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  July 27, 2017  
Jonathan P.
Transcript has several gaps and is missing parts of the recording. It also has some of the quotes mis-attributed. I am now having to go back through and try to piece together the gaps myself.
  July 21, 2017  
Nicholas G.
Give me a call and I'll let you know...
  May 27, 2017  
My S.
Incorrect translations, after reaching out to support it took too long for them to offer to change. I had to go elsewhere to fix 2 out of the 3 translations. Seems like quantity is their focus, not quality.
  February 11, 2017  
I ran into an unexpected problem with Rev- They are very political. If you are conservative, or if you dare to impugn liberal dogma, they will refuse to caption your file. will find out two or three days later, when deadlines are in your face. I have a weekly TV show, and have a very tight schedule. I lost three shows due to this, so I had to stop using them. They should disclose this heavy bias. I had to use re-runs, and advertisers bailed or asked for refunds. This cost me over $20,000. Never again.
  January 6, 2017  
Honestly, I expected better for $1 a word. I got my transcript back with tons of [inaudible] stamps that I was able to correct almost immediately, and was filled with spelling errors like 'iderate', which is not a word, when the speaker said 'iterate', which is. I was very surprised, as the service had come recommended. Deeply conflicted over whether to try again.
  October 14, 2016  
Needs more accuracy on the transcription.
  September 15, 2016  
I needed a marriage certificate translated in order to get a driver's license in a new state. After searching many online sites, I found and because of their advertised 100% guaranteed acceptance, I used their service. The turnaround time was quick and I thought all went well. Until I tried to use the certified, translated copy at the BMV in Indiana to get my license. The BMV requires that the certification letter state that the translation was not done by a friend or relative. (This is not the fault of, obviously.) So, I called their 800 number and spoke to a very nice woman to ask if they could add that verbiage to their letter for me. I was informed that they could not and that their translations are not typically accepted by DMV offices. She said if I had indicated on my request that that is what I was using it for they would have advised me against using their service. I asked for a refund since I could not use the translation they gave me and I felt that their website was misleading or at the very least unclear about who would accept their translations. Especially if this is something they are aware of. I was denied a refund. I am very unhappy with the fact that they, the translation experts, did not make it clear on their website that their services are not accepted by a very specific government office.
  August 30, 2016  
I HAD TOO MUCH TO GO BACK AND CLEAN UP! I also don't like the fact of having to pay an additional payment of $7.00 for a recording that was only 59 minutes. Your assessment was 66 minutes. After checking several times i still don't find it to be as you assessed me.
  March 19, 2016  
I've used both the translation and transcription services - about US$450 worth - and I've been very disappointed with the quality across the board. The translations had to be redone locally as people told me they looked like Google Translate, and the transcriptions were riddled with errors. I had to spend countless hours correcting all the errors. I should have just done them myself to begin with. Avoid at all costs if you're serious about quality and have ongoing work.
  March 14, 2016  
I've tried Rev now a couple times in the past few months on half a dozen files. Of those, two files were delayed beyond promised delivery dates, which is a serious problem for us. (The most recent delay is a 1.5 hour file I submitted on March 7 that is still not complete on March 14.) Transcription quality is generally good when we do get the files, and Rev's customer support is excellent, but if I can't count on getting the files in time, I can't use the service.
  December 14, 2015  
When I submitted an audio file for 24 hour transcription, the price seemed competitive - especially for the turn around time. When I later read the fine print that 'poor audio' or files longer than 1 hour were not covered by the 24 hour policy, I toyed with canceling. But, I figured, how much longer could 20 additional minutes take? Figuring 48 hours still fit my needs, I let it go. When I rechecked my account, the time was updated to FOUR days. I called to find out why and was only told that several people had started and bailed on my file. No reason given for the extreme delay. The service reps were friendly but ultimately offered little sympathy or any alternative workarounds. I doubt I would use the service again.
  November 9, 2014  
too expensive for this many mistakes and missing words. I tried asking customer service and they think it is perfect. I need to get red marker out and really go through it, then will have to do a word count and see if they failed to meet their 98% mark like they promise.
  August 1, 2014  
Honest A.
I paid for all the Rev upgrades, but found that the end result contained many grammatical and spelling errors that needed to be fixed by hand.
  July 23, 2014  
I recently purchased a certified translation (2 pages), but it's taking longer to receive back. the site states it takes only 24 hours and more than 48 hours have passed.
  July 16, 2014  
I sent 6 files to the company. They were transcribed incredibly fast. However, large chunks were labelled "inaudible" and many of the words were not corresponding to the actual audio. When I enquired, customer service did their best to have the scripts changed. However, more and more mistakes became apparent. In addition to this, I asked for specific labels on all scripts, which hadn't been done on several. Customer service changed this, but still, it was hard work getting formats the same. The margins are different on each script and like I said, half seemed like guess work. The accents were not difficult (English), one Scottish (not strong). I seriously cannot see why it was so hard for the transcribers. I also think each script was done by a different person. The most positive part was Amity. This person did their best to help me and went the extra mile to fix things. It is a shame this person wasn't the person transcribing! it would of been much better. Thanks to Amity, but I won't be using the service again.
  July 1, 2014  
I was very excited to see that the typed transcript was returned to me in record time. I submitted the audio recording Friday afternoon and received the typed transcript on Saturday early afternoon. BUT, when I compared the audio with the typed transcript, I found several mistakes on each page. Some of the mistakes changed the entire meaning of the dialogue. With the sheer number of typed errors I have to assume a live person did not transcribe the audio files. I now have to take time out of my day to sit through the entire audio recording to correct the typed transcript line-by-line. For that I am very disappointed and unless you can guarantee better results, I will not likely use your services again nor will I recommend your services to anyone I know.
  July 1, 2014  
We submitted a 90-minute roundtable panel with roughly a dozen speakers. Obviously that's a difficult assignment. Audio quality was not great (1 H4N recorder for the whole room). We provided speaker names, and the audio starts off with each speaker introducing themselves. The transcribed text only includes speaker names on the actual audio where the speakers introduce themselves, the rest of the recording only has Voice #20, etc. No effort was made to matchback to their introduction. In addition, many of the comments were transcribed incorrectly and much of it was deemed "inaudible." This transcription is nearly useless, we'll have to go back and re-listen to everything before we use it. I know this was difficult audio to transcribe, I would have certainly accepted some mistakes if it was mostly a usable transcription. But the end result is not usable. Based on this experience, I could not recommend Rev for this type of audio transcription.
  June 18, 2014  
Lou b.
It seemed pretty efficient initially. I received the translated document within hours. However , it came with many typos. I requested a corrected document and I'm still waiting over 24hrs later for a response.
  June 9, 2014  
Was looking for translation for marriage license. Town hall did not accept document. One pro was document was translated quickly.
  June 8, 2014  
The document was not translated properly and it was really a one page document and not two. I would have thought that someone would have called upon seeing it was only one page and not two. But if course I paid for two pages. Also, if you didn't understand the wording, again , someone should have called to ask. This was for immigration services and the word for immigration was misspelled, not once, but twice. The person you had translate this document obviously does not know how to translate. I knew I should have used Certitrans instead and they are cheaper.