this transcript was done in india - some of the words used point to that. bit heavy on the editing out of comments such as " let me see how i can say that" - a couple of marked areas that the transcriber could not decipher that i had no trouble hearing. other than that good value for the money if you are prepared to reread the whole thing. If you plan to do a review you get a good transcript to work with and that would be 4 star. If you want to use the transcript as is its a 3 star.
  August 25, 2014  
Had six customer interviews transcribed. With the exception of one, all the interviews were recorded in clear, California English. What came back was quite cryptic and hard to read. It seems as if the transcribers have limited English skills or are simply not great transcibers/typists.
  July 29, 2014  
The service was very effective. It really helped me in a jam. There were mistakes however. Not many but I did have to do corrective editing. Overall it was a good service.
  July 19, 2014  
The transcript did not come back in 48 hours and they will tell you at the beginning that they use their format, period. I did send a long project, 3 hrs, 45 min. I spent all day yesterday going over it against audio and only completely the first hour and a half. This does not include the time spent to get it in the format I need. The presentation had multiple accents. They seemed to have more trouble with the Americans than the Middle Easterners. I think they are comparable to voice recognition. If you have the time to reformat and clean it up, they are fine.
  July 17, 2014  
It was not typed as accurate as I thought it would. Makes the conversation look different than if you listen to the recording. Missing information that transcriptionist couldn't understand.
  July 15, 2014  
The service in and of itself is awesome... I can't thank you guys enough for taking hours out of my work schedule by offering an affordable transcription service. The turn around time was aslo absolutely impressive... less than 24 hours! HOWEVER... I ended up paying for the "verbatim" add-on service... and what I got was definitely NOT verbatim from my video clips. And it wasn't that the video was not clear. Most of the speakers in the video were mic'ed up. And regardless, all of them were perfectly audible. Judging from the quality of this order, I realized that this service might actually be using a program to process the transcript... even though they advertise "human transcribing". So all in all, great service with a few blips here and there in the wording, which may or may not be due to a bit of false advertising.... Not a big deal since I'm going in and revising the scripts, but I definitely won't be paying for the verbatim service again. To be honest, I kinda feel cheated in that regard.
  July 8, 2014  
They did a good job with responding quickly. I paid for verbatim, and it wasn't completely verbatim...