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  November 13, 2018  
John A.
Excellent service and very easy to use. Turn around was amazing and we had the time stamps included! Highly recommend Rev.
  November 13, 2018  
Very professionally handled, all questions answered in one phone call, excellent quality.
  November 12, 2018  
Nadja K.
Very fast and accurate. Thanks you.
  November 12, 2018  
David A.
Subtitles require SIGNIFICANT adjustments whenever I buy them. Also I bought transcripts without timecodes and had to purchase them again without getting a refund. Very keen to find a better service than Rev.
  November 12, 2018  
Glynis S.
Excellent, quick turn round service, delivering sooner than planned
  November 11, 2018  
Stephanie S.
Amazingly fast turn-around! It took less than an hour to get my transcription back. Granted it wasn't super long, but it was fabulous service just the same. Thank you!
  November 11, 2018  
Michael W.
Fast, accurate, inexpensive transcriptions. The website is easy to navigate as well. Zero problems and excellent results.
  November 11, 2018  
Seedy service although a few key words and phrases were missing from the transcript
  November 9, 2018  
Thank you! I sent interviews to be transcribed from people I interviewed in Ireland for my dissertation. Some of the interviewees had strong accents. REV made multiple attempts to find the right person for the job. They did not give up and transcribed my projects! Thank you!
  November 9, 2018  
So fast! Great job!
  November 6, 2018  
Great in every way.
  November 5, 2018  
A Chris H. is shockingly accurate and inexpensive. Most of my captions are 100% accurate. I had a recent video with terrible audio, Rev did surprisingly well. Corrections are easy to make. I recently had Rev translate several of my videos to Mandarin, my friend who speaks it says the translation was accurate.
  November 4, 2018  
Tashawn H.
Great and quick!
  November 3, 2018  
Michael C.
Used Rev many times. Quick turnaround, accurate and a fair price.
  November 3, 2018  
I have used for two interviews. The first was excellent. The second was difficult for the Rev employee to type the because the person I interviewed was inarticulate and verbose. I strongly recommend to any writer who is hard of hearing as I am. This system makes an interview so much easier than note taking. Jim Sanders
  November 3, 2018  
fast and accurate given the difficulty of transcribing a conversation
  November 3, 2018  
Some missed words. More than just the inaudible stuff.
  November 3, 2018  
Arjun S.
good stuff on a somewhat complex recording
  November 2, 2018  
Pam S.
Fast and efficient. Received quick responses to my questions.
  November 1, 2018  
Noah K.
Good efficient service that I will use again.