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  November 8, 2013  
If you have often have to transcribe interviews, you know how long it can take. For $1 a minute, this service provides fantastic value. I am absolutely thrilled with this service.
  November 7, 2013  
Fast turnaround, no-hassle, easy to use platform. Overall very good experience. General accuracy could be improved a bit for non-verbatim transcripts.
  November 7, 2013  
Extremely fast turnaround time, even on weekends. I brought up one minor error, and they responded within a couple of hours. The next day (which was a Sunday), I had my corrected translation. Great service, thanks.
  November 7, 2013  
Great, easy. professional and fast service!
  November 7, 2013  
We needed three legal documents translated into Thai....we needed them yesterday and it was already today. quoted us a price that was reasonable and the time frame was three to five days. Other companies were telling us two weeks. Zev came through with a one day turn around from the date the order was placed. The translations were certified as accurate (and they were!). If I need something translated fast Zev will be the one I go to. Actually, Zev is going to be our "go-to" company for any translation projects we need.
  November 7, 2013  
Highly recommended investment
  November 7, 2013  
I was really surprised about the speed of the delivery, I mean 2 business days and also the total price was much lower than expected, I have asked for other quotes but they were much higher. All in all, very satisfied. Thanks again.
  November 6, 2013  
Great service
  November 6, 2013  
They had a fast turnaround and the transcriptions only needed minor tweaking.
  November 6, 2013  
I liked how there were notes by some of the names where spelling was unknown. I was very pleased with the accuracy of, however, there were a few minor misspellings.
  November 6, 2013  
Peter I.
Under 24hr turnaround.
  November 6, 2013  
Julio Ramirez J.
I loved how fast and efficient this company was! Yes I paid $136.00 for my translations but 1 day for three pages man that was fast! My professors at school needed 3 weeks, and I simply did not have that time! Rest assure that REV has what you need!
  November 6, 2013  
Tom M.
What a quick turnaround …. so accurate! Thanks so much!
  November 6, 2013  
Glad I proof read before I sent. I listened to the recording as I read the document provided to me and there were some mistakes that would have been really embarrassing. The person I was conversing with did have an accent, but very easy to understand. There were some parts marked as "inaudible" which seemed pretty clear to me. Overall, very fast turn around, but I would have preferred it taking a little more time and being done right!
  November 6, 2013  
My test project was only 45 minutes long. The results came within 24 hours and were just what I wanted. Thank you!
  November 6, 2013  
Once I sent the link for my 6 minute video in, the process was really quick. Even though they promised 48 hr turnaround, the transcript came back almost perfect in less than 6 hours for a 6 minute video. my complaint is that they charged me for a full 7 minutes even though the video was only 6:06 long. Not a big deal, but it should round down if less than 10 seconds over the minute mark.
  November 5, 2013  
First time user, was referred by a friend who is very satisfied with the service. I am restructuring my budget to include for all of my audio transcriptions
  November 5, 2013  
Fast, cheap and accurate translation. Thank you!
  November 5, 2013  
Very good service. Thank you very much.
  November 5, 2013  
Great Service Fair Price