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  October 22, 2013  
They're great. Interface is easy, service is fast, transcriptions are perfect. A+
  October 21, 2013  
Tom O.
I found your company online. I needed two word documents converted to spanish. Attached them and sent them off. Thought it would be around $50.00. I get an email back that I am over the word limit? The cost is an extra $175.00 or so. I simply hit accept and needed it done. I get them back. They were both one page documents in english. Six pages in Spanish. Unacceptable. I could have ran a simple English to Spanish translation for free on the web and received 6 pages back. Then to add to it I guess without my knowledge it was "certified" Where I signed up for that I have no idea. And it is on every page and takes up the first quarter of the page. Are you serious. This was for a housekeeping project. It was going on both sides of a clip board. I needed two pages back with my company info and I got back a total of nine pages. Can not use the info. Asked to cancel the order and it not be certified, said no. Said I did agree to that told me too bad. Said I was very upset and want a refund. Answer was no. I can not wait to leave poor reviews on every website I can find including Yelp and dispute it on my credit card.
  October 21, 2013  
It is wonderful but has to be double checked for misunderstandings They are minimal compared to the accomplishment of bringing it all to paper
  October 21, 2013  
I love how simple is. The service, the website, placing and managing orders - all very easy. Even the price is simple! And because I know I'll have a document within 48 hours (often earlier) it's a simple decision to make. They really make it a no-brainer when it comes to transcription services.
  October 21, 2013  
Shopped around for a simple university degree translation. Some companies wanted to charge me $150.00 but through I got the best price and turnaround time of 1 day.
  October 21, 2013  
Rev was even speedier than I expected. From sending my audio file to receiving transcription, the entire process was hassle-free. I'm happy with the results, and would definitely use the service again.
  October 21, 2013  
Cliff - Rosa Media P.
I was very impressed with's pricing, easy interface, and prompt turn around. I'll come to first with my next transcription job!
  October 21, 2013  
Using for my transcription was one of the smoothest experiences I've ever had with an online vendor. The sign-up is simple and the process is explained with complete clarity. Once my recording was uploaded I was promised a four-day turnaround (it was very long) but got the transcription in less than 48 hours. The work was very well done, neatly presented, and generally just what I wanted. I especially appreciated the fact that when something was occasionally inaudible, the transcription gave me the exact timestamp of that moment so I could go back and find it easily. Altogether, a really terrific service I will definitely use again.
  October 21, 2013  
I was looking on the internet found this company randomly. I called and to Michelle who made me feel it was a serious business. I had my son birth certificate translated so quick. I was thrilled, I highly recommend it.
  October 21, 2013  
Fast, great and perfect
  October 20, 2013  
The translation came in within the promised 24 hours and it turned out to be a great job!
  October 20, 2013  
Highly recommeneded!
  October 20, 2013  
Didnt know how I would make it in school until I found this company, as a therapist in training, I have to provide a transcript for every tape, this company has helped me to make all deadlines, and has supported confidentiality--try them you wont be disappointed.
  October 20, 2013  
It's the second time that I needed to have a certified translation by REV and they sent it to me in a very short time. I'm very satisfied.
  October 20, 2013  
Ottawa P.
fast! great service!
  October 20, 2013  
Needed quickly and without even asking, got want I wanted!!!
  October 19, 2013  
delivered document in 4 hrs ,done perfectly and I highly recommend
  October 19, 2013  
They got back to me with questions quickly after I first submitted my audio file. I had an urgent need and they turned around the project within 24 hours. I am really impressed and would use them again and recommend them without reservation.
  October 18, 2013  
Gail C.
The interview is clearly laid out and easy to read. The service was certainly quick! I didn't expect a turnaround as quickly as happened. Very well done!! Thank you!!
  October 18, 2013  
It was super fast. Everything was perfect!!!