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The Rev Guide to Surviving Journalism (A Toolkit)


It won’t be easy, but a few (free) digital tools can help you to navigate through this crazy new world. Check them out below.

The Rev Transcript Library — Coronavirus Edition

Faster than the government’s transcripts, more accurate than the government’s transcripts, and (probably, but also definitely) more trustworthy than the government’s transcripts. Wanna grab a quick quote from a CDC presser? What did Biden or Cuomo actually say? Don’t type it out yourself! Start here. (Oh and we missed something important you’d like transcribed… send us a request!)

The Rev Call Recorder (iOS only)

Who knows how much longer you’ll be conducting interviews strictly over the phone. Here’s a great free tool to record (and later, if you want, get us to transcribe) what was said.

The Rev Voice Recorder (both iOS and Android)

If you happen to be out in the field, use this free app to record your interviews (and later, if you want, get us to transcribe them). Just maintain a safe distance, of course.

The Rev Online Voice Recorder

Don’t have your phone handy? Pfft. Rookie mistake. Still, we’ve got your back, Cubbie. Here’s our browser-based recorder you can use from your laptop or desktop, no downloads or plug-ins required: right here.

The Rev Guide to New Media 

Before the COVID-19 crisis went down, we put together a super-helpful guide to new tools you could be using to make your life as a seasoned-slash-world-weary reporter much, much easier. Do more with less. You pretty much have to these days.

Live Captions for Zoom  

If you’re holding a meeting and want to increase the accessibility-slash-readability factor a hundredfold, let us know if you’d like to join our beta for Live Captioning on everybody’s new favorite video conferencing software, Zoom. It’s pretty awesome, if we do say so ourselves.