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  May 2, 2019  
Fast, accurate transcriptions.
  May 2, 2019  
Steve H.
The transcriptions were done very promptly and done in a timely manor.
  May 2, 2019  
Their transcripts are nearly perfect and they deliver way faster than they say they will. I am very happy
  May 1, 2019  
Andrew S.
Quick and accurate and do great work with what is sometimes tough audio.
  May 1, 2019  
I think the service is fabulous. We receive the transcripts back quickly and they are accurate. I've recommended to anyone who will listen!
  May 1, 2019  
Brian J.
Fast, accurate and very reasonably priced
  April 30, 2019  
Fast and good work
  April 30, 2019  
Grace H.
Loved ease, response time and delivery.
  April 29, 2019  
David S.
Unlike any transcription service we've used before. Amazingly fast, incredibly accurate, and about half the cost of our previous service.
  April 29, 2019  
Robert E.
Wow. This service was even better than I expected. I sent a 30 minute interview and had the transcription back in less than three hours The transcription was error-free, and the interface that they provide and allows you to go back and listen to specific portions of audio to compare to the text. I will definitely use them again.
  April 28, 2019  
Lauralee A.
I like the concept, however I had to do a lot of corrections. It’s not worth the price.
  April 27, 2019  
Purely T.
Amazing service. Easy to do and understand how it works. Right now use it for captions on youtube videos. Turn around time is gdod too. Grateful for this service.
  April 27, 2019  
Cleve C.
REV has done closed caption for at least 20 shows that I edit. No mistakes, quick turnaround, very reasonable price. I highly recommend for any transcription needs.
  April 27, 2019  
Stephanie E.
Great service! Fast and accurate!
  April 27, 2019  
Simone D.
Fast delivery, outstanding quality
  April 26, 2019  
Amy W.
Rev is always true to their timeline which is important to me. There are very minor discrepencies but they usually have to do with very unclear speach and could only be caught by someone who actually knows the speakers and their idiosyncrasies. They also pick up a lot to crossover speach that would be easy to miss. I highly recommend them. If you need every um and uh, use verbatim. If you don't need that it makes for much easier to read transcripts :)
  April 24, 2019  
Mother of HYPE w.
Amazing! I tried Rev for the first time last week and quite honestly was amazed. Where have you been all my life, Rev?
  April 24, 2019  
Luke D.
Good stuff. Would be good if had a web based recording app or desktop recording app in addition to the phone version
  April 24, 2019  
The transcripts are very accurate and are completed efficiently.
  April 24, 2019  
V. W.
A must for dissertations! The service was fast and accurate. It's a must for those conducting interviews for qualitative research.