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  October 4, 2018  
Denval S.
Well done I'm a jamaian and sometimes my viewers can't understand. After I use rev I'm satisfied with my result
  October 3, 2018  
Jhara N.
So far so good. Uploaded a few videos to get transcription. Service is inexpensive, accurate and provides transcriptions quickly. Very happy with Rev.
  October 3, 2018  
Eric T.
Fast, accurate and affordable!
  October 3, 2018  
Alex M.
Good transcriptions and it only took a few hours
  October 3, 2018  
Prompt, top quality, came with audio ...bonus
  October 2, 2018  
Jerry N.
Great service. Easy to use. Affordable.
  October 1, 2018  
R. K.
Quick and Accurate.
  October 1, 2018  
dr. s.
Great Quality!
  September 29, 2018  
Roy de la C.
I was extremely grateful for ALL your great help in transcribing the two interviews that I had for homework at the university.
  September 29, 2018  
Amy G.
I would love to see a monthly plan.
  September 29, 2018  
Geoff B.
Good quality transcripts, accurate, good spelling. Necessary corrections were few and to be expected. Thanks
  September 28, 2018  
Track T.
Great experience - took a little longer than I anticipated but the files were huge! Thanks!
  September 28, 2018  
TERRIBLE experience. You have probably seen their marketing claims. The ones that say within 12 hours? And same day service? Don't believe them! I've been waiting 26 hours so far for a 45 minute interview to be transcribed. And they apparently can't tell me how much longer I'll have to wait, but they don't even have anyone yet to transcribe the final part, so I'm guessing several hours at least! They have put me in a really bad position. Which would be bad enough, but they're still refusing to give me an ETA, so I have no clue when it'll come in and I'm right on deadline (hence why I even use it! Same as everyone else). I've found another service which colleagues tell me is much more reliable and they stand by their claims. As it is, I'm looking at 2-3 days for a 45 minute interview transcription which is charged at a dollar a word. I could not more strongly recommend that you DO NOT, DO NOT use UPDATE! I finally got my transcript, 37 hours after I placed my order. THIRTY-SEVEN HOURS! In which time I'd missed my deadline and lost money. They did give me a refund after I complained to senior management, but honestly, I would have preferred the service they advertise. I'm not sure how often people are left waiting such a long time, but they are clearly not to be relied upon for a quick turn around. Thirty-seven hours is a long way from twelve hours, which infuriatingly is still what they use in all of their marketing to pull you in. Completely unacceptable
  September 28, 2018  
Barbara Frazier L. is the single BEST on-line transcription business. They are FAST, ACCURATE and reasonably-priced for their services. A different on-line transcription service was going to take 7 days to provide a transcript of a recording but provided the transcript for the same recording on the SAME DAY submitted for the Same Price. Love this service. My new GO-To transcription service. Thank you.
  September 27, 2018  
Great first experience. Will use again!
  September 27, 2018  
Tony C.
Fast, accurate and very affordable!
  September 27, 2018  
Sarah L.
Timely and great quality product. A few minor corrections needed but would definitely recommend the service to others.
  September 27, 2018  
Michael C.
Very fast turnaround, super accurate and great price. I will no longer be using speech pad. Rev all the way
  September 26, 2018  
Arne R. J. B.
Needs a bit of improvement.
  September 26, 2018  
Douglas B.
Great work at a great price. First time I've used Rev, and they delivered perfect video captions quickly.