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  March 18, 2014  
After the 3rd revision I got I had to review every single word to make sure that the translation was accurated. very simple mistakes that make me feel that you are just using a Google translator to perform your work.
  March 15, 2014  
I would say every 5th word in the transcription was listed as inaudible. A total waste of my money.
  March 3, 2014  
Beto C.
Acho que o trabalho poderia ser um pouco mais bem observado ! ja reenviei o material pra ser corrigido, e até agora nada de receber meu documento com a tradução correta e arrumada. Muita demora pra responder e refazer o erro cometido por vocês. Aguardarei ainda hoje. Alem dos erros ja citados, pesquisei com os amigos da area e que trabalham nas emissoras americanas, brasileiros Cnn etc .. as nomenclaturas certsa sao: Radio Host and announcer, Radio Personality, Voice Over Talent , mais animator, Broadcaster , ok ?? Reply · Like · Unfollow Post · about an hour ago Beto Caffé · Locutor, Apresentador, Animador, Operador at JOVEM PAN FM 100,9 SP E REDE - VIA SATELITE PRA TODO BRASIL !! · 650 subscribers as nomenclaturas certas.... abaixo TR08608962 LUIS ALBERTO PANTALEAO CASTRO
  February 21, 2014  
Dr. James R.
I would avoid these products like the plague if you have a Macbook Air and Mavericks! First, I did NOT receive an authorization code to REGISTER my product. After a day of trying to install, I could not communicate since I didn't have my code (I chose the downloadable product). Customer support was an absolute HORROR! I couldn't understand and then they asked for my credit card to help me install a product I JUST BOUGHT THE SAME DAY! I had NO CHOICE but to spend ANOTHER $10 to buy the disc so at least I might be able to install on MY OLD COMPUTER--ridiculous! TO ADD INSULT TO INJURY, I still cannot speak to a PERSON to help me resolve my issue. I even tried the FORUMS! SAVE YOURSELF SOME AGGRAVATION AND SEEK ANOTHER PRODUCT! I intend to dispute the charge with my credit card company until I get what I paid for. ONLY REASON I GAVE IT ONE STAR--THEY DON'T HAVE a "NO" STAR OPTION!
  February 1, 2014  
Valerie R.
Customer service has been helping me and they have been wonderful but dissatisfied with my initial job with them
  January 20, 2014  
I had 3 transcripts 2 of them have 2 pages each that have jumbled fonts and are completely useless!
  January 16, 2014  
Fast but made a mistake in writing my date of birth, in text, making the document useless to present.
  January 13, 2014  
The translation was completed in timely manner. However, I was charged for twelve, extra three pages, even though the document was actually nine pages. I calculated the number of words that has been translated and for my order the total was 2280 words. Therefore, 2280 divided by 250 words per page give us a total of 9.12 pages. I was willing to pay for 10 pages but not for 12 as I was charged. I believe that is not what I was promised in the first place.
  December 29, 2013  
I sent you payments for 135 US$ for two translations jobs TR0997226879 and TR0661686481. The last one was done (...6481) but the other was cancelled due and offered to return 27 US$ to me . You send me an email asking for more money for order ending in ...6481 and I did sent the money , and the other order to just told me it was on hold but you never told me how much that order was. So I am very confused how much did you charge me and why did you cancel the order ending in ...6879
  December 28, 2013  
zarema d.
I send my documents(birth certificate+ apostille) on Dec. 15, 2013. I was given a price on the quote,($128) I paid it. 4 days later I received an e-mail, saying that they calculated it wrong and I have to pay additional amount($114.) I needed my docs fast, so I did not argue and just paid the price. They translated the docs, send them for review, I approved. It was on Monday 23rd of Dec. I thought they are going to ship them already. But on Thursday I was checking my mail, and found out that they did not ship them as of yet. They found out that I overpaid, and for some reason needed my approval to issue the refund. At this point I don't care about a refund . It is Sat. Dec. 28 2013, i still did not receive my translation. Wonder If I am ever going to receive it. Needed them on Dec. 23.
  December 8, 2013  
i spent 20$ to have a form translated because my school told me to use this website and i thought the document that i was ganna get back would be better not a word document of the translated words plus some of the words were not even speeled right
  November 16, 2013  
Even if myself, I have some notions in Japanese, I sent them my CV in English to be translated into Japanese. My aim was clearly to have a more professional translation than what i could have done. Clearly after review, I found some mistakes due to a lack of attention. Example: the month of May was translated as the Year 5... So I decided to ask to a Japanese friend for an independent review. The feedback came: "I don't understand all the sentences. You have translated the sentence word by word and it doesn't seem fluid anymore. For your CV, you should have used a professional translation and not tried to do it yourself". Guess her reaction when I said: "I didn't' do it myself, I asked to the translation company" Hopefully, she understood my situation and spent all her evening correcting for me the document. On the positive side, it was done very quickly.
  November 13, 2013  
Used for a quite large order ($900), overall quality was decent but differing, understandable though due to non-native speakers. There was however one transcript that was way below acceptable level, after contacting the company the only thing that was offered was a $25 discount on a next order which has no value for me. After this offer also no reply on my e-mail with any other solutions or apologies. Therefore sadly the last time that I will use or recommend
  October 28, 2013  
W L.
So, far, I'm not sure. They sent me a "finished" file which only contained approximately 20 minutes of a 3 hours 54 minutes file.
  October 21, 2013  
Tom O.
I found your company online. I needed two word documents converted to spanish. Attached them and sent them off. Thought it would be around $50.00. I get an email back that I am over the word limit? The cost is an extra $175.00 or so. I simply hit accept and needed it done. I get them back. They were both one page documents in english. Six pages in Spanish. Unacceptable. I could have ran a simple English to Spanish translation for free on the web and received 6 pages back. Then to add to it I guess without my knowledge it was "certified" Where I signed up for that I have no idea. And it is on every page and takes up the first quarter of the page. Are you serious. This was for a housekeeping project. It was going on both sides of a clip board. I needed two pages back with my company info and I got back a total of nine pages. Can not use the info. Asked to cancel the order and it not be certified, said no. Said I did agree to that told me too bad. Said I was very upset and want a refund. Answer was no. I can not wait to leave poor reviews on every website I can find including Yelp and dispute it on my credit card.
  October 11, 2013  
Ordered 6 files to be transcribed, only 3 were actually transcribed. One of the 3 files completed was stuck at "pending review" for two days because apparently they could not find anyone "confident enough" to review audio with a regular British accent. Although the remaining files contain the same audio quality and speakers as the files they have already transcribed, all of a sudden they are "unable to guarantee the we will be able to locate a transcriptionist who feels that they can accurately provide you with the vertbatim transcripts that you have requested." after the 48 hour turnaround deadline transpired. I had already emailed several times and received reassurance that "Your remaining orders have been processed for transcription and we will do everything possible to ensure that your given deadlines are met." I guess in their book, that means doing absolutely nothing until I emailed them a few more times. One of my files was also put on hold because they could not use a file with a Chinese file name? Instead of renaming the file themselves to anything at all and continuing to process my order, I was asked to provide them with a file name to rename the file to. (Even though my other files with Chinese names had been processed without issue). Why would the customer care what you renamed the video file to? I just need a transcript. Which proved impossible to get, despite their claims that they will be able to complete any project in a timely, professional manner. Quality was poor on the files completed, nowhere near the 98% accuracy they claim, transcripts took me hours to fix, like the other reviews stated. Do not use this company unless you enjoy dealing with incompetence.
  September 20, 2013  
Bernardo S.
Don't event think use @rev translation services. What a incompetent people. hideous support. 2 calls, 4 emails, and nobody fixed the errors in the translation.
  September 17, 2013  
I uploaded 12 files and after 5 days still had not received all of them. They were only 45 minutes long. I should have received them after 3 days. I called support and they were sent right away. But still late.
  September 16, 2013  
A few good things to mention. The process to translate was very simple. The turnaround time was on par. However, the cost was three times as much as I had anticipated AND after taking the "certified" translation documents to the government officials, I learned that I was unable to use them as they are not truly certified! Wasted: Time and $378.00
  August 22, 2013  
I agree with the reviewer below. The most ridiculous translation I have ever seen. It was definitely done by a machine. Do yourself a favor and avoid this "company" at all costs.