Influencer Leaderboard

Name# of NPCsRankCommission
Justin Brown111$1,100
Kim Garst102$1,000
Nick Nimmin63$600
Pat Flynn44$400
John Espirian44$400
Angela Nelson35$300
Andrew Pickering26$200
Dale Roberts26$200
Trevor Jones26$200
Dan Knowlton26$200
Janet Murray26$200
Roberto Blake17$100
Matti Haapoja17$100
Andrew Gunadie17$100
Katie Lance17$100
Lindy Alexander17$100
Amanda Bond17$100
Denise Wakeman17$100
Philip Learney17$100
Alex Ferrari17$100
Andrew Pickering17$100
Karin Carr17$100
Linda Reed-Enever17$100
Alyse Whitney17$100
Gavin Bell17$100
Basic Filmmaker17$100
Cameron Botterill17$100
Peter Wilkins17$100
Jeven Dovey17$100


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