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  December 5, 2018  
Jim H.
This site was a life-saver. We did a 30-minute special with captioning for broadcast tv. When we went to put the show online, we could not get the captions to follow the file out of the server. Since the show aired with captions on TV it is required to have captions online per the FCC. I sent the file to at 6pm and the captions were waiting in my email the next morning. We added them back to the file and uploaded to the web. It all worked perfectly.
  December 5, 2018  
Martin G.
Great experience
  December 4, 2018  
So far so good! easy to upload and post.Thanks
  December 4, 2018  
Erin F.
Always a quality product and the turn-around time can't be beat! I would highly recommend.
  December 4, 2018  
L R.
fast...accurate. A good value for the service.
  December 3, 2018  
Nicole B.
Thank you - not much to correct. The better the sound on the picture the better the transcript. This one worked well. Thanks again.
  December 3, 2018  
David S.
Fast and accurate!
  December 2, 2018  
Ning W.
Fast and accurate
  November 29, 2018  
John N.
Fast transcribing service. I was confused at first, then realized I needed the captioning service so that I could receive an SRT file. The captioning service was just as fast. Surprisingly accurate. There were a few slang words (Australian slang) but there's a button to change slang into more regular language. Wow. Also, the online editor is really easy to use because you can play and pause the video while making small changes to the text. Most of my changes were to eliminate my subject's use of joining words ("and", "but", "so", etc) between sentences, which tended to make his sentences read as extremely long sentences. Because many viewers of videos don't turn on the audio these days, making these small changes turned Rev's great captioning into perfect captioning. So my only very small suggestion is to offer a button or option that sacrifices accuracy for greater readability, by eliminating not only "ums" and "ahs" (which is done already by default) but also "and", "so" and other joining words between already-long sentences. Anyway, I'll be using Rev again and again.
  November 29, 2018  
Sebastian S.
I had to do multiple corrections to the text.
  November 29, 2018  
Miguel Z.
Timely, excellent quality!
  November 29, 2018  
Lara M.
2/3 of transcripts I submitted were great! The third wasn't so good, but I complained and they are redoing it for free. Great customer service and would use their transcription service again!
  November 27, 2018  
Madelyn G.
Great turn around! Thanks
  November 26, 2018  
Bernd Ewert, Director UX Design, Ivanti I.
Excellent! Good UI, quality transcriptions, fast turnaround...Recommended!
  November 26, 2018  
Clancy M.
Good captioning with only minor errors.
  November 23, 2018  
Renita W.
Excellent quality transcript of the recorded call. You delivered as promised and it was easy to work with you. Thank you!
  November 22, 2018  
I have always found a reliable service which offers a quick turnaround. It has made my work as a journalist much easier
  November 21, 2018  
Tammy H.
I used to transcribe two focus groups. I was very happy with the turnaround time and quality of the transcription. Using saved me days of work.
  November 21, 2018  
Les S.
Perfect transcription the very first time...
  November 20, 2018  
Joseph W.
Quick, accurate and professional transcripts. The ease of getting back a working transcript gets me to come back again and again.