Bird Flu Outbreak Triggering Concerns

Speaker 1 (00:00):

The CDC is issuing a new health alert after recent bird flu outbreaks among cattle.

Speaker 2 (00:04):

Yeah, it comes as officials say, the risk to the public right now is low. Steve Harrigan has details

Steve Harrigan (00:10):

After reports of recent bird flu outbreaks among cattle herds, the CDC is asking states to be prepared to respond to future cases. The agency issuing a new health alert asking public health officials for plans to test and treat farm workers potentially impacted by the virus. Though the agency cautions risk to the public remains low.

Demetre Daskalakis (00:34):

For most people, if you’re not exposed to these animals, the risk is very, very low.

Steve Harrigan (00:39):

The virus has been circulating among wild birds and spreading to dairy cows in multiple states. Then last week, Texas authorities reported a farm worker tested positive after being exposed to an infected animal. The CDC says the spread is likely due to cattle moving across state lines, adding bird flu is not capable of spreading easily among humans, but officials remain on alert for any changes.

Mandy Cohen (01:07):

The fact that it is in cattle now definitely raises our concern level, and we have some work to do to better understand that.

Steve Harrigan (01:16):

After documenting cases of bird flu in its chickens, the nation’s largest producer of fresh eggs, Cal-Maine Foods, temporarily stopped production at a Texas plant last week. The Biden administration said it is monitoring for any supply chain issues.

Karine Jean-Pierre (01:32):

When it comes to the public health of the American people, we take that very seriously and we’ll continue to track this.

Steve Harrigan (01:38):

The CDC says bird flu symptoms include fever, stomach ache, and muscle pain. In Atlanta, Steve Harrigan, Fox 32, Chicago.

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