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  April 11, 2019  
Accurate and fast!
  April 11, 2019  
Pat O.
Excellent turn around!
  April 11, 2019  
Fast and acurate.
  April 11, 2019  
Michele A.
Fantastic! Super fast. Making my job so much easier.
  April 11, 2019  
Blazing fast and accurate. A corporate video directors dream.
  April 10, 2019  
Baruch S.
That was a really terrible experience. The translator had zero knowledge of the domain, and frankly, Google Translate did a better job than she did. All my attempts to negotiate usage of more appropriate terms ended up in blunt refusal, as she has many years of experience and knows better. The support has tried to smooth the things a bit, claiming that the terms are interchangeable and it's a matter of personal preferences, but when I asked to stick my preferences (as I am the customer), failed back to the same mode of "no, won't do". Waste of money and a lot of time.
  April 10, 2019  
High quality transcripts, great service
  April 10, 2019  
Kitty B.
Lightning fast turnaround and accurate transcription.
  April 10, 2019  
Gohar G.
great timely service
  April 9, 2019  
Helen B.
Great job... the transcripts were 99% accurate and the turnover was hours.... THANKS!
  April 8, 2019  
Dodger B.
Easy to use, accurate, fairly priced.
  April 8, 2019  
Melissa H.
Loved the service and how fast it was completed!
  April 8, 2019  
Ravvi B.
Worst Transcript service provider.Company claims 99% accuracy that is beyond a joke - customer would be lucky to get even 25% accuracy.what a Rip off Avoid this company like the plague
  April 5, 2019  
Dissapointed R.
Not compatible with LinkedIn transcriptions. Spent $6USD to find this out. I wish Rev was more upfront with this from the outset. My refund request was denied too 😢
  April 5, 2019  
Bruce K.
Very quick and great work. Thanks.
  April 5, 2019  
Alan A.
Consistently very quick turnarounds. Some issues with who is speaking but that sometimes is a GIGO (garbage in, garbage out) issue. REV could improve this by allowing better descriptions of speakers, the order of speakers, etc. But the transcriptions are always useable and timely.
  April 4, 2019  
Paul M.
Fast turnaround, reliable transcripts. Whats not to like? A+
  April 4, 2019  
Jim C.
Highly recommended
  April 4, 2019  
Graham F.
Very accurate work...three errors in 17 pages of transcript.
  April 3, 2019  
Michael M.
Great service. Very responsive.