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  November 5, 2013  
the whole process was nearly seamless, clear website, quoting, proceeding and turnaround.
  November 5, 2013  
After checking locally to have my birth certificate translated, I was astonished how expensive it I checked online and found a very reasonable rate with I emailed my document on Saturday and received the completed translation and certification on Monday morning. I would definitely use them again!!
  November 5, 2013  
Monifa O. Is a Professional Company you can trust and will communicate with you and your organization" this was the first time I needed a translator and I am happy I ran across there website. thanks very much I will tell other of this company and its Performance.
  November 5, 2013  
After getting other quotes for much more, I decided to go with Rev to translate my wife's USCIS documents. They were very fast, accurate and very cost effective after the cost of USCIS paperwork!
  November 5, 2013  
Dan R.
I've used Rev (formerly Fox Translate) three times. Each time, I'm left thinking I will use them again. I would recommend them to another person for simple translations. For a more complex or "important" translation - I'd probably give them a shot using a sample, and see how they did. But they've done well enough to at least earn a shot at any of my future translation work, given their price, timeliness, and results. Specifics: * I had to get a health check translated and it looked a little bit tricky in terms of layout - lots of boxes and some images. Rev did a good job of reproducing the 'look' of the document. One minor issue - it went one page + 1 sentence on the next page. Would've been nice to have it all one one page, but I realize it's hard to translate from Korean to English and keep the length the same. * Near the end of the doc, there were a couple of sentences that were a little bit off: "Even of the physical result shows "normal" we recommend that you continue ... (Should be "Even if..") - simple typo. "If there is a physician's recommendation that requires a rest then you may use that as a medical treatment request in order to receive necessary test(s) from a higher level hospital." (Should be "requires rest" - no "a" / "higher level hospital" is a bit awkward - I don't know the best way to put it - larger? Not sure) The rest of the document looked good. Not sure if this nit-picky or I should expect more? In either case, I will use Rev again in the future.
  November 4, 2013  
Incredibly fast and cheap service! I submitted a request on saturday evening and had the results the next day!! WOW.
  November 4, 2013  
I needed to have 23 Youtube videos transcribed. Rev turned it around in 24 hours even though the time states 48 hours. Works for me. For big orders they send you 4 of them back at a time, so you can keep working even while some transcription is still being done.
  November 4, 2013  
The transcriptions provided by Rev were accurate, neatly presented, and were done within 48 hours despite the fact that all three of my projects were about an hour and a half long each. Communication was clear and responses timely.
  November 4, 2013  
Rev continues to deliver. Their iOS App is a killer. Easy to use. Seamless from recording through transcription order. And deliver they do!
  November 4, 2013  
My first experience with was excellent.
  November 4, 2013  
I searched the web for transcription services and settled on Rev. The entire process of registering and uploading my file was so simple. I was amazed that I received my transcription within one business day. The price was right in line and in some cases less then I had been quoted from other sites and their turn around time was three - five day. Will definitely use again.
  November 4, 2013  
Happy with the final result. The transcription was quite good even though many of the spekers had strong acents. However, when it was a clear speaker with no accent, it still was about 5-8% inaccurate (even on clear words). I understand this level on heavy accents, but on clear accents it seemed a little high.
  November 4, 2013  
I needed a document translated for immigration purposes, and I received it within 24 hours. I love the fact that their is a live timeline to keep the client posted as to how the translation is progressing. What's more, the translation is certified as having been completed by a member of the American Translators Association. Finally, the fee was quite reasonable of $27.00.
  November 4, 2013  
this time the person who did the work seemed to miss a lot of the conversation - it says inauditiable however you can hear it perfectly fine. Very disappointed this time has been very good in the past - can this be reviewed and corrected without another charge please. thanks
  November 4, 2013  
The translate in general was ok . However there was 3 simple words tha was not translated and I ask to correct it 3 times. The word was very very simple. The price was to much spensive for this result.
  November 3, 2013  
  November 3, 2013  
Dan P.
I uploaded several audio files, including one that was an hour too long (we'd left the recorder on during dinner!). I emailed to ask Rev NOT to transcribe the whole dinner chatter, and they not only agreed, they refunded that part of my purchase automatically. Excellent service.
  November 3, 2013  
Hi guys I dont usually write reviews, but in this case I am so surprised to find such an accurate, fast service, at such a low-price... I am really pleased and have recommended this website to colleagues and friends who also research etc. Thanks so much
  November 3, 2013  
Easy, fast, professional.
  November 2, 2013  
I received both transcripts requested in three hours. It was incredibly fast and accurate. I would recommend this to anyone!!!